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The annual Melbourne Tulip Festival (Tesselaar Tulip Festival) is coming again~

As the cold air of this spring delayed the flowering period, the Melbourne Tulip Festival started a week later than before.But fortunately, today, September 9th, IWe ushered in a beautiful sea of ​​flowers!

OnDandenong RangeThe Tulip Festival has been held this year64 years old,It is one of the longest festivals held in Australia so far.

At this time of year, hundreds of varieties and hundreds of thousands of colorful tulips will await tourists in the vast mountainous area.

Moreover, it is said that the number of plants planted this year is XNUMX more than in previous years. I believe that the sea of ​​flowers will be even more spectacular!

However, this grand festival is not just as simple as tulips. Various live performances and food are the finishing touches of the Tulip Festival. Don’t miss it~

Turkish Weekend September 9-15

Why does Melbourne's Tulip Festival specially arrange a "Turkish Weekend"?

It turns out that Turkey is the hometown of tulips.As early as four hundred years ago, Turkey hosted the world's first tulip festival.Therefore, this weekend, it will become a big stage to showcase Turkish culture and present hundreds of wonderful performances for everyone.

What do you have to do on weekends in Turkey? Come to everyoneDraw a point :

  • Enjoy Turkish cuisine! Including traditional Gozleme and Adana Kebab, Turkish yogurt Ayran, and full-flavored Turkish coffee.
  • Admire the Ebru (Ebru) work of the famous Turkish artist Esengul Inapulat-what does the painting on the water look like? Really curious!
  • The Australian Turkish Orchestra Marching Band will hold a live performance at 9pm on Sunday (September 17). A cultural collision between Australia and Turkey is about to take place!

Over the Rainbow Week September 9-18

Just like the lyrics in that song sing: Somewhere over the rainbow/ Way up high/ And the dreams that you dreamed of/ Once in a lullaby……

This week's Tulip Festival seems to allow tourists to be above the rainbow and enjoy this dreamlike colorful flower sea.

The highlight of Over the Rainbow Week is the two legendary musical "The Wizard of Oz" (The Wizard of Oz), which is staged every day at 11 am and 1 pm.

It must be an extraordinary experience to return to the fairy tale world on such a special day. From 12 noon, you can be there to take photos with the actors, so don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Dutch Weekend September 9-22

The Netherlands, which also has a deep tulip complex, regarded the tulip as its national flower as early as the XNUMXth century, so now when it comes to Holland, people can not help but think of the reputation of the country of tulips.

Cess and Johanna, the founders of the Melbourne Tulip Festival, came to Australia from the Netherlands in 1939 and brought precious tulip seeds.

Dutch weekendThe things you must do are:

  • Follow the Dutch folk dance troupe Tukker's Troup and dance with clogs (time: 11:30 am and 1:30 pm every day on weekends in the Netherlands)
  • Appreciating the touching music of the Dutch Barrel Organ, the traditional Dutch "giant music box", it’s like falling into a fairy tale world~
  • Taste authentic Dutch cuisine: muffins Poffertjes, Dutch sausage Frikadellen, potato cakes Reifkoek, and croquettes Croquettes...

Children's Week November 9-November 25

This is a week for children!There are too many activities to count, and I would like to recommend a few especially popular with children:

  • Peppa Pigs – Taking Turns(9月25日-28日11:00am和1:30pm)

The kids finally have the opportunity to see the cute cartoon pigs Peppa and George with their own eyes! How about the performance of the pigs, just waiting for the children to evaluate and evaluate~

  • The Mik Maks(10月2日-5日10:00am、12:30pm和2:30pm)

The Mik Maks, the most popular children's column by Australian children after Wiggles, will also meet with you. Let's sing and dance with them!


  •  Trolls(10月2日-5日11:00am和1:30pm)

Do you remember the animated film "Trolls" from DreamWorks? Join Poppy and Branch in the film will also come to this children’s week. They will come at XNUMX noon on the day of the performance, and they can get in touch with them!

For more exciting and interesting children's week activities, please click:

http://tulipfestival.com.au/events/other/childrens-week/Check it out!

Food, Wine & Jazz Weekend November 9-November 29

In a sea of ​​flowers, accompanied by music, enjoying food and wine, is there anything more pleasant than this?

This weekend you can taste famous Australian wines such as Red Duck Beer, Yering Farm Wines, Yarrawood Estate, Oakridge Wines and Buckleys Beer;

Taste traditional cuisines from Holland, Turkey, India, Japan and other places, as well as various special flavor snacks and desserts;

Enjoy a round-the-clock jazz performance with everything from the 20s to the 50s.

 Irish Weekend  September 10-6

Irish sages once said that only food, wine, laughter and being an Irishman can life not be monotonous and gloomy. Indeed, Ireland is the country that knows the most about carnival, so using an Irish weekend to end the Tulip Festival must be the most complete.

这两天不仅有凯尔特乐队Knot o’ The Gate、The Tipplers和Zeon献上精彩的现场演出,更有Roving Pipers带来传统爱尔兰风笛演奏、Bilton Academy of Irish Dancing舞团同大家跳起经典的爱尔兰舞蹈,将整个节庆推至高潮!

Details of the 2017 Melbourne Tulip Festival:


Venue:The Tulip Farm, 357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan, Victoria

Visit time:9am — 5pm every day


  • Self-driving

From downtown Melbourne to participate in the Tulip Festival, you can drive through the Dandenong Ranges and finally reach the Tessler Tulip Farm. The journey takes about 60 minutes. There are multiple car parking spaces and 15 bus parking spaces on the farm.

  • Public transportation

Monday to Friday: Take the train to Lilydale and get off, transfer to bus 663 to arrive

Saturday to Sunday: Take the train to Lilydale and get off, then transfer to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival shuttle bus (this bus is sent out within 5 minutes after the train arrives, and the round-trip ticket is $3)


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