Maoben’s annual Royal Melbourne Show is coming again, this yearWill start from September 9 to October 23, Eleven days in a row, let you flip the cat book! This will be the most grand event in Melbourne that you must not miss. Follow the editor to go to thisThe 162-year-old Royal Cat will show it!

ANIMALS Kissing Little Animals

The first thing I want to introduce is:Moment to bleedingThe Royal Melbourne Show Animal Kingdom!

Come to the Royal Melbourne Show and bring you an experience of intimate contact with the animals!

Animals are a major protagonist of the Royal Melbourne Show.

In the 11-day Royal Melbourne Show this year, there will be more than 10,000 animal cute stars participating. From the large animal exhibition area to the intimate contact area of ​​small cute stupid animals, you can think of various ways to play with animals. Here are all Done!

What animal will be attending this Royal Melbourne Show this time?


Let's share a wave of piglets that are so cute that they vomit blood! The famous flying pig in the Royal Melbourne Show, body shape is not a problem, and gravity does not matter!

There are three places where you can get in close contact with Xiaozhu (all open every day):

Jayco Animal Nursery-Here you can touch the piglets, hug them, and feed them, but it doesn't matter how fat they become in the future, haha.

Farmhouse-Here you can brush the little cuties.

Animal Farmyard-If your kids want to know more about the science of pigs, come here to chat with the farmers and ask them how they pet these baby pigs.


Alpacas can be said to be my favorite! There are about 300 million alpacas in the world. Most of them live on the plateaus of Peru and Chile in South America, and there are a small number of them that we can see living in Australia.

This is aA magical animal that combines high coldness, arrogance and viciousness!Bring the child to feed it, take a group photo with your arms around its neck, and record this beautiful moment.

Held on September 9th (Friday) Alpaca Youth Parader's Competition, You can cheer for the alpacas with the children, they will participate in the obstacle course this day!

In the Animal Farmyard, which is open every day, a large wave of alpacas will rush to you, begging for a hug, come and have fun~


The Royal Melbourne Show will be held from September 9rd to October 23st The Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show.This is the largest dog competition in the southern hemisphere, There will be more than 3700 dogs competing together!

See whose dog's hair is more beautiful? Other people’s dogs are smarter and can do all kinds of instructions? Can't help but think of the silly dog ​​at home who only sleeps all day...

Other people's dogs will bring you all kinds of dazzling performances! Including: chasing ducks, jumping high walls!

Piercing holes, jumping obstacles, catching a Frisbee, XNUMX martial arts, everything is possible!

Visit the following website to see the daily schedule of different dog shows during the Royal Melbourne Show:

Children like watching these cute pet performances the most, remembermarkGo to the Royal Melbourne Show for the next performance date you want to see!

Other animals that appeared include:Handsome steed!

Tsundere cats!

Honest and honest baby cow!

The gentle and shy little sheep!

Children can take this opportunity to get to know all kinds of small animals and experience the fun of sheep shearing, milking and other farm work~

Highlights~ The places where you can see cute and cute animals include the followingSix places :

Suitable for bringing children to play togetherAnimal Activities Collectionas follows:


This year, the Royal Melbourne Show’s iconic"Showbag Pavilion", Will continue to fill the show bag with various gifts for the children!

I want to buy a year's toy household goods!

This year's show bags have increased by more than 70 on the basis of last year, a total of 348! The children who have difficulty choosing are going to struggle!

And show bags are not just for children, the Royal Melbourne Show also has show bags for big friends!

For showbag diehards, the annual practice is to browse the shopping guide on the official website in advance and select the showbag with the highest cost performance. I bought it worth $10, but the stuff in the show bag was worth $30, and I made it!

Among them are the Avengers, Batman, Superman, Cars, Minions and other show bags that everyone is extremely looking forward to.

for example:

For example, this Avengers show bag, which contains the Avengers doll, Captain America's dodge shoulder bag, bracelet, yoyo ball, Iron Man's tattoo arm sleeve, and Frisbee. Originally it was selling for $50, but the show bag is only $26. Be sure to control your baby, because it is too cheap!

Girls might like pinkCute unicornIn this show bag for $26, there are all kinds of cute gadgets, including headbands, socks, sailor bags, hats, bracelets and necklaces, disposable facial tattoo stickers (paint), glitter and so on. Worth $108 but only sold for $26, andMeet your N wishes at once!

Soon after Children’s Day, the children will have to celebrate again~ But at such an affordable price, why not make the babies happy~

RIDES Amusement

The Royal Melbourne show has this yearThree carnival areas, Are Kids Carnival, Coca-Cola Thrillseekers Carnival, and Adventure Carnival.

