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On Monday, I’ll give everyone a refreshing look, Australia’s annual sexy blockbuster——"Firefighter Calendar 2018" is released!

Full screen muscles, stimulate your adrenal glands.

This is a charity event. Since 1993, a group of firefighters with good looks and figures have been selected from the fire brigade every year to show their muscles.

These sexy pictures will be sold as calendars,All the proceeds are donated to charities,Such as children's hospital.

The theme of the 2018 calendar is caring for animals. 65 handsome guys and various cute animals appear together.

All the proceeds will be donated toAustralia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

The handsome firefighters not only have muscles, are caring, but also have a sense of responsibility.

They will bring small gifts to the hospital to visit the children who were burned by the fire, and by the way, please rest assured that every kind person:

Everyone’s kindness and donationsHas not been abused.

Click below for one-time continuousMachoAll into the bag, and can do good deeds,Super convenient:



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