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Life flies so fast, it's already September in a blink of an eye, and Melbourne's spring is coming! then,under! snow! Up!

I was almost fooled by the warm day of last weekend. I almost put away the down jackets piled high at home. Watching this Australia's warmest winter is about to pass, I am ready to go out to play. Wait, don't worry... Did you forget that this is Melbourne? The weather in Melbourne will make you guess, is it still Melbourne?

The week we are about to welcome will be: the driest, the coldest, and the hardest!

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a gale warning. There are strong winds in the yellow-covered area of ​​the two-dimensional state in Zhou, including Melbourne, of course.

With the windThere is also heavy rain.

Yesterday, Melbourne had already caught an unexpected rain, which made everyone feel the chill of winter.

The highest temperature is only 12 degrees, and the lowest temperature drops sharply to 4 degrees!

Destructive strong winds will also hit the entire coast of Victoria. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued reports on Port Phillip, Western Port, West Coast, Central Coast, Central Gippsland Coast and East Gippsland CoastGale warning

Gippsland Lakes will also haveStrong winds of 90-100km/h, accompanied by thunderstorms.

In addition, this week, Victoria will experience the coldest wave of the year!The coldest!This cold spring is really powerful!

Affected by it, from last night to today,There is snow in Victoria's areas above 400 meters above sea level, and the Victorian Alps is expected to have heavy snow!

As the cold air continues to move, the range of snowfall will drop from 800 meters above sea level to above 300 meters above sea level, and it will rise to more than 700 meters above sea level on Tuesday afternoon. On Thursday, the snowfall range will drop to 600 meters again.

Geelong, Ballarat, Mt Macedon and Shepparton have already fluttered with snowflakes.

It also snowed in Ferny Creek, 33 kilometers southeast of Melbourne's CBD.

The snowfall in Ballarat is expected to be 5cm, and the thickness of Otways near Geelong can reach 10cm.

The thickness of the snowfall in the Victorian Snowy Mountains is expected to reach80-100cm!

The Bureau of Meteorology also warned that “cold weather, snowfall and constant high winds will increase the risk of avalanches. If you plan to ski and hike in alpine regions, you should avoid it during this period. Skiing and winter activities are safe areas. In the resort area."

Although it does not snow in Melbourne,It has been raining for a whole week! The highest temperature is no more than 15 degrees!

er...what about spring?

In short, this week, when you go out, remember to bring your umbrella and wear warm clothes!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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