Touch-up is a necessary process for every woman to maintain her personal image, but it is surprising that touch-up can make up the headlines.

The story takes place in Brisbane, and the protagonists are three sexy and hot beauties.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, three women were walking on a busy street at around 8:3 in the evening. They were about to attend a friend’s birthday party. On their way to Fortitude Valley, one of them turned over the bag and paid a lot of money. I had to touch up my makeup with the mirror, but I didn't expect the tip of the lipstick to suddenly break and fall on the sidewalk.

The surrounding light was dim, and she was a little drunk, she really didn't know where she was going, she couldn't find it.

Helpless, they had to give up, and they continued to move forward. Suddenly, when she passed a few blocks, someone was behind and patted her on the shoulder. It turned out to be2 municipal law enforcement officers and 1 policeman.

They were stopped and told:You are fined 243 Australian dollars for littering...

One of the woman's friends was surprised, and after thinking about it, let's start a conversation.

However, the other party was very serious, and began to ask the woman's name, and then said that it was wrong to throw trash anywhere and she would be fined.

After the law enforcement officer listened to her explanation about dropping the lipstick, he emphasized, so you know about throwing the lipstick in the shopping mall (meaning: knowingly commit the crime, do not remedy it).

It turns out that they have been following them since then.

After the incident, the three women were very dissatisfied, but she had to plead guilty.

"We feel very unhappy. We have never encountered such a thing before. When it comes to law enforcement, why didn't we see them telling us to go back and pick up the garbage and clean it up?"

During the day, they walked to the Fortitude Valley shopping plaza where they lost their lipstick. After searching for it from memory, they finally found a lipstick mark on the ground near the sidewalk.

But the trace is smaller than a 10 cent coin! What a serious imprint can it be said to affect the appearance of the city?

It's really a "big" mark. If you don't look for it carefully, you can hardly see it. Obviously bullying, so the woman posted the matter on Facebook.

Netizens gathered quickly. Then things began to spread, and the media began to rush to report.

In the end, he even alarmed Adrian Schrinner, the acting mayor of Brisbane, who personally called the woman and said that the case would be reviewed. Schrinner said: "Although the parliament will not tolerate littering, in this incident, the woman obviously did not intentionally do it."

But there are also objections, because littering should have been punished...

It is reported that once caught littering on the spot, the Brisbane City Council has the right to impose fines ranging from $252 to $2018. According to ABC News, just a few days before the incident, a citizen was fined $252 for discarding a cigarette butt on the sidewalk in Fortitude Valley.

I was fined for putting on makeup and turned into littering. This experience is strange enough. So in addition to littering, what other peculiar fines in Australia are unpredictable?

1: Unlocking the car and closing the window was fined $106

Driver Aria, a German, because he did not carry his driver's license during the drunk driving inspection, he quickly parked the car on the side of the road. He rushed back to get his driver's license because he was very close to his residence. It turned out that there was a ticket in the car because He left the vehicle without locking the door and closing the window.

2: It is illegal to possess more than 50 kg of potatoes

There is such a special regulation in Western Australia. There is a Potato Authority in Western Australia, which has the right to intercept any vehicle that is suspected of containing more than 50 kilograms of potatoes.

3: Interrupting the wedding will face two years in prison

In South Australia, interrupting someone's wedding can be fined up to 1 Australian dollars and sentenced to two years in prison. The act of robbing the marriage in the movie and ultimately preventing the bride's wedding may not come true in South Australia.

4: There are rewards and lost items will be fined

In South Australia and Tazhou, it is illegal to publish advertisements that reward the lost property with a large amount of money. In particular, it is not possible to indicate that the returnee should not be asked any questions. If it is marked, it will be $500 Australian dollars.

6: Come uninvited

Join a private gathering or party without invitation.

The maximum possible penalty is a fine of $5000 Australian dollars and one year in prison.

7: Hunting pigeons

It is a pigeon that everyone can see every day, strolling on the side of the road, not afraid of people at all, fat and unspeakable. These pigeons cannot hurt, steal, or kill. Once found, they will be fined $250.

8: Tattoo for drunk people

In Australia, it is illegal to tattoo a drunk person or perform any other physical modification.

Will be sentenced to a fine of $5000 Australian dollars and 1 year imprisonment. Who said that the tattoo can be relieved by drinking if you are afraid of the pain, maybe half of the tattoo, the tattoo artist was taken away by the police.

Although there are many other weird fines, such as rumors that changing the light bulb by yourself is illegal, wearing a bikini in Brighton Beach, etc., etc., these were finally confirmed to be rumors. But what I introduced to you above is absolutely true.

Therefore, there are pits everywhere in Tuao. I was fined for some reason, and it was a daily routine for Tuao.

News compiled from "Daily Mail, Herald Sun"


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