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The Victorian government wants to send money to everyone, the requirement is very simple,All you have to do is... turn off the air conditioner this summer! "But my life is given by the air conditioner." But let me explain it first! The Victorian government did this for a reason. It turned out that everything was to prevent power outages!

At the beginning of this year, Victoria’s largest power plant, Hazelwood power station, was honorably decommissioned. This overdue power plant was built in the 60s and used coal combustion as a method of power generation. Due to backward technology and serious pollution, it has been in operation long ago. The environmental organization's blacklist, after more than ten years of criticism, finally shut down.

But with this shutdown, Victoria’s electricity was immediately struggling to make ends meet!

Hazelwood took on a quarter of Victoria's electricity supply. Before shutting down it, Victoria had quite a surplus of electricity, and it was no problem to sell some of it to South Australia, which had blackouts in three days! After shutting it down, I can only count on NSW to sell the electricity...

Anyway, withSummer is coming,Victoria's electricity demand is bound to usher in its peak!

In order to escape the heat, many families must turn on the air conditioner, and the air conditioner is a famous electric tiger...

In the case of insufficient power supply, if there are still many people using air conditioners, the grid will be overloaded and large-scale blackouts will occur!

Therefore, Victorian officials came up with this idea:As long as you voluntarily do not use air conditioning during peak electricity consumption,You can get a lot of power saving subsidies!

Starting this year, under the leadership of the Victorian and South Australian governments, power companies in Victoria and South Australia have implemented this subsidy policy.

According to Herald Sun, the power companies willA total of $30,000,000 in fundsDistributed to households that voluntarily save electricity.

And the price is not that big, youAs long as every time the grid encounters an emergency,Shut down home appliances for 30 minutes to one or two hours,You can receive this subsidy!

The subsidy will be returned to the user in the form of a deduction of the electricity bill, You can return up to $500 in one year!

According to the Herald Sun report, the power companies will decide on their own options to allow users to participate in this plan. Then, when the hottest summer in Melbourne comes, you will turn off your air conditioner in exchange for such a subsidy. ?

After all, everyone knows the wayward weather in Melbourne...In summer, the temperature is 30-40 degrees, which is not something that everyone can stand...

In 2014, 203 people died here...

In 2009, 370 people died here...

No wonder, everyone says that Melbourne is a city of friendship. Here, two strangers will become mature when they look at each other and smile...

Speaking of which, there is actually another way to save electricity bills and enjoy air conditioning... that is, everyone can go to the mall to escape the heat! It seems that the $500 returned for saving electricity will eventually go to the merchant's pocket.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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