What are you doing at the age of 23? Or what are you going to do?

Working overtime, or preparing to work overtime.

Maxwell is an illustrator from Sydney,

At the age of 23, he became popular on Instagram,

Because he not only traveled all over Europe,

He also pulled down the iconic building.

Maxwell, who now lives in London, once spent a year backpacking in Europe.

Wherever he went, he would record the scenery and stories along the way with a pen in his hand to make a sketch diary.

His paintings are light and soft, fresh and natural,

Travel around Europe with delicate brushwork,

Give people an immersive feeling.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary,

If you can’t taste the fineness of top-grade foie gras,

Savour the gentleness of the Danube by the window.

Cesky Krumlov in South Bohemia,

A small glass of rum or a hot dog,

Pavarotti’s "Bohemian" sounded in my ears,

Turning to see an old couple walking through the antique shop hand in hand,

Sprinkle the shadow of the golden years.

Grakov, the old capital of Poland,

The white dove flies by, the evening bell is melodious,

Too many stories hide in the corner of the street,

Whisper the splendor and sadness of the ancient empire.

Copenhagen, Denmark,

The castle is shoulder to shoulder with the palace,

In the romance full of fairy tale temperament,

It is ancient and magical.

Königsberg, Russia,

Do not study Kant or remember the war,

Just want to see the long coastline and marshes.

Barcelona, ​​Spain,

Blessed with natural scenery,

It’s not just buildings that have life,

Also growing wildly are literary bacteria.

Prague, Czech Republic,

Still in the Middle Ages,

Stone alleys and old-fashioned gas lamps,

Accidentally walking on the street,

Fell into the medieval frescoes.

Vienna, Austria,

Music flows from the inner city to the outer city,

On the corner of the street, ethereal songs passed.

There was also a glimpse,

Looking back at the corner of the heart.

Standing in the middle of a London street

Turn off at the junction of the Paris consulate

Bridge over Prague

Fall into the moon cave in the river in front of the Bode Museum in Germany

From the snowy roofs of the Czech town,

Ship to the mooring in front of Big Ben, England.

Are all seen by Maxwell,

Resurrected on the drawing paper.

Maxwell said, art and travel,

These are the two most important things in his life.

He combined them in his own way,

Use the proceeds of painting to support travel,

Continue painting creation through travel.

Every time I go to a city,

He first writes down the scenery quickly with a pencil.

Have a hot meal after arriving at the hotel,

Drink a cold beer,

Find a warm place,

Repair the paintings in detail.

He sometimes uses the camera to record,

But hand-painting is his final capture of the city.

Maxwell's drawing tools are marker pen + syringe pen,

The lines of the syringe pen are relaxed and soft,

Can create a watercolor-like effect,

The marker pen can add a lot of rigid texture to the building.

The two work together to create an unexpected perfect effect.

In the age of going out to take pictures and going home to take pictures,

Maxwell chose to use his own painting language,

Tell the style and style of each city.

Purple and blue are his personal marks,

Like a postmark full of personality,

Give memories vivid colors.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Ghent, Belgium

Strasbourg, France

Lausanne, Switzerland

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chefchaouen, Morocco

His painting style is unique and gentle,

Exquisite and not complicated, elegant and not alienated.

No wonder many office workers exclaimed after seeing this:

I was cured by Maxwell!

Therefore, many people sigh again:

When can I be like him,

Come on a trip that says you go!

Prague, Charles Bridge (Czech Republic)

This is indeed a good idea,

As long as you have the confidence to take yourself away.

When the cod in Alaska jumped out of the water,

You don’t think of unfinished work;

With backpackers in Nepal

Picking up the wine glass and sitting by the fire,

You will not miss your elderly parents;

Watching Tibet's mountain eagle hovering in the clouds,

You will not worry about the balance in your bank card.

Let's go,

A careless heart is the best baggage.

Prague, Old Town Square (Czech Republic)

if not,

Please work hard and take care of yourself.

The beauty is always there, and the green hills stay forever.

Have a pair of clear eyes and strong legs,

The distance to the end of the world is just a ticket.

Manarola, Cinque Terre

The short is travel, the long is life.

If you are not full of practice, no matter how far away you are, your epiphany is not enough.

Actually, you don’t have to wait for the flowers to bloom

There is no need for someone who can take pictures,

As long as you are really ready,

Wherever you go,

Good weather for one person.

Paris In Gold

The world can be small or big,

To walk in your own way,

Otherwise, all this will have nothing to do with you.

Go out for yourself,

Instead of traveling.


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