Only local people know 50 Melbourne delicacies that must be eaten in a lifetime! (Part XNUMX)

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Living in Melbourne, the happiest thing for me is traveling alone in the streets and alleys. Sometimes when I get up early, the sky is still orange-red, and the alleys will be filled with the sweet aroma of cream. It is the early pastry chef who is steaming. The taste of bread.

From time to time until lunch, the streets are filled with people looking for food. Every street is full of special aromas, such as the spicy aroma of Sichuan cuisine, the fresh taste of salad, and the meat aroma of steak pizza.

After years of searching and exploring, I finally compiled this "50 Must-Eat Foods in Melbourne"

No.17. Stick duck with watermelon

This dish is based on sweet watermelon, topped with specially cooked duck meat, or diners can choose their own pork or shrimp. Salty and sweet meet, jumping on the tip of the tongue, the first bite may feel strange, but the real aftertaste is waiting for the second bite.

✨Address: 27 McKillop Street, CBD, Melbourne

No.18 Caramel Popcorn Milkshake

Personally recommend their caramel popcorn milkshake. The thick milkshake that melts in your mouth is wrapped in sweet popcorn. When you bite it, there is a sound of'cuckling-squeaking -', it is a crisp!

Address: 1001 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East VIC 3109

NO.19. Peking duck

When it was established, it hired Master Ding from Quanjude, Beijing as the chef, who was responsible for making duck, roast duck and sliced ​​duck. Taihu Peking Duck Restaurant was the first roast duck restaurant in Melbourne and the most authentic Peking duck restaurant in Australia. The ducks used in the store are all Australian local lean ducks carefully selected by the chefs. They have more meat and less oil, making them an excellent raw material for roast duck. The skin of the roasted duck is exceptionally crispy, and the meat is more plump but not greasy.

address:171 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

NO.20 Aldi Tiramisu

☺The creamy taste is creamy~sweet but not greasy. It is just right to eat with the ladyfinger with a slightly bitter taste, which is similar to the richness of woolworth's wine! I remember the last time I ate Costco's tiramisu, it was just right.

NO.21 Strawberry Fried Chicken Burger

The specialty of their home is this fruit burger. The smooth and crispy fried chicken burger is covered with sweet and sour seasonal fruits and vegetables. When you bite it down, the rich chicken flavor rolls over the tongue with the fresh fruit aroma, and the aftertaste is endless. Dappled sunlight fell on the wooden table, as beautiful as a painting.

Address: 66 Cromwell Street, Collingwood

NO.22 Yunnan Crossing the Bridge Row

Only when it is presented in front of the eyes can we understand its meaning. Pieces of fat and lean meat steaks are neatly stacked on the arched fan bones. Can not help but the old bridge, gurgling water. After regaining consciousness, I realized that the name was as good as it was. Picking up a slice, it does not resemble the pungency of the Yunnan cuisine in the imagination, it seems to have a slight sweetness.

Address: 25 Little Collins St, Melbourne (Ground Floor, Sheraton Melbourne Hotel)

No23. Blue Enchantress Burger

I used to think that you were just a quiet brown bread, but now I found this hidden'saolang cheap'~ The sulky blue inner core makes the whole burger suddenly become enchanting, coupled with the exclusive secret mayonnaise, The tip of the tongue is so refreshing that it can fly, which is definitely a double enjoyment of taste and vision.

Address: Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, Shop 94-96, 8 Breavington Way, Northcote

NO.24 Obama's favorite Pokebowl

This newly opened Poked has a long queue right after it opened. Low-fat and fresh are synonymous with poked. Various vegetables, seaweed, beans, purple cabbage, etc. are paired with salmon, plus your own special sauce, so that you can feel full and have a comprehensive balance of various nutrients~

Address: shop 3, 551 Little Lonsdale

NO.25 Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Whether in Sydney or Melbourne, Gelato Messina probably has two flavors that everyone knows, that is Salted Caramel and White Chocolate. Their salted caramel uses Murray River's pink salt block, and the taste is of course unmatched by ordinary edible salt. The store uses white chocolate to increase the sweetness of the ice cream, and it will have a squeaky sound when you eat it. If you like ice products, you must not miss it!

