In September, Sydney entered the rhythm of summer ahead of schedule, with more and more people driving yachts out to sea to play fishing.However, friends who want to go to sea these days must pay attention!Because a large group of giant creatures are gathering in Sydney Harbour,In groups,Form a huge vortex,Strong impact!

These giant creatures that invaded Sydney Harbour are the world’s top cuisines.Bluefin tuna,The most expensive sashimi in the world!If you are a foodie, your chance is here!

The first to spot this group of bluefin tuna were Sydney man Al McGlashan and his friend. McGlashan is a small well-known fishing enthusiast in Sydney, and he had a group of friends sailing out to fish in two or three days.

Last week, they sailed out of Sydney Harbour to fish as usual. Suddenly, McGlashan felt an unusual movement under the fishing rod, as if he had caught a big fish! But it was too heavy to pull at all.So McGlashan decided to change into a diving suit and go down to find out!

Then, he was shocked!Not a big fish,It's a group of big fish!

Thousands of big fish

Giant bluefin tuna is coming

McGlashan couldn't believe his eyes.The bluefin tuna that had disappeared for a long time came in groups in front of you!

McGlashan is a fishing expert. In his impression, this giant bluefin tuna has disappeared from the coast of Australia for a long time, and occasionally seeing one or two is as rare as winning the lottery.And he won the jackpot today,You can hit a bluefin tuna on the shore!

So he hurriedly told his friends the news, everyone was crazy! You know, people who love seafood dream of wanting to taste bluefin tuna! So they hurriedly sent someone to mobilize a big fishing boat.Cast a net to catch fish!

This net went down and caught several tuna in a row! Several big men used all their strength to get the fishing net up.This bluefin tunaEach one weighs a full 100 kg!

What is the concept of 2 meters long and 100 kg weight?

Someone made a comparison with an Australian star. This tuna is much larger than the average person and is equivalent to a Sydney star with a height of 2 meters!

McGlashan and their nets went down and they brought up three or four such giant bluefin tuna! However, McGlashan decidedI left the heaviest 150 kg one, and put the rest back into the sea...

Top seafood returns to Sydney

It makes sense for McGlashan to do this. On the one hand, because the giant bluefin tuna should be considered a treasured animal, the number is limited and needs to be protected.On the other hand, becauseThis fish is enough to hold them to death!

Because the bluefin tuna is plump and tender, it melts in the mouth and is sweetened.So it has always been regarded as the most advanced selection of assassins!

However, due to Japan's large-scale hunting of Pacific bluefin tuna, the number has dropped sharply and is close to extinction.

In order not to let this top delicacy disappear in the worldSo the whole world is restricting fishing!

Nevertheless, bluefin tuna, which grows very slowly, is still very dangerous. In Australia, fishermen have not seen bluefin tuna in groups for a long, long time! Only by going to the deep sea can we salvage some.It's too rare and precious!

OriginallyEvery July, migrating bluefin tuna will pass by Sydney Harbour far awayHowever, the fishermen waited for a whole July, and they didn't even see the shadow!Therefore, everyone thought that Australia’s bluefin tuna might really be extinct...

never expectedTwo months laterBluefin tuna is back!

Thousands of troops and horses are mighty,And it's still offshore!

McGlashan, who has been fishing in the sea for more than ten years, feels very incomprehensible when he sees this scene!Why does bluefin tuna come to Sydney in September?Come so much when you come?And also swam from the deep sea to the offshore?This pair of foodies is simply a naked provocation!

Sydney foodies are boiling

That night, McGlashan used this fish to entertain more than 50 friends,A feast of bluefin tuna spurs!

Anyone who knows about bluefin tuna must know just how tyrant McGlashan’s stab birth feast is!

A plate of sashimi for ten thousand yuan,Talking about Australian bluefin tuna!

Just a few pieces of fish belly, the price is thousands!McGlashan this 100 kilograms, how can it cost hundreds of thousands!

After McGlashan’s friends ate this top stabfish, they heard that a large group of bluefin tuna had arrived in Sydney Harbour, and they couldn’t sit still. They sailed out to fish on weekends.All come back full!

The most powerful uncle caught a 200 kg piece! You know, in early 2017, in JapanAt the auction of Tsukiji fish market,A bluefin tuna weighing 212 kg was sold for 7400 million yen!That is AUD 83! The most expensive fish in history is the 2013 kg bluefin tuna sold in Japan in 222, worth 180 million Australian dollars!

News of McGlashan's discovery of the bluefin tuna school was quickly uploaded on Facebook.

The Australian media can't sit still:The giant bluefin tuna is back,Come to Sydney!

Daily Telegraph: Giant bluefin tuna arrives in SydneyDaily Mail: Sydney Harbour Bluefin Tuna Salvage Breaks Record! An amateur fisherman caught a 200kg bluefin tuna

Didn’t the bluefin tuna be extinct? Why are there so many in Sydney?

Netizens in Sydney can't sit still:

Netizen: If I just bake it and eat it, I don’t like making sushi...

Netizen: Grill the tuna, sprinkle with pepper, add a pinch of salt, and put a little Worcester sauce on it, perfect!

Visually, there will be a large wave of foodies besieging Sydney Harbour this week.

It is said that these giant bluefin tuna will stay in Sydney for a period of time, and then continue their migration journey and leave Sydney Harbour...

News compiled from "daily telegraph, Daily Mail"


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