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Came to Australia,"wishlist"What are the things that must be done?

In addition to the sun, sand, waves and mountains,parachuteIt’s a must experience when you come to AustraliaExtreme sportOne of it!

The moment you jump pleaseKeep your eyes open!The visibility in the sky is extremely high, the blue sky and white clouds are within reach,Beautiful coastline, rain forest canyon, high-rise farmPanoramic view!

That kindAt first tense and stimulating, then soar freely and feel at easeThe feeling is something that no other exercise can give...

Skydiving is an extreme sport in every major city in Australia. Don’t be afraid you can’t find it, but you’re afraid to jump! Today we will take stockAustralia's top 10 skydiving locations, Follow the guideJUMMMMMMMP!

The first [most popular skydiving place]:Sydney Wollongong-悉尼卧龙岗跳伞点

WollongongLocated in the southern part of New South Wales,Sydneyonly80 km, Is a famous tourist city in Australia. There are manySurf beach.Scenic LookoutAnd植物园And famous.

Take a leap, you can overlook in the sea breezeSeaside highway, Wollongong and the Pacific Ocean. Also in WollongongTwo regional cathedrals, Many sect churches and aThe largest temple in the southern hemisphere-Nantian Temple.

Recommended reason:

1. In certain seasons, such as autumn and winter, you have the opportunity to see migrating whales and wild dolphins active in this area!

2. The skydiving point is only an hour's drive from the center of Sydney.

3. Skydivers experience unparalleled beauty, a great place for team skydiving.

4. It is the only skydiving project in Sydney that can land near the beach.

第二位【Lonely Planet推荐跳伞地】:Sydney Byron Bay-拜伦湾跳伞点

Byron BayLocated at the easternmost point of the North Coast of New South Wales, as Australia’s most famousExtreme sports town, This is a surroundingVerdant Rainforest.(I.e.Golden beachSurrounding place-perfect skydiving view!

There are also excellent local cuisine and a new century retreat.Beach and lighthouseFamous town.

Gundam in Byron Bay14,000 feet(Approximately 4627 meters) skydiving beach, in60 秒Experience the extreme altitude and the madness of free fall, overlooking Byron Bay from the air, there isSparkling white beach, The line of sight extends all the way toBrisbane,Gold Coast.

Recommended reason:

1. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay and provide additional professional shooting flight instructors.

2. The landing point provides the most modern facilities and is only 15 minutes away from Byron Commercial Center.

3.还可以免费游拜伦湾,饱览超美的灯塔小镇风光 。

Third place: [The most classic skydiving place]:Cairns-Cairns skydiving point

OnCairnsOf the classic skydiving groundsGreat Barrier Reef + RainforestDouble world heritage beauty!

Landing on the softAtherton Plateau Lawn, And the distance from the city center is relatively short, after taking part in the skydiving, you can also go to downtown CairnsWalk around the city scenery, Look for delicacies scattered in the alleys.

Cairns Sea hasSwimming area and BBQ area, Visitors can enjoy sunbathing here. There are many tourist hotels, hotels andCheap Hostel,Suitable for高尔夫球water skiing, It became a famous tourist city in Australia.

Recommended reason:

1. You can watch after takeoff20 minutesBeautiful views of the sky around, includingReefs, rain forests, various canyons, and mountains that separate the plateau. When the weather is good, you can see far awayGreen IslandGreat Barrier Reef.

2. Landed on a 20-minute drive south of CairnsBeautiful field with pyramids as background.Experienced coachWill bring you a different life experience.

3. If you feel that it is not exciting enough, you only need to pay an extra fee.Self-operated parachuteOh!

Fourth place: [100% beach landing seascape]:Mission Beach-美晨海滩跳伞点

Meichen Beach(Mission Beach)这个慵懒闲适的海滨小镇,位于昆士兰凯恩斯和汤斯维尔间的On the coastline.

从高空俯瞰珊瑚海(Coral Sea)湛蓝海水映衬的美晨海滩,这里同时拥有超过14 公里Amazing longGolden beach. Parachuting here can also see nearbyGreat Barrier Reef and Wet Tropical RainforestThese two World Heritage areas have createdUnique in the worldNatural environment.

Recommended reason:

1.100% inLanding on the beach, Enjoy the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and Dunk Island.

