Spring is blooming: some of the most beautiful running routes in Melbourne city, win the best self!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Staying at home in winter saves a lot of fat. Spring is here. After taking off the coat, I can’t hide it anymore. I recommend a few routes to see the scenery on the road in Melbourne. After running addicted, the positive energy of life begins to return. What's more, in the art capital Melbourne, running on the road to see the scenery is really amazing.

Fitzroy Gardens + MCG

Route distance: 2.6KM Address: 1 Cathedral Pl East Melbourne VIC 3002 As a foodie editor, I will recommend this route to the best croissant LUNE at the beginning.

The editor started from RMIT, passed Carlton Garden, Royal Exhibition, Fitzroy Garden, St Patrick's Cathedral, and then went to LUNE to line up, haha.

But in fact, the real Fitzroy Gardens + MCG route is only 2.6KM, which is very suitable for first runners who want to try running. The scenic spots passing by this road are really very, very beautiful, especially I have to sigh that the cat is the most beautiful in this city. St Patrick's Cathedral, I can’t wait to go around 3 times before stopping.

The Tan

Route distance: 3.8KM Address: Birdwood Ave (Domain Rd) Melbourne VIC 3004 This route is the praised Royal Botanic Garden-Yarra River-NGV walking route.

The editor who has lived near the Royal Botanic Garden ran a few times. Starting from the monument at The Shrine of Remembrance station, the monument in the form of a stepped pyramid has an awe-inspiring beauty.
On the way through the botanical garden, you will pass the sydney music bowl, this bowl-like concert scene, most of which are sitting on the hillside and watching the show, beautiful.
Then you will pass the Yarra River and see the NGV Art Gallery. Oh, on the way, you forget which angle you can see the face. Anyway, The Tan is a very convenient Melbourne Magi running route that must not be missed.

Albert Park Lake

 Route distance: 4.7KM Address: Albert Park Lake, Albert Park, VIC3206

The editor has never ran here, but a yoga teacher I know often wakes up early to do morning exercises in Albert Park. We often Amway. This is a good place.

If you are a novice runner, then this is definitely a good place for you to start running, because the route of this park is very flat, there is almost no slope, and there are flowers, grass and lakes, which is more calming and reduces the psychological and physical Difficulty is the shortcut to the start of addiction.
And don’t forget that there is a very famous café near here – "St. Ali", add this to the reward of the first run experience!

Yarra Bend Trails

Route distance: 7.5Km Address: Yarra Bend Park Fairfield VIC 3078

The starting point of this route, Yarra Bend Park, is the largest natural green area close to Melbourne’s CBD. Here, there are many maze-like trails that allow you to enjoy different scenery. Sometimes, you can see it on this road. Wild animals are jumping and running with you. So the road is not so smooth, suitable for friends who play outdoors.

People who hate mazes can also run around YarraRiver, circle the golf course, and circle the river. Or, you can choose the super beautiful convent Abbotsford Convent to run in circles, which is really great!
What a great route, you can have many choices, depending on your mood!

Beach road

Route distance: 13.2KM Address: St Kilda VIC 3182 Australia

Like the editor's obsession with the "sea" to a degree of stubbornness, this beach route is simply paradise.

Start from Sandridge Beach (a little past Rainbow House Beach) to St. Kilda for a full 13.2KM, or you can start from St Kilda Beach. Don’t force your body, wherever you go. You will pass Brighton Beach, St.Kilda Botanical, St.Kilda Beach, etc. along the way, and you will have a panoramic view of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne.
Usually when I run on this road, I almost don't listen to MP4 anymore. I just listen to the waves and face the sea breeze, especially when the resistance of the wind pushes me forward. The sourness is really high.
This track is strongly recommended to run early in the morning and at sunset, especially Sunday morning, because there is also St Kilda Sunday Market, so you must refrain from stopping to take pictures of the beautiful scenery at the beginning of the run, haha.

Capital City Trail

Route distance: 27Km Address: (Federation Square) Melbourne VIC 3000

This is the favorite route of endurance runners. This is the best and most classic route for you to better measure the scenery of Melbourne city with your feet. Don't worry about running out of a sense of depression in the reinforced concrete. This route is very mature.

Basically, along the long stream of Yarra River, you can see almost all the landmark attractions of CITY. The whole journey is 27KM. Of course, you can only run on one side, and then run on the other side the next day. You can start from Flinder Square, or you can go anywhere from this route. One point is your starting point, it's up to you.
If you have a friend who loves sports come to Maoben, take him to check in this route in the morning, you can perfectly prove that you are a good Maoben travel ambassador, haha.
Who can keep running every day, what else can't win?

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