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Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns,Each city has different wonderful experiences.Ocean, rainforest, animals, food,You can feel it all in Australia!

Too many choices will you struggle?Tripadvisor introduces7 travel experiences not to be missed in Australia, all at once!

Hartley Adventure Park Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Where are the magical animals? Hartley's Crocodile Adventures proudly said: Far in the sky, close in front of you! Australia has a cute name-"Tuao", which is due to the continental drift and has many native and mysterious little animals. In the long biological evolution process, they adapt and rely only on the unique environment of Australia! Why not go to Hartley's Crocodile Adventures, a zoo built with the real living environment of wild animals, to discover the amazing variety of small animals!

The zoo is dedicated to creating and protecting the living environment of wild animals and has won the Ecotourism Award. Kangaroos, koalas, Australian crocodile, wombats, monitor lizards, and parrots are waiting to interact with you!

Mosman Canyon Center Tour Mossman gorge centre

The visitor is a guest. How can one visit Australia without visiting the original owner of this continent? Trekking through the dreamy canyon, looking at majestic waterfalls, wading through turbulent streams, stroking the towering old trees, coming to Mossman gorge centre, swinging a thrilling suspension bridge, walking through high trails, and experiencing aboriginal culture and Ancient natural ecology!

The most eye-catching in Mossman gorge centre is the hospitable Kucuyalani people. They will lead you to every inch of the Mossman gorge and learn about their ancestors’ culture and the mysterious flora and fauna that depend on them. Aboriginal people who are good at dancing will also bring wonderful performances full of wild beauty, and the indigenous people have hip-hop!

"Quick Silver" Cruise Quicksilver Cruises

Going out to see the Great Barrier Reef, choosing QUICKSILVER CRUISES, which has the same name as the superhero "Quick Silver", will definitely not disappoint you! Through the jelly-like blue waters, groups of tropical fishes are adorned into colorful undersea legions, and the colorful coral reefs are staggered, shocking your eyes!

After enjoying the delicious seafood buffet, tourists can choose snorkeling, deep diving and other activities, and hide and seek with the clownfish in "Finding Nemo", a real adventure in the ocean! For travelers who can't swim or fear heights, we also provide a very intimate "Undersea Observation Station" project (glass bottom boat and submarine service), which can take you to see the deep-buried coral sea!

Helicopter tour Great Barrier Reef Helicopters

On the beautiful and romantic Great Barrier Reef, is it no longer enough to go to sea or diving? Looking at the panoramic photos taken by the photographer from the aerial, is it envious? Faced with such beautiful scenery, why don't you fly to the sky? ! Great Barrier Reef Helicopters gives you such an opportunity to go to heaven. Take a helicopter and take a bird's eye view of the entire legendary Great Barrier Reef!

The sea and the sky are without dust. From the sky, the Great Barrier Reef is no longer romantic and friendly, but has a somewhat distinctive atmosphere, especially the famous and the only heart-shaped reef in the world. It is impossible to experience the nature without looking down. The magical aura of creation is very shocking!

Cairns Adventure Tour Cairns urban adventures

The beautiful, exquisite and small Cairns is a great town suitable for raging! Her beauty, food, and beauty are worthy of your feet to measure every inch of her land, to experience her thousands of styles with your heart, and tolerate wasteful waste.

From the height of the day, you can take a look at her buildings, visit museums and galleries, and learn about the culture of the aborigines; when the twilight is in the sky, the night market is the best place to treat tourists. At the night market, you can not only see the novel local Ingredients, you can also deepen your understanding of Australian culture and food from the feasting tasting. It is also a good choice to buy some aboriginal handicrafts as exquisite souvenirs!

Hot air balloon sightseeing tour Hot air balloon cairns

The HOT AIR BALLOON CAIRNS hot air balloon with a mother koala carrying a baby and a mother kangaroo with a bag as an inkjet pattern can not only show you the beautiful scenery, it is also a scenery that can cute you! Let the bulging koala hot air balloon take you to the sky, follow the rising rhythm of the sun, and enjoy the magnificent sunrise and colorful clouds above the clouds. If luck coincides with the full moon, you can still shine !

If you inadvertently look away from the shocking sky, you will also find vigorous kangaroos running on the ground! Through the tropical woods, the attentive staff will be enthusiastic to take photos for you, and you will definitely sigh in the wind, "It's crazy, it's great"!

Lizard Island National Park Lizard island

Lizard Island is a steep and beautiful island located at the northernmost tip of the Queensland Great Barrier Reef. This island with 24 secluded beaches, from beautiful white sand beaches to steep rocks, has excellent snorkeling and diving conditions.

People who come here can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island without being disturbed by others, as well as the supreme delicacy and comfortable water. Lizard Island with beautiful beaches can see wild birds and various reptiles everywhere. If you like nature, you can also participate in outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, standing kayaking and more!

Lizard Island National Park on Lizard Island is part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, and Lizard Island Resort is the only hotel on the island, allowing you to get the ultimate travel experience of Prince Charles and the Rockefeller family.


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