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Recently, the two parties in Australia are arguing over gay marriage in the Federal Parliament! And finally, the Prime Minister of Australia officially announced that a referendum on gay marriage will be launched!

"Sydney Morning Herald": Australian Prime Minister announces the cost and date of a referendum on gay marriage

"Daily Mail": A referendum on the legalization of gay marriage is planned to be held on November 11!

The federal government has introduced two plans:

Plan One:

Cost 1.12 million Australian dollars in the referendum on November 11!

Plan two:

Starting from September 9th, voting slips will be mailed to Australian voters.

The deadline for voting is November 11.

The final results will be announced on November 11.

According to reports, the Prime Minister of Australia announced:

There will be a referendum on gay marriage on November 11.

If the referendum proposal fails to pass in the Senate, then the federal government will start in September and collect votes from voters by mail in 9 weeks!

Voting to legalize gay marriage will be counted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)!

If most Australians vote for the legalization of gay marriage, then gay marriage will be officially legalized before Christmas!

According to reports, a referendum on the legalization of gay marriage will be discussed in the Federal Senate this week!

And just two days before the Australian Prime Minister announced this policy, hundreds of people in Sydney and Melbourne participated in a rally to protest!

Protesters in front of Sydney City Hall held signs such as "Love is only about the heart" and "We did not vote for your marriage", then marched along Oxford Street, shouting "Homosexuality, heterosexuality, black or white, marriage is a civil right. "

Australia, a country that has been arguing for years to legalize same-sex marriage, has yet to make a decision.

Before the federal election last year, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull promised that if he wins the election, he will hold a referendum on legal same-sex marriage at the end of 2016.

However, on November 11th last year, the Australian government rejected the proposed referendum planned to be held in February this year to determine whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

Former Prime Minister John Howard (1996-2007) did not express support for changing the legal recognition of homosexuals during his administration.

During the Australian Labor Party’s administration (2007-2013), opposition to same-sex marriage has been the position of the Labor Government until 2013.

On October 2013, 10, the Parliament of the Australian Capital Territory passed the Marriage Equality Act ("Marriage Equality Act"), which officially legalized same-sex marriage and became the first region in Australia to recognize same-sex marriage.

The then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated that he would seek legal power to repeal the same-sex marriage bill, but after the passage of the new Australian law in 2011, Albert may face considerable difficulties in repealing the same-sex marriage bill in the Capital Territory with his legal power And risk.

Later, on December 2013, 12, the Australian High Court ruled that the legality of same-sex marriage should be decided by Parliament, and the local government has no right to pass and overturn the Australian Capital Territory Marriage Equality Act. 12 The marriage of married same-sex couples was declared invalid.

In addition, Tasmania had twice initiated same-sex marriage proposals before this, but they were eventually blocked without success. The House of Representatives also voted on related bills, but they were not passed.


The gay marriage referendum detonated the Federal Congress!

When the Australian Prime Minister announced this policy, it caused an uproar in the Federal Congress!

Federal Cabinet Minister Mathias Cormann stated that for gay marriages, the method of voting by mail is not only legal, but also not illegal or unconstitutional.

Although opinion polls show that most Australians support gay marriage. Finding a policy agreement on this issue is a test of the authority of the Turnbull government, which has delayed the center-left and opposition Labour Party for several months in polls.

The conservative Liberal Party led the Australian government in the July elections last year that promised to let voters decide whether Australia should recognize same-sex marriage through popular vote.

However, due to the restraint of the Bundesrat, the referendum has been difficult to produce.

More than half of Australians support gay marriage

The latest survey results show that Australians’ attitudes towards same-sex marriage have undergone a “profound change”, and most people now support the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The annual "Family, Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia" (HILDA) survey report commissioned by the Australian Government by the University of Melbourne showed that 67% of female respondents and 59% of male respondents hope that same-sex marriages can be in Australia legalization.


Report author Roger Wilkins pointed out that there has been a "very profound change" in Australians' perception of same-sex marriage. He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): "Social sentiment has become more supportive of marriage equality, which is quite obvious."

The survey results are consistent with the results of several recent polls.

The results of the Galaxy poll released at the end of last month showed that nearly 60% of Western Australians said that if a referendum on same-sex marriage is held today, they will vote for it, 32% will vote against it, and 9% are still hesitant.

Homosexuality was a crime in Australia

In Australia, as in other countries in the world, homosexual behavior has long been regarded as a crime.

Previously, "gay" sex acts in Western Australia would be sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment and caning;

In Tasmania (TAS), it will be sentenced to 21 years in prison.

These harsh penalties were not gradually abolished until 1972!

In 1972, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory (NT) took the lead in abolishing homosexuality charges, and other regions followed suit, the latest being Tasmania (1997).

Although homosexuality is gradually "exempted from crime", homosexuals have to endure the stricter age of consent (age of consent) restriction for a long time.

In New South Wales (NSW) and the Northern Territory, the legal "permission age" is 16 years old, but homosexuals are 18 years old;

The most extreme is Western Australia, where the "permission age" for homosexuals is as high as 21 years. The "age of consent" discriminatory provisions were gradually abolished. The first was the Northern Territory (2002), followed by New South Wales and Western Australia (2003). Today, with the exception of Queensland (QLD) and Tasmania, all parts of Australia have achieved equality in the "age of consent".

In this political game about the legalization of same-sex marriage and under the high pressure of "political correctness", I wonder if the road to legalization of gay marriage will be long?

And the legalization of gay marriage,For Australia’s future,Is it a blessing or a hidden danger?

News compiled from "smh, Daily Mail"


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