Kids Carnival

(Open every day, 9:30am – 8:00pm)

Today, I will take you to see, what are there in the children’s play area that can make children happy all day? Here are some popular rides and their reference prices (there are more exciting mobile games on site):

When moms and dads see these little flying elephants, Jumbo Flying Elephants, spin their Cup&Saucer frantically, do they feel like returning to their childhood?

Bring your children to this carnival area full of warm and childlike fun and create beautiful memories together~

Thrillseekers Carnival

(Open every day, 9:30am – 9:00pm)

Older children can come to this area to fully release the nature of the kid king!

Some popular rides and reference prices:

Children who like to play quietly can sit on the Ferris wheel to see the Melbourne skyline, and those who like excitement can try the motorcycle roller coaster, or get the "Alien Abduction Journey" with crazy spinning freestyle, various forms of high-altitude motor gamesLet the babies be with parentsGet high!

Adventure Carnival

(Open every day, 9:30am – 9:00pm)

There are also many games in the Adventure area that are suitable for children and adults to play together:

Does your little princess like cute little pony? Take her on the romantic and warm double-decker carousel; children who like excitement can try this Fungee Bungee. The feeling of rushing to the sky can satisfy his heroic superman dream!

The whole family rushed down from a height in a boat bravely advancing in the rapids, splashing water, how cool is it!

Booth game

Speaking of a Melbourne Show, there are several amusement parks, among which the most exciting thing for girls is probably... win the doll~ win the doll~ win all kinds of catching dolls... and all kinds of exciting games let youShow off your boyfriendTime is up!

I think of last year, cork rifles, fire hose games, Hercules, shooting baskets, throwing laps, etc... This year’s event is coming soon. If you have a girlfriend, don’t hurry up and win back a cute doll for the other half. Right!

Back then, an old British grandfather used 60 years to win 25 dolls from the playground... He said that the best thing in this life is to win dolls. For example, ringing, shooting, shooting, throwing bottles... He almostcrack shot!

1. Throw the bottle down

Game reference price: $5 or $10 three ballsrule

You can have dolls when three bottles are poured!

Chance of trying

It is not particularly easy to hit them all at the first time. If you must rush to the idea of ​​winning the doll, there is still hope for a few more attempts! You need to use dexterity, or you will hit a bottle, or you will miss it. Specifically, please learn the posture of this British grandpa, hahaha!

2. Throw the ball into the bucket

Game reference price:$10 or $20 five balls


Throw 2 balls into the bucket-give a small gift

Throw more than 4 balls-give a big gift

Chance of trying

This onePlayThe tricky part of the play is that you think it will be simple, but when the ball is thrown into the bucket, it will easily bounce out of the bucket!

So hereThe trick is to throw the ball to the edge of the bucket and slide in along the wall!If you are lucky, you can score a goal the first time!

3. Throw down angry birds

Actually thisPlayWhen the time comes, I will see two types on this year's Royal Melbourne Show.

The first one is in the photo, using a fixed slingshot to knock down the target, and the other is directly knocking down with a ball on your hand. In fact, they are all the same~

Game reference price:$10 three goals/three chances


With a slingshot standing on the table

Throw down the Angry Birds standing on the shelf once — give souvenirs (small)

Throw down the Angry Birds standing on the shelf 2 times-for medium Pikachu

Chance of trying

Personally, if you throw the ball with your hand on the target, the designer of the game will actually make a brand that has a kind of resilience. When the hand is slightly strong, the target does not fall, but the ball bounces back.

If you use a slingshot, be sure to aim at the exact position! This game is not difficult,Easy to use, Can try!

4. Water spray gun competition

Game reference price:$5 one chance


Participants will sit on a row of chairs, everyone comes to the competition to spray water, whoever sprays accurately or sprays more can win

Chance of trying

Last year, many children were sitting and playing there! It feels quite interesting. Although the rules are simple, I personally feel thisPlayThe play is not as good as the first few to win prizes, but it doesn’t hurt to try it! Just for Fun!

5. Lucky Ducky

By the way, this ducklingPlayIt looks like everyone has seen it in childhood~ Hahaha

Game reference price:$5 once, $10 three times


Just receive the corresponding prizes from the ducklings caught in one go~

But most of the ducklings that were caught have no prizes~somewhat lost~

Chance of trying

ThisPlayThe play is not the same as the previous ones, it is not technical,Pure luck!

