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There are three kinds of carnivores, one is that there is no meat and is not happy, and it is enough to have meat, which pays more attention to the satisfaction brought by the portion than the taste; the other is the opposite, in order to eat the good meat in the heart, willing to search tirelessly , Even if it is expensive, even if it is not easy to find. And the third one, I hope to have both.

The editor who has been committed to exploring Melbourne cuisine for everyone, today I will contribute a list of private steaks that can satisfy your taste buds and let you enjoy yourself. Meat, all the delicacies in this world are not as good as you!

The Meat & Wine Co.

Gulping meat and drinking alcohol is probably The Meat & Wine Co. This western restaurant with six branches across Australia (three in Melbourne and three in Sydney) has won numerous awards and has captured the hearts of many diners, especially meat lovers.

Zomato shows that the per capita price here is $80, but I don’t think it’s accurate because the price of vegetables varies according to the breed, part and feed of the cattle. For example, the rib-eye steak (Rib-Eye) is also $52 (400g) for grass-fed and $43 (350g) for grain-fed.

For newcomers, the editor recommends a Ribs Platter ($59), which is a platter of beef, lamb and pork ribs. Three kinds of meat can be eaten at one time, grilled just right, each with its own characteristics. The portion is amazing, and it's just right for two people to share this platter. Skewers are also a favorite of many people, and the grilled skewers look particularly appetizing.

Since it is called Meat & Wine, the wine here is also worth trying. Guests who are unfamiliar with this place can ask the waiter to recommend a suitable wine when ordering, which has a unique flavor. Coupled with the quiet environment, this is a good place for a date and dinner.

(The picture shows the Southbank store)


Freshwater Place, 3 Queensbridge St, Southbank VIC 3006

The Como Centre Shop 4, South Yarra VIC 3141

482 Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Ludlow Bar & Dining Room

Restaurants in Southbank are always romantic and high-end, but what is surprising is that many good restaurants are very affordable, and Ludlow is one of them.

Ludlow has a lot of customers on weekdays, but Monday and Wednesday nights are particularly popular-because it is $20 Steak Night! For only $20, you can enjoy a large steak selected by the chef and a glass of beer or wine!

People who have been there are all amazed at the tender meat quality of the steak, and it is no wonder that everyone has to come here to have a good meal during a busy workday.

In addition to Steak Night, Ludlow also offers various other discounts on weekdays, such as Pie Night on Tuesday, $10 Cocktails on Thursday and Saturday, Sunday Roast on Sunday, and $20 Lunch every day...

It has to be said that Ludlow takes full advantage of the time and place, sitting on the Yarra River and watching the gorgeous night scene, blowing the wind, and enjoying food with family, lovers or close friends, it is really a microcosm of Melbourne's leisure life.

Address:6 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006

San Telmo

San Telmo, located in the CBD, is an Argentine-style western restaurant featuring Argentinean Parrilla food, among which grilled steak is the most popular dish.

The prices of the dishes are still conscientious, and the choices are very rich. Vacio and Solomillo have made me look back many times, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences.

The grilled steak of Medium raw is softer and more elastic than that of Medium well, but customers who like chewy will prefer the latter. San Telmo's sauces are well prepared, which can retain and enhance the flavor of the beef, which is the finishing touch. Many people recommend Salsa sauce and Fennel sauce, which blend the oiliness of the meat very well.

After the meal, you can try Flan, a dessert similar to sea salt caramel pudding. It is creamy and delicious, sweet but not greasy, and has a special nutty flavor.

The restaurant environment and atmosphere and the staff's service attitude are also highly praised by everyone. It is lively and not noisy, and it is a good place for friends to gather.

Address:14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

Steer Dining Room

To say that the Western restaurants that have won my heart, except for the city center, are hidden in South Yarra. The steak is delicious, the first thing I think of is the Steer Dining Room.

Compared to other western restaurants, Steer is more like the Asian version of Australian restaurants. It mainly serves top-selected Wagyu (Wagyu) from Tasmania, Queensland and Ballan, in addition to Black Angus beef and Hereford beef is also quite commendable.

The price of steaks in the restaurant is not low, but the superior meat quality and proper cooking have attracted all kinds of diners. After all, chef Tom Ward has studied under the famous Australian chef John Torode for many years, and has a deep knowledge of steak cooking. Insights.

The dining environment is also very worthy of the price here, whether it is small gatherings or business affairs are very suitable.

Address:15 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141


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