The movie about killing kangaroos by Chinese in Australia went viral, with 19 cuts on the neck! Netizen Rousou suspected of being from Shenyang in Melbourne

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Animal abusers have always been the object of people's condemnation. Yesterday, a movie about Chinese men torturing and killing kangaroos spread wildly in the Chinese circle of friends!

The incident happened on a meadow. A Chinese man and two men dressed in yellow and blue polo shirts, and an injured kangaroo. As long as the people who watched the film were sighing...

At the beginning of the scene, a kangaroo was injured and fell to the ground, unable to move. It kept wailing, forcing the Chinese men not to approach. At this time, the Chinese man appeared and walked straight to the poor dying kangaroo. He killed the kangaroo with a single blow!

The live video is as follows:

Warning: The pictures in this article may cause discomfort!

The beginning of the movieI saw a kangaroo on the grass in a suburb of Australia, falling to the ground struggling because of a leg injury and unable to jump.

At this time someone started talking, according to the voiceJudging that there are at least three people present, and they all speak Chinese.

Then, a man approached the kangaroo with a knife, and a woman in the distance said, "Don't come to me!"

At this time, the man with the knife first said to the kangaroo: "What, recognize it!"

As someone approached, the kangaroo's gasping noise began to increase. And it is estimated that he felt the hostility of the other party, and roared to attack the man.

The man escaped by chance and said, "This is so neat."

So go around behind the kangaroo, grab the kangaroo's tail, and step on the kangaroo's back!

Pick up the knife and start cutting the kangaroo's neck!

A total of 19 knives were cut, during which the kangaroo was always conscious and uttered a painful cry! But someone next to him said: "It will be over soon."

Finally the kangaroo died slowly.

Full video:(Warning: the film may cause discomfort)

[video width=”230″ =”400″ mp4=”″][/video]


The brutal behavior of this Chinese man, as the film spread, attracted a lot of scolding!

Chinese netizens are angry

Netizens have expressed that they want Rousou, a perverted person, to let him know that even if he abuses and kills animals, he will be punished, not to mention that he shot a video and posted it online.Destroy the reputation of the Chinese.

After a meat search, the identity of the man has been initially locked. According to netizens, the man is suspected to be from Shenyang, who lives in Melbourne and is engaged in the antique business.

The film was allegedly posted on a hunting website in North America by himself earlier, and then it was circulated back to Australia.

(Picture from Australia Today)

In his personal introduction on WeChat, he wrote: The ultimate goal:Hunting African rhinos!There is no shortage of captures in WeChat MomentsAnd other outdoor photos.At present, its WeChat Moments are urgent, Can no longer access.

A person familiar with the matter said that the man called him and said: At the time of the incident, the hunting team where the man was in indeed shot the kangaroo, but because it was about 400 meters away, the distance was too far, and 6 shots were shot, but no kangaroo was caused. He died. Later, the kangaroo injured his leg and was unable to escape while lying on the ground. The man may be agitated for a while, forgetting the relevant regulations, and went straight up to make many knives.


And this is a suspected man from Shenyang who did not apply for a quota when he shot the kangaroo.

Of course, the most puzzling thing is that he himself uploaded this film.

In fact, this man has violated Australian laws. According to Australian laws, to kill kangaroos requires a legal hunting license, just like applying for a license for fishing. And it must be a headshot, and torture is a serious violation of the law.

In Australia, this is the most spurned + severely punished behavior!

The relevant legal provisions are as follows ⬇️

Because of the legalization of hunting, the Australian government has issued strict restrictions on the killing of prey, in order to prevent animals from killing them.

In fact, there has always been controversy in the society regarding the requirement to allow the hunting of kangaroos.

After all, Australia's national treasure and iconic animal is the kangaroo, and even kangaroos are printed on coins.

Although kangaroos were prevalent earlier, the Australian government encouraged people to hunt kangaroos. In 2017, the government plans to kill 100 million kangaroos to curb the wild reproduction of the ethnic group.But the government also said that from a humanitarian point of view, it must be shot with a headshot, and it is illegal to hit other places.For these people who abuse and kill animals, relatedWill seriously investigate.

On February 2 this year, the Downing Centre court in Sydney sentenced Nicholas seafood restaurant to a fine1500 Australian dollars,The reason is because its employeesTorture!

Because an employee is handling it with a knifeTime,Still alive, not given as requiredInjection of drugs,Let it lose consciousness first, then kill it.

Back in 2011, it was also because the method of slaughtering live cattle in the slaughterhouse was too cruel.The Australian government announced that it will suspend the export of live cattle to Indonesia.

This is Australia

When the duckling crosses the road, the car will give way

If you see a kangaroo on the highway, the car will let it

Even a few years ago, Australia was very hot in the summer and there was a forest fire.Take the only bottle of spring water and share it with the koala↓

There was once an injured little tree frog, because it was very pitiful and very rare, we used a plane to transport it to the hospital↓

And this year, there is a little bird looking at the mirror blankly, and finally on TV, because many people want to help it

Finally, Chinese Australian netizens commented:

Content adapted from "Australia Today"


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