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As the demand for Australian infant formula milk powder continues to grow in overseas markets, residential houses in some areas of Australia have become simple warehouses for the "buying agents".

The mainstream Australian media 9News stayed near this warehouse and followed and took a sneak shot of the day when Chinese Australians were "purchasing".

A few days ago, a feature film called "Baby formula Frenzy" ("Crazy Australian Milk Powder") was broadcast on the well-known TV show "A Current Affair"...

Aroused a strong response!

The program team took pictures of their grandparents and their grandchildren for three generations.

In the camera, the family ants move all the milk powder in the nearby supermarketOut of stock!

"This Chinese drove different vehicles every day to different supermarkets and bought a lot of different milk powder in the form of ants moving!"

The program team has been guarding for a day, and has seen several cars coming in and out!

Then, an Australian media reporter rushed out and asked the Chinese agent to accept an interview.

"Is this your registered business address?"

"How many children are there in your family?"

"How many cans of milk powder do you sell every day?"

"How much milk powder did you buy from the store?"

The Chinese woman does not understand English, so she did not reply.

According to the Australian Channel 9 news report, for Chinese parents, Australian infant formula is relatively safer than domestic ones.

Therefore, the "dairies" have swept away the milk powder shelves in Australian supermarkets. Despite complaints from local Australian parents, most suppliers take a different look at the huge market behind "Daigou".

Peter Nathan, CEO of A2 Milk Powder, Asia Pacific, said that at this time last year, the company's shipments more than doubled this year.

He said: "We understand that Chinese mothers want to buy the best milk powder brand for their children, and they are willing to give generously to this."

However, Nathan said that A2 will not ignore the needs of local buyers, "If you contact us directly, we will provide you with the products you want. This is our promise."

The media found that in a garage in southeast Melbourne, "Daigou" stocked up a large amount of baby milk powder, packed and labeled it on the spot.

When the garage was nearly full, a large truck came and transported the milk powder away.

(Photo source: Australia 9th Channel News)

International trade law lawyer Justin Molban said that it is precisely because of the difference in the price of milk powder between Australia and China that the "Daigou" has provided profit margins.

He said: "The price difference between buying in Australia and selling overseas is between A$70 and A$90. There is a lot of room for profit."

Local Australians have expressed their dislike of the behavior of Chinese purchasing agents.

To put it mildly, a bit unfair, a bit unfair...

But they also mentioned that this is not very ethical.

Watch the full video of the program:


News compiled from "9 News"


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