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According to the Dailymail report, a 425g canned tomato sauce baked beans from Coles only contains...

9 beans!

This beautiful lady from Melbourne is called Lauren Thomson (Lauren Thomson), the mother of a child...

She opened this jar when she made breakfast for her son in the morningShelf life till 2019The tomato-flavored beans of the year, the packaging of this bean is like this,The price on Coles' official website is only $0.9...

however,Her breakfast became a surprise, When she emptied a whole jar of beans onto the plate, she discovered that there were only 9 beans, and she immediately posted them on Facebook...

The netizens who saw the post laughed crazy and responded to her...

"What you bought may be a can of ketchup, and it comes with 9 beans..."

"Your son doesn't have to worry about eating breakfast. After all, there are only nine, and he will finish eating in a few bites..."

ColesI immediately rushed to Thomson’s FB to comment and apologize and give herfull refundAnd follow up the matter with the National Food Quality Administration...

Coles also gave a humorous response, writing you've been disappointed as you've bean disappointed.


"The sauce is the best part of the whole jar"

"SPC's beans are the same as this one. The number of beans in the jar is always disappointing."

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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