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Stop complaining that Melbourne is boring. In fact, there are still many fun activities on weekends. Whether you like food, culture and art, or buy and buy, you can go out this weekend~ Here are 9 fun activities for everyone this week activity!

8 Month 10 Day - 9 Month 23 Day

Blood: Attract and Repel The first exhibition after the opening of the Science Art Gallery of Mexico University

The smell of blood is estimated to be misidentified by few people, but have you ever wondered why blood has a metallic smell? Come to the newly completed Science Gallery in Mexico University in July to find the answer!

Except for the students of the University of Mexico, few people may know that the University of Mexico has opened a new science gallery near Gate 6 on Swanston St. The first exhibition here is about blood that everyone has in common. The selling point of this science gallery is the seamless connection between art and scientific knowledge, and master scientific knowledge through the eyes of discovering beauty.

In this exhibition, you can learn about the principle of detecting blood by light, you can also test your blood type, you can even simply use your fingers to grab the sound of your heartbeat and store it here permanently. In the pulse bank.

The Science Art Gallery exhibited 22 works, exploring the following six themes: taboos, stains, identity, dedication, health, and the future. The exhibition will mobilize your senses of sight, hearing, and smell to experience the story of the most important and mysterious blood of the human body. Those who cough and faint may not be suitable to visit here.

After sunset, there will be light projections full of mysterious colors, showing the mystery of the human body with wonderful light and shadow.


Transportation:The way to reach the Parkville campus of Mexico University is very easy.

Get off at Melbourne University/Swanston st #1 stop and walk across the road in one minute~

time:8月9日-8月31日的週二到週六 12pm-6pm

地点:Science Gallery, University of Melbourne, Grattan Street


August 8 (Thursday)-August 11 (Sunday)

GLOW Winter Arts Festival 2017

Stonnington district holds this creative art festival every year. Starting on Thursday, when night falls, public areas in this district will be lit by colorful neon lights. At the same time, there will be large-scale light projections, neon light shows, and performance art performances in the blocks of Stonnington. Wait.

In particular, there will be a high-level street opera performance on Guerrilla Street from 8pm-19pm on August 6th, breaking the audience's understanding of the traditional opera form and taking off the mystery of opera. Opera actors will walk into the crowd to perform, allowing the audience to become part of the performance. There are no seats, no loudspeakers, and well-founded actors interpret the essence of opera.



CENTRAL PARK – 148 Burke Road, Malvern East

HEDGELEY DENE GARDENS – Tollington Avenue, Malvern East

Malvern Gardens – 1344 High St, Malvern


CHAPEL STREET – Prahran, 280-286 Chapel Street

CHAPEL OFF CHAPEL – 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran


网站:Please check the event time of the specific locationhttp://glowfestival.com.au/event/

August 8 (Friday)

Leempeeyt Weeyn' Bonfire + Cultural Performance

Federation Square will ignite Melbourne’s winter in August and warm Melbourne’s cold night with enthusiastic bonfires. At the same time, it will also appeal to us to learn more about the culture of Australian aborigines. This colorful bonfire event will tell the historical story of the Kulin people, the aborigines of Australia, and show their traditional dance. At the same time, a modern music show will be held by the campfire to jointly promote the integration and development of Australian culture.

time:8月11日,18日,19日 6pm

地点:Federation Square


August 8 (Friday)

European Night Market

Madame Brussels, hidden in the CBD, turns into a lively European food street every Friday night in August. Locals like to wrap up their thick coats and come here to experience Melbourne's unique alley culture. In addition to first-class European cuisine (French crepes, German sausages, Polish dumplings, etc.) and fine wines, there will also be DJs playing on the spot to take you to the high.

time:8月11日,18日,25日 4pm-10:30pm

地点:Madame Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale Street


August 8 (Sunday)

Round She Goes Indoor Second-hand Women's Clothing Market

This Sunday, the women's clothing market in Coburg will have more than 60 stalls, offering everything from vintage clothing, oversized fashion, and handmade accessories. Here you can find large-scale second-hand clothing such as Miu Miu, Zimmermann, Gorman, Sass & Bide, Scanlan and Theodore, as well as many local unique small brands. Whether it is high-end or niche taste, this place can satisfy you. And most importantly, it is cost-effective!

time:August 8 (Sunday) 13am-10pm

地点:Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell Street, Coburg


August 8 (Sunday)

Sweet Set afternoon tea dessert feast

Grub Food Truck and Flour Market joined forces to organize an afternoon tea tasting event in Melbourne. Those who like sweets should not miss it. Every Sunday afternoon before September 9, there will be a sweets party in Fitzroy!

Melbourne’s best dessert making is gathered here, gathering all kinds of baking masters, famous Pierre Roelofs, Melbourne dessert queen Philippa Sibley, one of Australia's best national dessert and pastry chefs, will make exclusive desserts for everyone on the spot! The saliva is all over the place...If you want to go to the feast, remember to buy tickets in advance!


地点:Grub Food Van, 87-89 Moor St, Fitzroy

Tickets:$ 65, $ 85

Purchase tickets in advance:https://www.obee.com.au/grub/e/grub-sweet-set

August 8 (Thursday)-August 17 (Sunday)

Home Show

Melbourne's eye-catching home fair is back! Want to decorate your home recently? If you have a discerning eye, you may wish to come here to choose. There are various types of furniture and brands, so you can shop around, and it is convenient for you to match the furniture you want in the same place, and there are many cost-effective High new products. There will be home furnishing experts on site to provide you with free furnishing and decoration suggestions!

time:8月17日(週四)-8月20日(週日)10am-6pm (週五週六至9pm)

地点:Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf

Tickets:Buy tickets online for $18 in advance, on-site ticket purchases for $22, free for children under 14

Purchase tickets in advance: www.melbournehomeshow.com.au

10 days ago

Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers Melbourne Museum: Little bugs, super energy

On the weekend, you might as well take the children from your family to the Melbourne Museum to visit the interesting "Insect Museum: Little Bugs, Super Energy" exhibition. Here to show you the wonderful world of insects, through the super large insect model, to explain every detail of the insect body! This trip will definitely not be in vain and gain a lot of biological knowledge!

This exhibition displays 6 large-scale models, revealing the extraordinary adaptive talents of insects. Through millions of years of evolution, these insects have many superpowers, including camouflage, thought control, speeding movement, swarm wisdom and lethal Venom etc.

Children can also test their reflection ability and do an insect "brain surgery" by themselves, taking this opportunity to learn science and technology inspired by insect brain structure, such as drones and nanometers based on butterfly wings. Technology etc.

time:Before October 10, 15am-10pm

地点:Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton

Tickets:$ 13- $ 28

8 days ago

Bill Henson Photography Exhibition

Is it a devil or a genius? Bill Henson is a controversial artist in Australia, and some people call him the greatest photographer in Australian history. The content of his works are mainly portraits, and he is best at expressing people's indifference and alienation. There is a sense of cinema in his works. Under his camera head, both the landscape and the characters have a strong sense of mystery, and the light and dark contrast brought by a few light sources outlines the theme.

His photography exhibition is at level 2 of NGV, a free exhibition at the Australian Photography Festival. The themes include portraits, nudes, luxurious museum interiors, and translucent landscape photos. It feels good to see the works of this famous photographer when I come to the NGV art ocean on the weekend.

time:Before October 8, 27am-10pm

地点:NGV International, 180 St Kilda Rd


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