By the way, this year the Australian government doesn’t know what to do. It has been tightening the immigration policy. Many people who want to stay sigh: This is like driving people out!

But in a ranking of the Migrant Acceptance Index released last month,Australia still ranks sixth,Become one of the most welcoming countries in the world for immigrants.

This list not only collected 138 countries, but also surveyed a large number of local residents, using the people's own views and feelings as the scoring standard, which is very credible!

It can also be seen from this ranking that despite the tightening of immigration policies, the people of Ao Village still welcome immigrants.

Today we will take a look at the worldMost welcomeMost exclusiveWhat are the countries of immigration:

Ranking of immigration acceptance by countries

Now that the earth is more and more like a village, immigration is no longer a new thing. But what do the local people think about these "outsiders"?

In order to measure the acceptance of new immigrants by the people of various countries, the international international survey company Gallup invited more than 10 international research experts to design a "Migrant Acceptance Index" (Migrant Acceptance Index) questionnaire.

The entire survey only included three questions. Don’t look at the few questions, but every one of them asked ordinary people’s hearts:

■ How to view immigrants living in this country;

■ How to view immigrants as your neighbors;

■ How to view immigrants and your close relatives getting married.

For these three questions, people can choose the following four different feelings ""

■ A Good Thing-Good thing, I welcome (3 points)

■ A Bad Thing-outsiders still stop coming (0 points)

■ It Depends-It depends on the situation, there are good and bad (1 point)

■ Don't know/Refused-don't know/refused to answer (1 point)

If all three questions can receive the answer "Good things, I welcome", you will get a full score of 9.

In order to get accurate results, Gallup collected data from a full 2017 countries in 138 and came up with the final result-

From the results, it can be seen that Australia and New Zealand, both in the southern hemisphere and also large immigrant countries, are in the top ten.

Among them, Australia won the sixth place, and New Zealand ranked higher, ranking second!

But the situation in Europe is terrible.Many European countries are now very opposed to immigration, and even hate new immigrants, But this feeling is understandable. After all, the refugee crisis and terrorist attacks in Europe in the past two years have really made Europeans feel exhausted.

And the three countries that least welcome immigrants,The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Hungary, because they are all located in the Balkans, are often used by refugees as a route from Greece to Germany.Since there are so many people who have passed by the doorstep of my own house every day, I would naturally not welcome new immigrants.


The global average score is 5.29, There are 77 countries above this score line, 61 countries below this score line. Except for the refugee crisis.

The main factors affecting the acceptance of domestic residents areEducation level (proportional), age (inverse proportion), and income (proportional)

/ / /

In fact, immigration is not only a small matter of personal concern, but also an issue that the United Nations is also paying attention to. The United Nations has always wanted to achieve a "peace, justice and inclusive" society in 2030. The survey data indicate that there is still a long way to go to achieve this goal.

Apart from anything else, the United States has a president who wants to build a wall...

A while ago, a German supermarket emptied foreign goods just to show customers: "Look! The world is so boring without diversity!"

Australia has always been a diverse country. For those who want to make a fortune, I just want to say: Australia welcomes you!

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