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Think Australia is getting crowded? In fact, there is a paradise next to Australia. There is a job here, surrounded by nature every day, including food and housing! Where can I find such good benefits?

In fact, this is Australia's neighbor-New Zealand.

Although New Zealand is the second largest country in Oceania, its population has always been small, especially the cities and islands in southern New Zealand. The living standards are obviously good, but no one comes.

In fact, New Zealand has always had a mysterious and beautiful island, and few people know the existence of this island.

Probably this is the legendary Peach Blossom Spring:

This small island called Raoul Island is a volcanic island with an area of ​​only 29.39 square kilometers.

This small island is sparsely populated and most of the area is covered by forest.

It is precisely because the trees here are luxuriant and the air is surprisingly good.

There is no smog, no car exhaust, here is like a natural oxygen bar.

It is precisely because of the isolation here that there are various rare species of birds.

There is no pollution here, and the sea and beaches remain the same.

The blue sky and white clouds, the clear water and the white sand are probably here.

People who love diving here, it's almost like heaven.

Because many places here are off the beaten track, you may have to be careful when you go out for a walk. It is very likely that you will walk into a volcanic area.

Look at this beautiful scenery, it is completely natural, without any artificial smoke.

It is such a beautiful and magical island, but it has never been discovered.

Now, this small island has openly recruited its owners!

The minimum wage is 3 and the maximum can reach 8, even including board and lodging! Looking at working hours, it is actually easier than a lot of work. 5 hours a day, 2 days a week, at least 8 year of work.

Seeing this, have you already shouted in your heart, I want to go, I want to go!

The work content is actually very simple, just three words, be the island owner!

You can take care of everything on the island. As for usual diving or surfing, you can play whatever you want!

When visiting the island, you can also bask in the sun on the beach and take a nap under the shade of the trees.

Of course how happy came.

Of course, in order to manage this small island well, as an island owner, you need to learn how to drive a kayak, tractor and helicopter.

After all, the area of ​​this island is quite large. If you rely on walking every day, it is estimated that your legs will break within a few days.

After introducing so many benefits, someone may ask, why haven’t you heard of such a good job opportunity before?

Because this job has a shortcoming that many people cannot accept, it is loneliness!

There are only two candidates for this position each year. However, once successfully selected, unless there is an emergency, under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to leave the island within a year.

In other words, in a year, the person you can chat with is another person who is as lonely as you.

The island owner is actually not very easy to do. In order to maintain this island, we must first control weeds every day.

A team of three employees and four volunteers work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. For four days, we searched for weeds in the forest and eliminated them.

Sometimes researchers will visit the island to conduct research on the plants and animals here. As the island owner, he must cooperate with the meteorological department and the geological science department in their work.

On the island, almost everything has to be done, almost knowing astronomy and geography.

Pulling teeth, driving kayaks, tractors, operating chainsaws, driving helicopters, etc. have to be done by themselves. After all, no one can help except yourself.

Because of the lack of material on the island, sometimes I want to drink some alcohol. What should I do? Very simple, make your own.

There is such a tradition on the island that if you want to drink, you can grow your own hops and brew beer.

After each brew, the name and production date are written on the walls of the brewery.

The island’s infrastructure is well-equipped, including hotels, service centers, workshops and warehouse equipment.

The hotel is actually not like we usually see, only 7 bedrooms, lounge, laundry room, kitchen and toilet facilities.

Now let’s take a look at the salary issue that everyone is concerned about. The specific salary will vary according to individual circumstances, and it is mainly divided into three levels: A, B, and C.

■ A: Band Rangers $38,537-$40, 073

■ B: Band Rangers $41, 344 – $45,277

■ C: Band Rangers $49,170-$52,152

Seeing the huge income, is there a slight move?

The deadline for applying for resumes is September 2017, 9. Those who want to register should apply as soon as possible. The quota is limited!

■ Basic requirements: good physical fitness, able to live in remote mountainous areas; have the experience of living independently; be good at cooperating with others; have a passion for work; be able to first aid; have common sense of life.

■ Bonus items: have leadership; master knowledge of biodiversity, have plant identification ability; can use and maintain tools and equipment (chain saws, tractors, boats), and use herbicides.

There will be a selection before the official work, a five-day island survival challenge. All participants are divided into groups of four, each of whom has their own roles:

Team leader, biodiversity manager, safety consultant and inventory manager contract manager.

Only the victor with the strongest team ability can officially land on the island. Before starting the 2018-month island survival on February 2, 26, they will receive up to 12 weeks of training and then become the owner of the island.

Although the island is good, in fact there is always danger. This small island lacks a safe port, and small ships can only dock in stable weather conditions.

If natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions occur here, rescue forces will need four days to arrive. Therefore, people who work on the island need to have a strong knowledge of self-help. After all, volcanic eruptions are no joke.

This job requires an online application and submits the applicant’s questionnaire, CV, Cover Letter, and project description required ability evidence.

The application link is as follows:


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The editor can only recommend it here. It's not as good as action. If you are interested, please apply soon!


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