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For every girl, marriage is the most important thing in life, and the ring is one of the most important symbols, but recently, aA girl who should be happy to be a bride-to-be is really depressed by her boyfriend's engagement ring!

why? Because girls feelThis diamond ring is too small and too cheap!

The girl said that when her boyfriend proposed to her, she was very happy and excited to accept it, but when she saw the ring, she felt extremely disappointed. The first thing that came to her mind was"What a small drill"……

And when the girl saw the invoice, her mood suddenly fell to the bottom-this ringSpent 1300 pounds (about 2130 Australian dollars)!The girl said that this is far from her own imagination! She feelsBoyfriend's annual salary is 6 figures, And usually also very generous, why spend so little money on such an important thing? !She thought her boyfriend would buy a very expensive diamond ring!

Except that the drill is too small and too cheap,The color and pattern of the ring are not her style.

The girl said that she originally hoped that she could choose with her boyfriend, and choose a ring that both of them liked. After all, she will wear this ring every day from now on. She hopes she likes it from the bottom of her heart, but now,She didn't like the ring picked by her boyfriend at all.

So the girls posted on the Internet for help, asking everyone if they had encountered this situation before, and what would happen if they did?

As a result, many girls in Australia left tens of thousands of comments after seeing this post. Not only did they not comfort her, they also released XNUMX flash bombs...

Everyone posted their own "Cheap ring", Tell girls with naked facts:When two people are together, the most important thing is to love each other, not a ring.

"This ring only cost $112, but I like it very much. It doesn't matter how much you spend, what matters is that I know that for the rest of my life I can be with the man I love with all my heart."

"My husband and I bought this ring at an antiques and collectibles exhibition. It cost less than $100. I really like it!"

"This ring cost $100. Although it is not a ring in the traditional sense, it suits me very well!"

"Spent $97! I like my ring very, very much! My husband is the best man in the world. We have been together for 10 years and married for 4 years. I am the happiest woman in the world!"

"This ring only cost $900, still discounted!"

"I have fallen in love with this ring, even if it is given to the whole world, I will not change it! Price: $900."

"My ring cost $1100, I think it is very expensive."

"I have always wanted this kind of simple, cute engagement ring, not everyone's ring with a square diamond in the middle. The amount of the ring doesn't matter."

"It only cost $69, and my kids picked it with me, so it's more meaningful to me than a $2000 ring!"

"This is my ring. I bought it on Amazon. It cost $20. Yes, $20! We can actually afford a more expensive ring, but I don't think its size and price matter."

"Mine cost $175 and my husband's $240. We like these rings very much. Our wedding cost $600 and we only invited the closest family and friends. The wedding has nothing to do with the price of the ring."

"I just got engaged for two weeks. This is my ring. Even if you give me the whole world, I won't change it!"

These love shows, full marks!

I don't even have a ring. We only had it on the tenth anniversary of our wedding because we had no money. But we have been together for 33 years, married for 30 years, and have 3 lovely children. Our youngest child has cancer. He is only 13 years old and has reached heaven. Although we have experienced many low tides, we share the same ups and downs!

My wedding ring was originally worth $2700, but I bought it at a discount of $1700. After I got married, it plummeted to $799! ! ! I would be very happy even if it was a $2 plastic ring.

If she really loves him, she will like this ring and be grateful. Sympathize with her boyfriend. It's time to be sad when you find that money is more important than him.

The so-called "gift is less affectionate", when a gift is an expression of love, the price becomes unimportant.

Money is not the most important thing, love is. She cares about the value of the ring, not her boyfriend's love for her, she is not worthy of the ring at all. She cares about money and is obviously a money worshipper.

I'm sorry, but I want to say that she is really greedy. The real meaning of the ring is not its value, but the other's love and commitment to you. As long as I marry the love of my life, even if it is a $50 ring, I will be very happy. The ring is not the point at all. If I were her boyfriend, I would reconsider whether to marry her. She seems to only care about money. If the man becomes poor someday, I really doubt that the woman will stay with him.

The value of something cannot measure how much the other person loves you. If my husband only gave me a rose, would he say that he doesn't love me as much as a bunch of roses? Not! The intention of buying flowers is where the value lies. Don’t be so materialistic, okay? What the hell do women in this world do?

I told my perfect fiance that if he spent more than $1000 to buy a ring, I would kill him! The price is not important to me, but he personally selected it, hiding from me the full of love that planned the whole proposal. There is no way to exchange 10 times the money for my ring, as long as he carefully selects it for me, I will love it! Look down on those who make the proposal ring material!

My ex-husband bought me only $200, whether it was before or now I have always liked it! There were no diamonds in the ring, but he bought it, knowing I would like it, and what I love is his heart. He has said many times that buying a new one is better for me, but I still refused, because there is no better one in this world than the one he chose.

If you buy a ring because of love, you still need to care about its value? To be honest, I would never ask how much. As long as he has love for me is enough, really!

He may want to spend his money on buying a house, or on his honeymoon, or even on your future life, instead of just focusing on the ring in her hand. Twenty-five years ago, my husband bought me $25. The value of this man is much more important than jewelry!

To be grateful, not everyone can afford an ordinary ring. Mine is only $50, but the value of love is greater. I think it does not matter what the ring is, it is his choice! Don't always expect to be big and good, I bought it for you when I love you!

Do you still feel "small" for a proposal ring for 2 dollars? I'm very happy even with $2. Its purpose is important. If you really love him, you won't always covet him to send you with money!

Money is not synonymous with love! My husband also makes 6 figures, but my engagement ring is only 2 figures, but I am very happy! Does the more money he spends, the more he loves you? The fact is that his proposal to you has proved how much he loves you!

I really don’t understand why some girls expect to receive expensive material gifts... Money can’t buy love! No matter how big the diamond is, it doesn’t mean how much he loves you. It only proves how materialistic you are... I left her. She will only want more and more, and even use you to show off how much you love you. she was!

I'm not engaged yet, but I think it's expensive to buy a ring. In fact, when your boyfriend proposes to you, it already represents your value and his love for you. I don't think the value of the ring is more important than this!

Being rich does not mean you have to spend a lot! She was too grateful, it was just a ring, and they both had a long life. Women only focus on the things in front of them, but don't want to think about more in their lifetime.

The ring is just a simple substance. It cannot prove a person's love for you. No matter how much the ring is worth, his commitment to you and willingness to spend a lifetime with you are the most important! This is priceless!

I really like the ring I chose, even though I tried a much more expensive ring. The important thing is not the ring, but the meaning it contains. Men don't just invest money, they also love you.

True love has nothing to do with the ring. This woman's attitude towards the ring is really bad! My husband didn't even have a ring when he proposed to me, but I think someone promised you a lifetime is already very memorable, and there is no need to add anything else to prove it. Love is love, not synonymous with materialism!

In fact, as many netizens have said, rings are valuable and love is priceless. When two people are together, the most important thing is to love each other and to be happy. I am willing to hold your hand forever and welcome every unknown tomorrow, no matter poverty or Wealth, whether disease or health, will never leave, and depend on wind and rain until death separates us...

News compiled from "Daily Mail, 7 News"


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