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In Australia, a country rich in beef, seven to eighty-one kilograms of beef are considered expensive, but recently, a piece of beef sold in a butcher shop in Sydney has a surprisingly high price.$500 per kilogram,More than ten times more expensive than beef in the supermarket!It is the most expensive beef ever made in Australia!

The editor can't help but wonder, is this cow made of gold? Why is it so expensive? ! I checked it and found out that this beef is really not ordinary beef, but people100% pure Japanese Wagyu (Wagyu) meat!

Interrupt:Japanese Wagyu beef is recognized as the best beef in the worldIt is famous for its tender meat, rich nutrition and good taste. Wagyu is very strict in its feed and quality control during the feeding process.Every wagyu is born with a certificate certifying its pedigree.Since birth, wagyu has been raised on milk, grass, and protein-containing feed.Hire someone to massage the cow, And they will be fed beer to make the meat more tender. (This treatment can be considered happiness)

For a long time, Japan has banned the export of wagyu breeds to foreign countries, but now Australia has farms raising wagyu, but the cost of raising wagyu in Australia is higher becauseIn order to improve the quality and yield of the meat, the farmer will add high-quality red wine to the cattle feed. Of course, the price of wine is not cheap, and one cup may cost hundreds of yuan!

And this $500/kg piece of beef comes from Wagyu raised on an Australian farm. This farm is very famous, Blackmore Wagyu Farm.Located in Victoria. Farmer David Blackmore is known as the "Father of Australian Wagyu"!

The slaughterhouse used to slaughter this cow is also well-known. It is the famous Victor Churchill in Sydney. Its butcher shop is called"Temple to meat", James Packer, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and other celebrities frequent this store, and its owner Anthony Puharich is also a celebrity butcher.

Of course, this piece of beef is so expensive not only because the farm is famous, the slaughterhouse is famous, it is Japanese beef, but also because of itsVery good quality.

日本的和牛从高到低一共分为五个等级A5、A4、A3、A2、A1,其中A5 is the best, And this piece of beef is A5 grade.

In Japan, the level of wagyu beef is very strict, and 16 standards must be followed, including the distribution of marble patterns, the color of the meat, the degree of slack, the size of the eye muscles, the amount of fat, etc., so it can reach A5 grade beef should be said to be the best in beef. (No wonder it's so expensive!)

The owner of the farm, David Blackmore, said that this piece of beef is hisDuring his 29-year Wagyu breeding career, he has produced one of the best quality Wagyu beef.

Anthony Puharich, the owner of the slaughterhouse also said,This is the best beef he has ever seen!

He also denied that setting the price of beef at $500 per kilogram was a mere gimmick.

"You might think it's ridiculous to spend $500 to buy a kilo of beef, but in Japan and Europe, the premium Wagyu beef is the price. Compared to buying a plane ticket to Japan to taste the best Wagyu beef, you can buy it for this little money. It’s a bargain to get such good wagyu beef."

"Everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on a bottle of red wine, a Hermès bag, and a Chanel dress. Why can't you spend a few hundred yuan on a good piece of beef?"

However, if you want to buy it now, you can’t buy it, because a total of 40kg of Wagyu beef will be sold on MondaySold in just two days! Finish! La!

Those who want to have a good meal can only wait for the next time. But even if I waited until the next time, the editor said yes, the flat wallet would definitely say no...

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