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The old immigrant said: "In Australia, life without a ticket is incomplete"; the young man said: "The popular way to show off your wealth now? Show the ticket!" A speeding ticket starts at least $300, and a pair of sneakers says No, no. If you are a company car, Keke, it is likely to be tenfold, 3000 yuan goodbye!

New traffic regulations consider giving good drivers free of charge?

This news may be a good news for drivers who occasionally make mistakes.Great news. Recently, the Victorian government is considering formulating a new penalty policy for violations.Terms or consideration of the driver’s previous driving record
According to the Victorian Speed ​​Camera Commissioner’s Office, people with a good track record should let the authorities treat youBe more tolerant and "take it lightly". In the annual report, the Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner called on the state governmentConsider changing the law, Allowing the police and the court to have the discretion to revoke the driver’s license.
Commissioner John Voyage said, “Many people with good driving records told us that they were surprised to receive a ticket because they did what others did. They believed that they did the same things as others. Deserve some tolerance. I think on some occasions,Should give people a chance to defend themselves. "
Normally, in Victoria, drivers will beMandatory suspension of driver's license. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by 25kph to 35kph will beRevocation for one month, And exceeding the speed limit at 35kph and 45kph will haveCan't be on the road for 6 months, More than 45kph, the driver’s license will beRevocation for 12 months
Valch said, “I’m not saying that this discretion applies to everyone. If people have some exemplary driving records, we know you haveGood record, Then on some occasions, we can see if we canTake another approach. "
Victoria Police Commissioner Neville (Lisa Neville) saidThe government will consider these suggestions. She said that through the Departmental Road Safety Committee, they will consult with the Victoria Police and other road safety partners such as TAC to seek advice on improving road safety, driver behavior and community confidence.
When it comes to traffic violations, it can always cause grief. The costly tickets in Australia really teach drivers to re-behave in minutes... Then let's take a look, which section of Victoria has the most severe fines? See if there is any place you have been recruited!

Victoria's top ten "gold-absorbing" speed cameras have a cumulative fine of 15.8 billion yuan!

Tenth place: Western Ring Road, Broadmeadows, (1600 meters west of Sydney Road). 100,783Violations, totalA fine of 2230 million Australian dollars. The four cameras that monitor eastbound traffic have only been installed in this place for three years, but they have entered the top 10. Last year was their most “harvest” year and fined 41,399 drivers.
Ninth place: Princes Freeway, Lara, Avalon Road Bridge. 107,385Violations, total fines2240 million Australian dollars. This figure includes two-way traffic flow. About two-thirds of the fines were issued to cars heading to Melbourne, proving that drivers were more anxious when entering the city. Eighth place: the intersection of Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive (St Kilda). 120,855Violations, total fines2,880 million Australian dollars. This is a 40-kilometer speed limit zone near Albert Park, and the speed camera was installed in March 2014. In the first year of installation, the fine peaked. Drivers must be more careful when passing by to avoid speeding. There is also a red light camera here.

Seventh place: the intersection of William Street and Flinders Street. 142,761Violations, total fines3480 million Australian dollars. This is also an area with a speed limit of 40 km/h. Last year, 31,848 drivers planted at this intersection. However, compared to 2014/15, the number of violation records has been reduced by half. Sixth place: the junction of Western Ring Road and Keilor Park Drive Bridge (Keilor East). 156,903Violations, total fines3340 million Australian dollars
Fifth place: the intersection of Warrigal Road and Batesford Road (Chadstone). 164,236Violations, total fines3790 million Australian dollars. Beginning in March 2014, when the section of the road became a 3km/h speed camera, it ushered in the "peak of life". In the past two years, it has been at the forefront of the "most profitable camera". Fourth place: the junction of Eastlink and Dandenong Bypass Bridge (Keysborough District).172,931Violations, total fines3480 million Australian dollars. AlongEastlink has four locations where speed cameras are installed, This is one of them. The other three are at Wellington Road Bridge, Melba Tunnel and Mullum Mullum Tunnel.

Third place: the junction of Princes Freeway and Forsyth Road Bridge. 185,218 violations, total fines3,860 million Australian dollars. This number includes three lanes to Geelong and three lanes to Melbourne city. in factThere are three other locations on the Princes Freeway with speed cameras, But this one under the Forsyth Road Bridge is the one that attracts the most money. Second place: the junction of Eastlink and Wellington Road Bridge. 207,285Violations, total fines4,180 million Australian dollars. There are a total of six speed cameras in this position. The average is given to three southbound lanes and three northbound lanes. Drivers in the overtaking lane (far right) seem to be more likely to speed. In the past five years, the number of vehicles speeding in overtaking lanes has been three times higher than the number of vehicles speeding in ordinary lanes.

The crown of the "most attracting gold" camera! First place: the junction of Western Ring Road and Boundary Road. 243,566 violations, total fines5,020 million Australian dollars

2017 new red light speed test addresses in the first half of 6

1. Springvale Road and Canterbury Road, Forest Hill; 2. Maroondah Highway and Ringwood Bypass, Ringwood; 3. Plenty Road and Dunne Street, Kingsbury; 4. Canterbury Road and Mitcham Road, Vermont;

5. Brighton Rd and Glen Eira Rd, St Kilda East;

6. Intersection of Nepean Highway and Centre Rd, Brighton East.

Upgrade speed test red light camera address:

  1. North Road and Clayton Road, Oakleigh East;
  2. Barkers Road and Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn;
  3. Murray Road and Elizabeth Street, Coburg;
  4. Pascoe Vale Road and Peck Avenue, Strathmore;
  5. Thompson Road and Separation Street, Bell Park;
  6. Princes Highway and Station Street, Corio;
  7. Settlement Road and Torquay Road, Belmont;
  8. Moorabool Street and Fyans Street, South Geelong;
  9. McIvor Road and Reservoir Road, Strathdale.
At last,Please be extra careful when passing the above sections!
According to the law, drivers will beFined $379 and deducted 3 points! Speeding fines fromAUD 190 to AUD 758!
Drivers, please drive safely and comply with traffic regulations.

News compiled from "abc news"


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