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On August 8, a property in Melbourne’s Toorak district was sold to a mysterious overseas buyer.4000 million Australian dollars-This is by far the most expensive property sold in Melbourne. The mansion is located on St Georges Road and covers an area of ​​4000 square meters. The buyer requested that his identity be kept confidential.

The price broke the previous record of the most expensive transaction in Victoria.

The $12 million mansion sold on Towers Road in Toorak in December last year has maintained the highest price record in Victoria since then.

The last resale of this property sold for 4000 million occurred in 1995, when the price was only 490 million Australian dollars.Now it's 800% higher than before!

Aerial View

It is reported that this overseas buyer came to Melbourne at the beginning of June and the negotiation went smoothly. Now the transaction has been completed.

The intermediary is RT Edgar, the current Director inside: the order signed by Jeremy Fox.

The advertisement for this property has been on for more than 3 years and has not been sold. Local buyers simply cannot afford it.

St Georges Road, Toorak, where the property is located, is one of Melbourne's richest streets. It is entirely possible that there will continue to be luxury houses to break this record.

Toorak, Melbourne's first moat area, covers 4.3 square kilometers, with a total population of no more than 15000 and a per capita annual income of more than A$15.

Local residents are now worried about whether this house will be demolished and rebuilt in the future.

Because a neighboring property was demolished 2 years ago, it has not been built yet.

What they were talking about was in 2015, also on St Georges Road. This century-old mansion at No. 16 was sold by the Chinese rich (Wang Hua, founder of Jeshin Group and his wife Xiao Yanbao) for A$1850 million. I bought it and overthrew the old house and wanted to build a new one.

The old one is indeed an old house in history, but when it comes to demolishing, the procedures are completely legal. However, it was still used by many Australian Chinese media to hype a round of Chinese local tyrants.

The picture below shows the current national record holder, "Elaine" in Point Piper, Sydney, which was sold for A$4 million in April this year.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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