Address: 237 Smith St

 NO.26 Meat Fruit

Meat Fruit is a little fairy who integrates appearance and taste~ it has almost become a food symbol of cats.It looks like an ordinary orange, but it is wrapped in a thick chicken parfait (originated in the United Kingdom, made with a special grinding tool, and the skin is a charcoal yeast), rich cheese and grilled bread. With the roasted pineapple, the combination is wonderful and the taste is very layered.This little orange that is popular all over the world, you must try it in Melbourne~

Address: Crown Towers Melbourne, 130/8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006

NO.27 Salted Caramel Cake

Many of the desserts in this store can be regarded as the best in Melbourne, so of course they know how to skillfully use salted caramel in their food. My favorites are their Chocolate, Mandarin and Salted Caramel. They are served with chocolate shortbread, orange and lemon curd, mandarin cream, Murray River's salted caramel cream and dark chocolate mousse. They taste great. More importantly, the dessert chefs decorate these foods very cutely, and those who love to take pictures should not miss it! By the way, after a feast, the editor suggests to take a bottle of their salted caramel home in case you need it.

Address: 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra, 3141 VIC

NO.28 grilled pork chops

This pork chop is said to be a joint name of a famous pork chop in LA. San Antone’s pork chops will definitely be something you have tasted before, and there will be gravy in the gaps between the bones. After eating their pork chops, you will have a new understanding of the test pork chops~ This pork chop is slowly made by roasting, keeping the meat fresh and firm. The dry roasted pork chops Can let us eat the smell of pork, coupled with the unique sauce, really can not stop one by one~

Address: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006

NO.29 Meatballs in tomato sauce

There is no doubt that it is a meatball expert in Melbourne. TV and film producer Matteo Bruno opened the first bar in the city in 2012 to the next three bars. You can choose pork, beef, chicken, fish or vegetable meatballs. The sauces include Italian tomato, white cream and green sauce. It can also be served with dishes such as Italian beans, creamy cornmeal, mashed potatoes, homemade pasta or vegetables.

Address: 98 Smith St, Collingwood

NO.30 Matcha raw chocolate cake

Raw chocolate was introduced by the Japanese and is characterized by being completely hand-made. It has a lower melting point than ordinary chocolate when it is made, with a higher cut moisture content, low fat, low sugar and freshness. Pana chocolate's raw chocolate cake is definitely not to be missed by senior cats. The fluffy bottom of the cake, the whole is matcha raw chocolate, the texture is quite soft, the rich matcha with slightly bitter chocolate flavor, the taste is distinct, you can eat it after a bite Can't forget~

Address: 491 Church St, Richmon d, Vic

NO.31 Hot jam cake with bacon ice cream

When you seeTwo Little Pigs Charcuterie and GrindThe hot jam cake comes with bacon ice cream. Would you like to try it? In fact, the taste is not strange. The simple description is that the ice and fire are blended. Cut a small piece of hot jam dough cake, with a bit of salty and chewy bacon crumbled in the creamy cream ice cream. The mouth is too satisfying.

Address: 146 Sydney Rd Brunswick, VIC 3056

NO.32 Midnight Burger

Temple Brewing Co. The "Midnight Burger" produced is rated as one of Melbourne's best burgers by diners. The black bread is a strange color caused by adding edible charcoal powder. The filling is juicy and fragrant wagyu beef, together with homemade pickled side dishes and fresh vegetables, the refreshing and rich taste is unstoppable!

Address: 122 Weston Street Brunswick East, 3057 VIC

NO.33 oyster ice cream

AboutBraeThis is a world-class restaurant that has been highly rated throughout Australia, and the food that makes people amazed will definitely not be less. This dish called "Oyster Ice Cream" is not really a mix of raw oysters and ice cream, but a cold dish made from frozen oysters and swelled beef tendon, served with mountain pepper. I believe that when I eat this dish, I can't help but admire its wonder.

