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According to news.com.au, a mother recentlyMistakes pet biscuits for children's regular biscuits, and put them in her son's lunch box...#亲妈kang child series #Seeking child mental shadow area

But this dog food packaging bag is specially designed to cheat mom...

A few days ago, Tania Toomey, a mother from Sydney, was preparing a lunch box for her childAccidentally added dog biscuits.

"I put the biscuits in the lunch box, and the children went home and said it was too unpalatable, and then I realized it was dog biscuits.Be careful everyone!The store is messy, and it doesn't provide children with many healthy snack options! "

Tania took a close look at the bag of biscuits she bought from Woolworths, and found that it had written a small line"PET FOOD ONLY" (this is dog food).

Although the front of the bag clearly says "For pets only, But the bag designIt's very similar to the style for the children's market,This mother felt that others would be wrong too.

Then Tania shared her own oolong experience on Woolworths’ Facebook page and found thatShe is not the only mother who "pits her own child". Among more than 6000 responses,Many parents say that they have also encountered the same situation.

"I think their employees themselves are confused. When I bought this cookie, it was placed in the snacks."

"No wonder my kids like to dig in the back garden these days."

"It's such a big bag and small words to tell us that this is not for human consumption."

Although it says Individual Doggy-Bags on this package, you might say that this is for dogs. But in English, Individual Doggy-Bags means independent packaging that can be carried around.

After investigating, some netizens discovered that in addition to this Scooby Snacks dog biscuit, Woolworths alsoSomeone was selling a biscuit with a package that looked like Scooby Snacks.

Such packaging seems to have dug a hole for mother to fall in.Coupled with the help of the Woolworths clerk, they didn’t distinguish between the two products and put them on the two shelves of snacks and dog food.. The last unlucky one is the child.

Fortunately, the main ingredients of this dog food are wheat flour, margarine, carob, oats and milk.Except for the weird taste, it is not considered a dangerous thing to eat.

But children, be careful,Usually help mothers share housework,Don’t make your mother too tired, let her get enough rest, keep her head clear,Otherwise you just wait to eat dog food lol

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