Winter and spring alternate, at the time of the high incidence of measles.Victoria has confirmed three measles patients, one of whom is still a baby

In response to this highly contagious disease,Brett Sutton, Victorian Deputy Chief Health OfficerIssue a warning to all Victorians:Pay attention to whether you have symptoms of measles, because the confirmed patients have frequently visited many popular landmarks in Melbourne city and the university district of Ballarat from September 9 to September 6

Brett Sutton

The time and place for these patients to contract measles may be :

8 Month 20 Day - 9 Month 1 Day

  • Train between Armadale and Southern Cross stations
  • Armadale and Southern Cross railway stations
  • St Kilda Library (exact dates are August 8th and August 25th)
  • Collins Street
  • Docklands

Armadale Station

The places visited by two patients after infection include:

  • September 9th-Ikea Richmond (6am-11pm)
  • September 9th-Spotlight Carnegie (7am-11.30pm), Chastone Shopping Center, especially Kmart (12.30pm-12pm)
  • September 9th-Federation University, Ballrat (Mt Helen campus)
  • September 9th-Chadstone Shopping Centre (9am-10pm)
  • September 9th & 11th-Frankston Train Line (during rush hour)-Armadale and Southern Cross Railway Station, Collins St, Docklands
  • September 9th-Ikea Richmond (13am-11pm)

Southern Cross Station

"People who enter and exit these places between September 9th and 6th may be at risk of contracting measles."Sutton said.

Among these patients, one was confirmed to have been infected in Victoria, one was not confirmed, and the other may have been infected overseas.

Chadstone Shopping Center

This adult male patient had a measles outbreak before罗马尼亚Travel and in9/12Back to Australia. He was ridingQatar airways qr222 flight-aviabilityFly from Bucharest to Doha, then takeQR904 flightFly back to Melbourne.

Sutton said: "The source of the infection is currently uncertain. This means that there may be undiagnosed cases in the community. New patients may have symptoms.10/4Just appeared. "

Measles needles and incubation period

indeed,The incubation period of measles is up to 18 days, and there is no abnormality within 10-14 days of measles infection, So some people may have been infected, but have not yet developed the corresponding symptoms.

In addition, measles can easily passCoughing and sneezing of an infected personInfection to others can also be spread through saliva or nasal secretions. 90% of people who are in the same room with measles patients without immunity will have a very high probability of getting the disease. The infected person is infectious for four days before and after the rash appears.

The initial symptoms of measles are similar to a cold, and will be accompanied byFever, runny nose, red and swollen eyes, cough and other symptomsAfter a few days, a red and flat rash will begin to appear. It often appears on the face at first, and then spreads to other parts of the body. It usually lasts for seven to ten days.

Thirty percent of patients will have complications, such as diarrhea, visual impairment, encephalitis, and pneumonia.

Some children who have not been vaccinated, those with weakened immune function and incomplete vaccinations are the most vulnerable to measles.

So Dutton appealed to the public,If symptoms such as fever or skin rash occur, be checked and reported to the Ministry of Health in time

If you have been to the above-mentioned places or took the above-mentioned flights between August 8th and September 20th, you must always pay attention to your physical condition. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately. If you have children at home, please try to avoid going to crowded public places with poor air circulation, and get measles vaccination in time to prevent problems.

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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