Address: 4285 Cape Otway Rd Birregurra, Vic

NO.34 Jimmy's Wheel

This cute thing is called Jimmy's Wheel. The dessert here is a must~ Don’t look at its small store, the kitchen is full of young handsome men and women, they are busy preparing for everyone. . This famous Jimmy's Wheel has a layer of crispy chocolate biscuits on the outside, with strawberry filling and various nuts inside. There must be no worries about it~

Address: 113 St David St Fitzroy, VIC

NO.35 M&M naan bread

In addition to chocolate beans, this M&M naan bread contains nuts, fruits and shredded coconut.The best way to eat it is to eat it while it's hot, so M&M can melt in your mouth at the best time.

Address: 22 Katherine Palace, Melbourne, VIC 3000

NO.36 Chocolate Cocktail

How can there be less wine on Saturday night? Come try this hot chocolate cocktail bar. No longer the sweetness and greasiness of chocolate, this cocktail directly gives you a fiery shock of taste! Chili, chocolate with bourbon and vermouth, if you are an alcohol fan, this degree will not disappoint you. If you are chasing a taste challenger, the combination of sweet and spicy and the burning sensation brought by alcohol will definitely make you love!

Address: Level 2, 267 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

NO.37 Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu

Steer’s managers believe that, in the true sense, good beef must come from genetically good breeders, grow freely and comfortably in an organic environment, be respected and be filled with love. Only in this way, the beef will be evenly distributed, rich in snowflakes, tender and juicy. In the cooking process, the chefs avoid using too much condiments and charcoal baking, and they insist on presenting the most original taste to every guest.

Address:15 ClaremontStreet, South Yarra & Toorak, Melbourne, VIC

NO.38 Soft Shell Crab Souva

mint,Coriander, honey, mayonnaise, the creative GAZI paired these with soft shell crabs. It’s really good to neutralize the softness of Greek bread with the softness of the soft shell crab~

Address: 2 Exhibition Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

NO.39 Bacon Toast

The bacon smoked from apple wood is sliced ​​into thick, large slices, then fried until charred and crispy, sandwiched between two slices of butter bread, and served with jade-like cheese and fried eggs, which is a bit refreshing and delicious. A salad made of cumin, bitter bamboo shoots and chutney. Use this breakfast as the beginning of the day, and it will fill your head and stomach with positive energy..

Address: 276 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

NO.40 Pork belly wrap

A cube wrapped in crispy skin, you can hardly associate it with pork belly. But when you bite it down, the cream and shortbread are mixed with the fragrance of pork belly. You can be XNUMX% sure that this is definitely not an ordinary piece of pork belly. Your only thought is to sweep the plate in front of you bit by bit. Worried about the greasy pork belly? The onions, leeks and beautiful clover salad to accompany your meal completely tame your worries.

Address: Cnr Hardware Lane and Lt Bourke St

NO.41 Vanilla fried butter

Countless diners recommend a must-order dessert at Supernormal. Maybe you are accustomed to all kinds of deep-fried ice cream in Chinese restaurants, then this one uses vanilla cream as the core and is coated with a layer of batter that can only appear in Japanese tempura. After a two-minute swim in the oil pan The crispy small balls out of the pan, served with sweet ginger syrup, will definitely make your eyes shine. Delicate, silky, and full-bodied, it will definitely make you redefined dessert.

Address: 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

NO.42 Philadelphia cheese ️ lamb chops

This is a simple classic snack that has a history of more than 100 years in Philadelphia, USA. Thinly sliced ​​steak, fried onions and a long strip of melted cheese, the three things are mixed and added to the cylindrical bread, which is a classic. Now that this classic Across the Sea appears in Melbourne for the first time, how can you not make your heart beat.

Address: 30 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

NO.43 Alaska Package

Hidden in a mansion, one of Melbourne’s most exquisite restaurants, a team of chefs full of whimsy, cream ice cream hidden in browned wave meringue cream, a little sea caramel and a little sweet salt, What kind of sparks will collide. Novel, interesting, and of course delicious, you will experience a different food experience.

