Today (Friday) is the Grand Final Day (Australian Football Finals) short holiday. Are you excited and happy?

Regardless of whether you like Australian football or not, you can take an extra day off, which is worth celebrating. What's more, it's not just a holiday,You can also take the tram to the stadium for free!

The Victorian government has announced that in order to facilitate everyone to watch the game,From Wednesday to Saturday, Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone will be expanded to MCG Stadium.The following sites will be included in the free zone:

  • Routes 48 and 75, from Free Tram Zone to Stop 11 Jolimont Station.
  • Route 70, from Free Tram Zone to Stop 7C MCG/Hisense Arena.

In other words, these days, everyone took the tram from City to these places,No need to spend money!

And where you need to spend money,The fare will also be discounted!

Friday and Saturday these two days,Take the tram in Zone 1 and Zone 2, and the maximum charge per day is $6.In other words, no matter how many trams you take, you will only spend $6 a day!

(Tram route map, the white part is the first area, the gray part is the second area, and the diagonal line is the junction of the first and second areas)

In addition, it is said that on Saturday afternoon, there will be4Tigers fans flocked to Punt Road Oval, and as many as 10 Adelaide and Richmond fans filled the MCG.

In response to this surging crowd, ZhouOn Friday and Saturday, there will be 41 more trains and 180 trams in Melbourne.

If Richmond wins the game, there will be additional trains and trams on Sundays to facilitate fans' celebrations along Punt Road.

In short, setting up a public holiday for a sporting event, and doing such a big fight, this is probably no one except the Australian people who love sports!

However, when you are happy, you must also pay attention to safety. In order to prevent large-scale terrorist incidents, the Victorian government has placed a large number of "terrorist stone piers" on both sides of the roads near the city center and MCG. Prevent people from speeding up and hitting people.

And the Victorian Police Department has also issued an order that all police officers will cancel their vacation this weekend.Of course, the government also stated that it has not received any terrorist threats, but the precautions are also for the sake of the safety of the citizens. Also remind everyone to pay more attention to safety!

Friendly reminder: It is best to bring a mask when you go out!Last Saturday, a measles patient went to the MCG to watch the game. This is over. Tens of thousands of spectators have become potentially infected! And in view of the incubation period of measles, it may not be onset until October 10th. During this period, it is difficult to guarantee who will go to the game again, so for safety, remember to take word of mouth!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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