6. Crazy Clowns

Game reference price:$5 once, $12 three times


Stand at the prescribed line and throw the ball into the clown's mouth. Following the clown's mouth, the ball will be thrown into the corresponding number plate, and different numbers correspond to different gifts!

Chance of trying

ThisPlayPerhaps the biggest difficulty in the play is whether it can be accurately thrown into the mouth of the clown. As forWhatever prize you get, it's up to God's will!

7. Hang for 2 minutes

Game reference price:$10 Or $20 one time


As long as you can persist on the pole for 2 minutes without falling, you will win!

Chance of trying

This simple and rudePlayThe play is especially suitable for people with "developed limbs", hahaha!

Just hang quietly for 2 minutes to win an oversized doll! Good deal! However, 2 minutes is really difficult.

And I personally feel that I must have been trained before participating in this project, and I can keep it for at least 2 minutes and 15 seconds without falling. If it is not on site, it still fails. Fitness boys, for your lovely girlfriend, go!

8. The most pitted number guessing game in history

Game reference price:$10 five tickets


Each ticket has several numbers, which are reported randomly according to the large screen on the venue. If the reported number appears on your ticket, you will be awarded!

Chance of trying

Back then, I thought it was so simple, but I bought a few for $10~ money~~ because the number reported on the screen doesn't match the one on the ticket!

At the end of the game, I doubt it. What if these numbers are not printed on the ticket itself? How do I know this? Pit pit pit!

After talking about these projects to win dolls, let’s summarize the results of this year’s Royal Melbourne ShowLarge entertainment facilities!


Location: Coca-Cola Thrillseekers Carnival

Price: $20 per person / $35 for two persons

To talk about the exciting facilities in this Melbourne Show, Beast should be one of them! This mobile device can be regarded as the largest in Australia. It can operate at an altitude of more than 40 meters, and it can be regarded as the highest entertainment device in the world.

Power Surge

Location: Coca-Cola Thrillseekers Carnival

Price: $8 per person / $15 for two persons

Make sure to sit on Power Surge, and you will feel excited! power! Surge is a unique device, you will never find a second one as powerful as it! So one of the must-try items!


Location: Coca-Cola Thrillseekers Carnival

Price: $20 per person / $35 for two persons

Do you have freestyle? Absolutely! The impact is particularly strong!

Freestyle takes you to enjoy the thrills of 100 kilometers per hour and quickly go to 40 meters in the sky!

Guaranteed to make your adrenaline soar immediately!

Nova Sky Wheel

Location: Coca-Cola Thrillseekers Carnival

Price: $9 per person / $32 for four persons

After enjoying the high-speed operation, it is better to buy a drink with your loved one, and enjoy the beauty of the Ferris wheel quietly!

In addition, there are many interesting activities that I won’t mention one by one. You can refer to the following picture and activity prices.

Remarks: The above are all based on the guide and the price. The final content of the event is still for everyone to see in person! Waiting for everyone to develop some goodPlayOh drama!

Let me tell you how to get there:

Finally, I will attach you the means of transportation to the Royal Melbourne Show!


Melbourne Showgrounds, 276-318 Epsom Road, Flemington

The best way to get to the Royal Melbourne Show is to take public transportation, which can be reached by many trains, trams and bus lines.


Take No. 57 (City to West Maribyrnong direction) to Melbourne Showgrounds on Epsom Road (Stop 32) and get off, then walk a short distance along Epsom Road to the Gate 1 gate.


Take 404 or 472 (towards Moonee Ponds) and get off at Ascot Vale Rd/ Epsom Rd. Same as the picture above, after getting off the bus, walk a short walk along Epsom Road to reach Gate 1.


Take the train to To Showgrounds/Flemington

From Flinders St station, board the bus at platform 8/9;

From Southern Cross Station, get on at platform 14;

Starting from North Melbourne is platform 6;

Terminal: Showgrounds Train Station

The nearest gate after leaving the train is Gate 10.

*If departing from Flinders St early in the morning, the first bus is 9.10AM, and the last bus at Melbourne Showgrounds is 10.30PM. So if you take public transportation, be sure to watch the time!

Private car parking space:

Flemington Racecourse parking lot

During the entire Royal Melbourne Show, the cost is $25 AUD per day

The parking entrance along Epsom Rd: opening hours are 6.30AM-11PM;

Parking entrance along Smithfield Rd: Opening hours are 9.30AM-2PM.

*If you can’t find a parking space, you can search for "Flemington Racecourse carpark" directly on Google Map.


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