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In recent years, more and more Australians are going to see dentists abroad. The reason is simple, cheap! Even if you count the round-trip airfare, board and lodging money, it will save you a lot of money than seeing a dentist in Australia!

Karenne McGuigan, who works in the hotel, has a deep understanding of this.

In 2012, Karenne accidentally hit the glass door and put4 front teethIt has been knocked out and needs a tooth reconstruction. butIf you have surgery in Australia, you need to spend $85,000-$86,000!This is simply unaffordable for the working-class Karenne.

40-year-old Karenne didn’t want to live on dentures for the rest of his life, so he started consultingBali, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, India and other countriesDentist.

After 4 years of life without front teeth and months of investigation,In 2016, Karenne chose Dentzz Dental Care Centre in Mumbai, India.

Although I went back and forth to India 3 times and spent more than 30 hours lying in the dental chair, but after including the air ticket and accommodation costs,She ended up spending only $25,000, which is $60,000 cheaper than treatment in Australia!

Karenne, who regained his front teeth after the operation, said: "I am so happy that I want to stand on the roof and yell, telling others that it is worth it."

Karenne's experience is not alone. Now, every year thousands of Australians choose to go overseas to see a dentist. This phenomenon has an interesting name-"Dental tourism", That is, seeing teeth and traveling, the point is that you can save a lot of money.

  • In Australia, full mouth reconstruction costs at least $35,000, but in Thailand it only costs $10,000 and in India it only costs $4800.
  • In Australia, a full tooth crown costs an average of $1558, but in Thailand it only costs $600 and in India it only costs $200.

It's no wonder that dental tourism, which can travel while seeing teeth and save money, is so popular, and there are even many private companies that provide services in this area.

but,The Australian Dental Association warned everyone that going overseas for dental visits is very risky, and it may end up with more money than you would spend at home.

For example, root canal surgery often requires multiple treatments, with at least one week between treatments to give teeth and gums time to recover.Relying on a short trip to complete multiple complex treatments is likely to bring complications.

In addition, Australian dentists have received high-standard training and professional skills, and they must be registered before they start their careers. All dental treatments must also be performed in a strictly supervised environment.But dentists in other countries may not comply with the same requirements.

Dr. Kang Kin of the Dental Association said: “Because some foreign hospitals do not comply with the same strict bacterial control standards as Australia, many patients who have returned from treatment abroad have been infected.Super bacteria. In some cases, some people have even contracted blood-borne diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis C. "

"Tooth is not a disposable product. You can just throw it away if it is broken. Once you have damaged your teeth or mouth while visiting a dentist abroad, you will not only spend more money on returning to Australia for treatment, but you will also suffer unnecessary pain ."

However, the netizens in Turkey and Australia disagree with this, and they also say that Australian dentists are too expensive!

"Everyone goes to see a dentist abroad because the Australian dentist charges four times that of others! The people I know who go to Bali to see a dentist are very satisfied with the dental services there."

"Australia is the most expensive country in the world for dental visits, and, sorry to say, dentists are not that professional..."

"In 2015, I went to India to extract 3 teeth for only $20, but in Melbourne, it cost $800! The most interesting thing is that the Indian dentist graduated from Melbourne University and then returned to India to work Dentist. lol"

"Even European dentists are twice as cheap as Australia! In Australia, it costs $4000 to implant a tooth!"

"I'm another guest from Bali. The quality of service depends on where you go. I have never had any problems. They did a great job... I also went on holiday by the way and it is still cheaper than in Australia."

"Then lower the price of dental care in Australia to the level that Australians can afford. The price of dental care in Australia is totally unaffordable, especially since my local dentist is actually a Filipino. Please explain the extortionate price in Australia. Where is the difference in overseas prices?"

"To be honest, I think the reason why they tell you not to go overseas to see a dentist is because no one is going to see them!"

I don’t know if you have ever seen teeth in Australia, do you think it is expensive?

News compiled from "9 News"


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