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After many people came to Australia, let alone anything else, the first biggest change is -became fat!

Obesity: the age-old problem of Tuao

It may be that life in Australia is too easy. According to statistical reports,The number of obese people in Australia is also increasing year by year. The average weight is also on the rise, and even the obesity rate in children is much higher...

Everyone knows that being fat is bad for your health.So seeing more and more fat people, the government is also worried!

In order to prevent obesity, they also thought of many ways:

Increase sugar tax and increase beverage prices

Ban primary and secondary school students from eating high-calorie foods at school

But it didn't work...

Magic detection to find the culprit of obesity

Seeing that there are more and more fat people, Australians are really anxious, pinning their only hope on medicine. According to 9news. A recent technology is expected to perfectly solve the "fat" problem:

Just 10 secondsYou know who is making you fat!

7news: A simple genetic test can be the key to your weight loss...

9news: Just a 10-second test can help you choose the most suitable diet.

This technology has helped many people lose weight in many places. It is very effective and quite amazing!Now, this technology can also be used in Australia!It is:Obesity gene mapping

In fact, gene mapping is no longer a new technology.However, this genetic test in Australia is a little different.

This magical genetic test is made byProfessor Sheffield, a clinical geneticist at the Royal Hospital for Women and Children in Melbourne, participated in the development of the test.

The purpose of this inspection is:By detecting multiple genes related to weight, digestion, and diet, we can accurately determine how each person should control their weight.

Why is this thing magical?Because this technology is simply opening a door to a new world for the vast number of Tu-Ao people!

in the pastEveryone only knows to control their diet and exercise more, so many people choose to diet or exercise.There are also many people sharing their own experience of losing weight online. Regarding weight loss, there are countless online tutorials.

The titles are all the same... to tell you directly that this post is to teach people to lose weight. Seeing that one of the po owners is thinner than one, and one is thinner faster than one, everyone is also tickled.

But after following them for a while, everyone will find thatFollowing other people's weight loss tutorials, I have eaten a lot of hardship, but it is almost no effect!

Others drop a few kilograms and a few kilograms, but in the same way, the results are trivial.In fact, there will be such a problem that your genes are at work!

Solve the mystery of hard to thin

There are some people who cannot lose weight no matter how they diet or exercise. But with this check, it's different. Because of this test: you can know what is wrong with your weight loss method!

This is the most magical part of testing! The reason why this test is so powerful is that it can see the essence through the appearance! He can let you knowWhat you eat will make you lose weight.

Yes, you heard that right. For some people,Eating less will not necessarily make you thin, but if you don't eat some things, he will get fat instead.

Jenelle Povey of Brisbane once caused a lot of obstacles to herself due to obesity, so she tried many methods.But whether it's dieting or exercising, it's of no use to her.

Seeing this strange phenomenon,Her GP arranged for her to do a genetic test, and Jenelle Povey wanted to laugh after the results came out!

It turns out that she is not the kind of physique that can lose weight on a diet. For her,Eating more protein will make you lose weight...

So her previous diet and exercise were useless, she still had to rely on food!

In addition to telling you what you eat for digestion and decomposition, and what you eat will gain weight.Genetic testing can also tell you what kind of exercise is best for you.

Exercise weight loss is really too particular, especially girls, everyone wants to develop a fit body, but some people can't reduce it no matter how exercise.

In fact, this is also determined by genes. The FTO obesity gene determines whether you can lose weight through aerobic exercise.

Some people lose weight when they can exercise, but some people do nothing to lose weight. The effect is not obvious at all.

I'm sad to think about it. I have worked so hard for so long, but it's useless..

Your 3 months, not thin at all

Others were reborn for 3 months

So the importance of this genetic test is reflected here.

There are thousands of ways to lose weight,Genetic testing can help people who need to lose weight, so that they don’t make detours and find the easiest way!

It will tell you directly,You are suitable for eating while lying down and waiting to lose weight; you still need to combine the two to lose weight through exercise!

And this test only takes 10 seconds, just put the special cotton swab in your mouth and make a few turns! (Is it convenient?)

Of course, the genetic test will also give a data,That is whether it is necessary for you to die to lose weight, because some people really have a physique that is fattening to drink water.

There are some natural obesity genes, you can only control yourself and stop getting fat, but it is very difficult to lose weight...

Such powerful technology can be found in some pharmacies! Those who are interested can search it online~(If you want to avoid the wrong path, you can try the keyword "DNA diet report Australia")

If you don't try it, how do you know how good you look when you lose weight?

News compiled from "9 News, 7 News"


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