Address: 78 Williams Rd, Prahran

NO.44 Swiss cheese pot

This shop has a history of more than 100 years. The original intention was to let new Swiss immigrants taste the taste of their hometown. Now it has become a century-old shop with a reputation. In a cute little hot pot, the cheese is bubbling slurpingly, with the aroma of milk from time to time, and the index finger of the hooker is violent. It contains traditional gruyere cheese, emmenthal cheese and kirsch wine. With apple slices and bread slices, the richness is full of sweetness~

Address: 89 Flinder Lane

NO.45 Cheese Baked Stuffed Crab Cover️

Be the best choice, white and crystal clearCrab MeatEncounter sweet and deliciousFresh milk juice; Be gentle and pureBrandyTaste saltyCheese, Sophisticated ingenuity converged into thisCombination of Chinese and WesternCheese baked stuffed with crab cover. The chef of SILKS covered the crabmeat mixed with fresh milk flavor with carefully selected butter and cheese. Around it, there areAround 200 degreesThe high temperature is tightly wrapped, exuding a seductive luster and aroma while the golden yellow flavor flows. The Silks Hotel in Crown is elegant and noble, when the silver knives and forks lightly touch that floorCheese meringueWhen you are above it, you will hear a faint, crisp sound, which is the best music in the world, even the air is filled withThe fragrance of crab meat.

Address: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006

NO.46 Blue Crab Souffle

Blue Crab Souffle is CicciolinaMost popular dishes, This is recognized by the dessert industry as the hardest dessert to make, representing the EuropeanLuxury and extravagance, But was played by Cicciolina's chef. He chooses deliciousBlue Crab MeatMain ingredients, with green and tenderWinter onionAnd the smell of mountainsThyme, Condensed into this blue crab souffle with a mellow taste and a faint river atmosphere. This is a noble dessert that only appeared on the counter of a European family, but it was restored by the chef of Cicciolina to the table of every diner. This ingenuity is moving. When dining, it is recommended to accompany a littleChampagne, The entrance is instant. When the smooth and fresh champagne slowly dissipated, the aroma of butter and the deliciousness of crab meat filled the mouth, like that noble spirit.

Address: 130 Acland Street, St Kilda, VIC

NO.47 Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Eating smoothie for breakfast has become an unstoppable new trend~ The biggest highlight of Winter's Cafe in Newtown is this fresh and beautiful breakfast! Juicy figs and strawberries, plus roasted coconut, cocoa beans and fresh mint, start a refreshing and healthy day!

Address:330 Pakington St Newtown, VIC 3220

No.48 Korean Honey Grilled Wings

The uninterrupted flow of people and the long waiting line gave Kong a well-deserved gourmet crown. Barbecue is the absolute king here, but please don’t miss its fried chicken wings. Each chicken wing is covered with honey, specially prepared garlic and fragrant sesame seeds. It will only make your index finger move and your mouth will not stop. And eventually became crazy addicted.

Address: 599 Church St, Richmond

NO.49 Fruit Yogurt

The beautiful tropical landscape will let your heart fly immediately. The talented chef blends yogurt with coconut milk, agave syrup and pectin to a thick consistency, then mixes them with Australian grain seeds, seasonal fruits and flowers, and finally a tablespoon of citrus powder made from dehydrated local citrus peels , The finishing touch instantly brings the taste of spring to your taste buds.

Address: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

NO.50 Thai boat noodles

In a cool warehouse near Victoria Street, you will find some of Melbourne's best Thai food. This delicacy is sold on small boats in Thai traditional river fairs, and the name of the boat noodles comes from this. A bowl of dark soup base, the sweetness of the broth is neutralized by the special acid in Thai cuisine, with crispy noodles and tender beef strips that melt in your mouth, fresh herbs and pork crispy skin will make your taste Bring to a whole new level.

Address: Ferguson St, Abbotsford


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