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What gift to give to his girlfriend is a proposition that every boy has to face!

AustraliaZhou Nan came up with a strange trick.Two years ago, the 27-year-old from SydneyBrendan Jones.I took 12 nude photos of myself and made them into a calendar,Present Australia's beautiful scenery and "self" together as a Christmas gift to your fiancee!

The fiancee expressed surprise and joy. It’s just that neither of them expected,The Australian man has attracted a large number of fans.

"A friend asked me to post these photos to ins, and then I opened an ins homepage in June 2016. Then we used#Natural and naked (nakedinnature)As a keyword, a lot of netizens said that the photo was taken too well, and askedCan they also upload their own nude photos. "

It’s this Instagram homepage called "Get Naked Australia",It attracted 20 fans in one year. Netizens uploaded as many as 1138 works!

Everyone in Australia took off their clothes bravely and blended with the beautiful natural scenery

Great Ocean Road in Victoria

The Pinnacles in Western Australia

Ellenborough Falls in NSW

They proudly show that they still have this land of life

Brendan said that he will receive at least 20 uploaded works every day, and then he will pick out the good ones and send them to Instagram.

Such a "streaking" is simply unimaginable, but for the people of Turkey and Australia, it is not a challenge at all. I have to say that some of these pictures are really good-looking.

Some people just swim on the seabed by themselves

Enjoy the king style of the whole world being contracted by yourself

Or take a quick walk

Or looking far away

Quietly admire the beauty of Australia bestowed by nature

And this kind of diving athlete

You jump, I jump too

And this kind of fairy in Hidden Valley

There is also this kind, I am Wenqing, I want the world to know.

Some people like to be singles "naked", others like "group nudity", such as this family

And these working holiday friends

Naked, and show affection by the way

National Park Group Naked

Some people do not choose to go out and choose to show their daily routines, such as daily watering

Daily cleaning

Everyday Christmas

Daily acrobatics?

Also, daily skydiving!

Australians who upload photos, regardless of age or sex

No matter tall, short, fat or thin

Bravely show their bodies

This trend even affected Australians abroad, such as this boy,I took a picture of myself at the Great Wall.

San Francisco


Switzerland (really hardy)

This one also climbed onto a construction building in China...

Brendan said:"Get Naked Australia does not intend to initiate a movement to liberate the body, but many people say that this method makes them confident in their body, and if they step out of the comfort zone, they will feel that there is nothing in their lives."

Yes! This is the unrestrained and unrestrained Tuao people who love freedom! Contract nature "wholeheartedly", let others say it!

News compiled from "Dailymail/Get Naked Australia Instagram"


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