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A few decades ago, just paint the walls and buy some second-hand furniture to open a cafe. right now? Don't even think about it! If you don't have enough budget, just say goodbye to opening a coffee shop. In Melbourne today, let alone the cost of rent and decoration materials, a coffee shop’s interior design fees often cost hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.

Nowadays, eating is no longer just for the sake of eating. The requirements of diners for the restaurant environment are also increasing. More and more restaurants incorporate a strong sense of design to present an audio-visual feast for diners and become the best stage for Melbourne designers to display their talents.

With marble, brass, hardwood, imported tiles and a budget of more than 6 figures, the designer has done his best to create one after another ultra-design coffee shop for the art capital of Melbourne.

Let's take a look at these 15 most fashionable Cafés in Melbourne. The elegant environment and gourmet food complement each other. Do you have a good taste for good enough?

Higher Ground

The predecessor of Higher Ground was a power plant built in the 19th century. It has a unique charm in terms of exterior and interior design. The behind-the-scenes team of Higher Ground bought this building and spent two years transforming it, but its positioning is different from ordinary cafes, but "customers can walk in for a cup of coffee, or have lunch or even dinner." "The all-round restaurant. The roof is 15 meters high, and the designer has cleverly opened up a two-story cafe. The upper level is L-shaped and overlooks the entire ground floor.

The experience of dining at Higher Ground is unforgettable. The high ceiling makes the whole person relax. Here, there is no work pressure, no life trivialities. Here, you only need to quietly enjoy a cup of exclusive coffee, just a plate of exquisite dishes.

Address: 650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC3000


Vacation is a very small new coffee shop that just landed in Melbourne city centre last month. Although the store is only 70 square meters, the large area of ​​glass lighting and the design of the high ceiling make the whole space appear bright and magnificent. The theme color of the store is elegant pink, and the editor has already smelled the characteristics of the upcoming Internet celebrity store.

Address: 1 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC3000


Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa made the wave of "jungle modernism" spread all over the world, and the BAWA coffee shop got its name from it. The decoration style reflects the style of Geoffrey Bawa to the extreme. With the wide-open windows along the street, the green plants entwined by the roof chandeliers, are you in the city or in the rainforest?

Address: 248 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC3122

The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink

Think most cafes are small and fresh style? Will the heavy industrial design make you feel refreshed? Chimneys, brick walls, iron windows, next time your boyfriend doesn’t want to accompany you to eat brunch early, take him to The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink. Cafe can also be cool.

Address: 8 Raffa Place, Carlton VIC 3053

Sensory Lab Collins Street

Ganyan's Collins branch can be said to be the most distinctive of all branches. Hidden low-key in the passage of the office building, it looks like a processing factory wrapped in a box. The interior style allows people to wander between Japan in 2050 and the United States in 1950, both advanced and mixed with nostalgia.

Address: Shop 1 30 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC3000

Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley

The Glen Waverley branch of Workshop Brothers is one of the most Chinese-style decoration among so many characteristic cafes. The combination of square and circle is everywhere in the store. Round arches, round windows, square tables, square paintings. This unique "square circle" concept originated from the cultural background of the two Chinese bosses. Entering here seems to fall into the two-dimensional world of graphics, and it also creates a very unique dining experience.

Address: 97 Kingsway, Glen WaverleyVIC 3150

Abacus Bar & Kitchen

If the combination of marble and concrete gives a stereotyped impression, the green plants in the store soften the overall tone of Abacus Bar & Kitchen. The 7.5-meter-high roof design and good lighting make this shop stand out from the crowded restaurants in Chapel st.

Address: 383 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC3141

Sloane Ranger

Can't tell what is special about Sloane Ranger, it is very comfortable visually. In fact, its seemingly inadvertent color scheme has actually worked hard. The combination of white, gray, black and green is very soft and elegant, and the half-dazzling of the wall lamp also makes the color gradient transition harmonious.

Address: 13 Cremorne Street, Cremorne VIC3212

Top of the Hill

A coffee shop designed as a thatched house, the vault design is very rare in Melbourne, as if it has created a cast away desert island hut. The walls are covered with patterns of green plants, giving people a sense of leisure in a paradise.

Address: 208 High Street, Northcote VIC3070

The Kettle Black

The online celebrity shop The Kettle Black is hidden in an old building surrounded by buildings, but there is no sense of disobedience. A large number of white and green plants are used in the decoration, together with some metal and wood furniture accessories, to form a minimalist but stylish space.

Address: 50 Albert Road, South MelbourneVIC

No. 19

No 19 has an area of ​​190 square meters. A coffee shop with a large area is very easy to give customers an over-open visual effect, but Biasol design company has made this area very rich. The polished floor, warm yellow copper lamp, the overall Greek style is very fresh.

Address: 214 Union Road, Ascot Vale VIC3032

Grub Food Van

Walking into Grub Food Van, you will feel like you have walked into a huge greenhouse. Owners Tim Mann and Mark Murphy originally planned to plant some plants in their greenhouse garden and sell the products to the cafe. Unfortunately, this plan was rejected by the community committee. So they kept doing it, bought an old truck from eBay, drove the coffee shop in the converted truck, and used the green plants grown in the greenhouse garden in the coffee shop's menu. When the weather is good, Tim Mann and Mark Murphy will move the tables and chairs directly into the greenhouse, where guests can enjoy the leisurely feeling of drinking coffee in the garden.

Address: 87-89 Moor Street, Fitzroy VIC


Are you a minimalist? If you are, then you will fall in love with Acoffee. There are no cumbersome decorations, some are only white, white, white...like stepping into a huge fluorescent light bulb and entering another dimension. The world is so chaotic, why not come to Acoffee to return to the original simplicity.

Address: 30 Sackville Street, Collingwood VIC3066


Au and 79 are the chemical symbols and atomic numbers of gold. When you arrive at the Nicholson Street cafe, you will see its gold standard: the name is attached to a black brick building on a shiny metal gold sign. After the old garage was renovated, with the cement-coated floor and old tires, it felt like a sprawling indoor botanical garden.

Address: 27-29 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford VIC3067

Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns cafe is located under the iconic Melbourne billboard Skipping Girl. The designers combined their experience in interior design and brand design to create a cafe with a very unique space and concept. I have to say that the dining environment here is very special. The large floor-to-ceiling glass ensures natural lighting, while the wood-colored furniture and green plants make the whole environment bright and comfortable, and the exquisite Brunch, aromatic coffee and various drinks , Suitable for chatting while tasting.

Address: 24 Acacia Place, Abbotsford VIC3067


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