2. AustraliaThe most beautiful skydiving spotOne, by the way, you can visit the surrounding area of ​​Meichen Beach and provide extraProfessional shooting flight instructor!

Fifth place: [Invincible Sea View of Whitsunday Islands]:Whitsundays-圣灵群岛跳伞点-艾尔利海滩Airlie Beach

According to professional recommendations,Airlie Beach(Airlie Beach)是昆士兰全澳景观The most breathtakingParachuting point!

它 位于The heart of the Whitsundays, Above it, you can overlook the overview of the entire archipelago! From Airlie Beach14000 feetJumped directly toCrystal clear watersAnd breathtaking coastal views of the sparkling white sandy beaches of the Great Barrier Reef!

Recommended reason:

1. 欣赏圣灵群岛(又名惠森迪)令人惊叹的热带景观,并且能在空中欣赏Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island, Hayman IslandAnd other beautiful islands in the Whitsundays.

2.Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef is a must-do in a lifetimeNowhere else can there be such a unique landscape.

3. 圣灵群岛唯一的沙滩跳伞。

4. The skydiving location is beautifulAirlie Beach Townonly6 minutesDrive around.

The sixth place: [The most beautiful coastal road parachuting]:Great Ocean Road-大洋路跳伞点

Dayang streetIt is a driving road in the south of Melbourne, Victoria, with a total length of about 276 kilometers.Built in the middle of a cliff.

The surrounding natural scenery resources are rich, manyVilla with sea viewBuilt on the cliff.

You will free fall from an altitude of 14,000 feet, jump into the ocean road and soar in the air,Facing Geelong(Geelong),鸟瞰著名的贝尔斯沙滩(Bells Beach),比直升机更为宽阔的视野,看着Twelve ApostlesMove slowly under your feet...

Recommended reason:

1. 维州最著名的自然景观之一,降落地点位于距离Melbourne CBD 1.5 hours车程,景色如画的Barwon Heads Airport。

2. 跳伞高达14,000英尺,自由落体时间达60秒,降落速度超过200 km/h.

3. 完成跳伞后,还可以Surfing at Bells Beach, Stroll the Great Ocean Road to watch the Twelve ApostlesSunset.

Seventh place: [100% of the beach landed on Melbourne's most beautiful beach]:Melbourne St Kilda-墨尔本跳伞点

beautifulSt Kilda Beach(St Kilda)紧邻墨尔本CBD,是墨尔本最著名的海滩,游客可以选择在BoulevardTake a walk, or takeTramStarting from Fitzroy St, passing The Esplanade to Acland St, you can enjoy the rich cultural life of the local area along the way.

Popular places for rich peopleAnd alsoArtistWhere you can find the best personalityCoffee shops, restaurants, record shops and bookstores.

1.直接在St Kilda Beach沙滩上空跳伞,也是Closest to Melbourne CBDSkydiving company.

Parachuting at 2.14,000 feet, the prosperous city and the passion of the sea can be seen in the sky. Melbourne Dock and countlesssailboat,Melbourne City BuildingAnd boundlessSkylinePanoramic view.

Eighth place: [Perfect Beach Weekend Selection]:Jump the Beach Brisbane-布里斯班海滩跳伞点

BrisbaneSkydiving is said to be the most cost-effective in Australia. On Bribie Island and Moreton Bay (Moreton Bay)Redcliffe beach landing area(Redcliffe drop zone) landing, in addition to a bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef, you can also searchwhaledolphinTo find another fun.

Another paddle wheelSteam boatOrFerry,沿着布里斯本河(Brisbane River)顺流而下;从袋鼠角(Kangaroo Point)的悬崖沿绳下降;Cycling around the city botanical garden(City Botanic Gardens)。在摩尔顿岛(Moreton Island)一日遊,或在行程中加入Rusha(Noosa),Gold CoastHave fun in the hinterland.

Recommended reason:

1. Can searchwhaledolphinOf the trail.

2. 周末完美的选择,距离布里斯班Business centerDistrict only40 minutesBy car.

3. 美丽的城市和海滨景色一览无余,Selective surrounding itinerary.

Ninth: [A bird's-eye view of Western Australia's inland scenery]:Perth York-珀斯约克镇跳伞点

Perth(Perth) is located in Western Australia surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth largest city in Australia.Yorktown(York) The beauty of being undulatingruralpasturesurround.

Riding a small plane, slowly ascending to high altitude, followed by a professional skydiving instructor jumped down from the cabin, and experienced a rapid fall.Quickly penetrate the clouds as the paraglider unfolds, The beautiful scenery of York town is like a picture scroll displayed before your eyes...

Recommended reason:

1. AppreciationThe Avon River winds through the small town of YorkWhen Northam flows into the distance, don’t forget to admire Perth’s cityscape,Australia West Coast, On a clear day you can even see the distantRottnest Island(Rottnest Island)!

2. Only 14,000ft can have a 60-second free fall and free fall at a speed of 220 kilometers per hour, which is absolutely crazy and exciting. Make your heart beat faster and scream more.

Tenth place [airborne jump into the famous winery producing area]:Yarra Valley-亚拉峡谷跳伞点

have"Thames, Southern Hemisphere"PrestigiousYarra Valley(Yarra River Valley) is located in Victoria, Australia, only40 km, And convenient transportation.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and the valley areaThe river is moist, the climate is mild, and the sun is sufficient,BlockbustergrapePlantation,farmGathered here. It can overlook the Yarra Valley in all directions.

Recommended reason:

1. Overlooking the beauty of the Yarra Valley, the undulating pastures covered by vineyards, gardening mazes, and wildlife sanctuaries,It's very different from the parachuting scenery!

2. Located in the Yarra Valley, soVery close to Melbourne, About 45 minutes from the eastern part of the Central Business District.

跳伞常见问题Q&A :

Q: Is it the cost of skydiving?

A: The cost of skydiving is really not cheap, the cost is aboutAU$250~AU$350, But many people think it’s worth trying this once in a lifetime!

In addition, if you want to leave this memorable moment, you usually choose to purchase additional DVDs and photos. The cost is aboutAU$155-AU$210 (It can be divided into two types: 1. Take a DVD+ photo with a camera for about $155 or 2. Take a high-quality DVD+ photo with someone on the go for about $210). Of course, DVD and photos can also be purchased separately.

There isAU $ 35The environmental protection tax is paid on-site, and other insurance costs can be purchased by passengers.

Q: How long does it take to skydive?

A: There is usually a distance from the city to the skydiving location, and it takes at leastMore than 2 hours(Most skydiving companies will provide shuttle services to and from the city). After arriving at the scene, it takes about 2-3 hours to report → explain → wait for parachuting → take videos and photos. So please try to catchMore than half a daytime.

Q: Is it safe to skydive?

A: Although skydiving is a very intense and exciting activity, you can rest assured that there will beAccompanied by professional coachesYou jump together, all instructors haveAustralian Parachuting Federation (APF)If the wind is too strong or if the visibility is too low, the flight will be cancelled.

Q: What are the costume requirements for skydiving?

A: For safety reasons,Mobile phones and electronic products cannot be carried on the body, In addition, the accessories on the body (necklaces, bracelets or earrings, etc.) are also recommended to be removed first to prevent them from falling off. Tops and trousers are mainly comfortable to wear. It is recommended to wear lace-up sneakers and bring your ownHigh index sunscreen. There are also parachuting costumes and goggles on site.

Q: Other restrictions on skydiving?

A: Children participating in the activity must be overXNUMX years old, And must be accompanied by at least one adult. The maximum weight of the skydiving activity isNinety four kilograms, Those who weigh more than XNUMX kg are not recommended to participate in this activity (or need to pay other fees).

Before and after the eventWithin XNUMX hoursCan not participate in anyDeep water activities, Such as deep sea diving. Do not drink alcoholic beverages for at least eight hours before the event.

Pregnant women and people with reduced mobility are not allowed to participate in this activity.

Q: How to fill in the life and death status for parachuting?

A: All guests must register in advance on the Australian Parachuting Federation (APF) website

The main content is to declare the following(Read and complete online before skydiving):

"I am using this application, and I have read and understood the warning of the person who was named, and declared that I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Australian Parachute Federation and engage in skydiving and related activities at the same time.

I declare that I have no disability which will affect the safety of skydiving. "

On the membership fee form, you can choose additional insurance, which requires additional payment. This form is different from the membership fee form. If the customer chooses additional insurance, the staff will reconfirm on the day of parachuting to ensure that the customer understands the additional payment information.

Don't hesitate, take a leap and put your worries away!When you come to Australia, you must not miss the "Skydiving"!


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