As the saying goes, people rely on food as their heaven. Chinese cuisine has a long history of food culture, but the chefs who are used to MSG seasoning in China will be confused by the various complicated condiments sold in supermarkets when they arrive in Australia. Can anyone tell me what Tarragon and Paprika are...

Many people choose to go to Asian supermarkets to buy their relatively familiar Chinese seasonings because they really don’t understand Western food. But when you come to Australia, how can you cook a delicious Western meal without going to the countryside?

Today, the editor will have a chat,What are the Western food spices sold in Australian supermarkets for? What delicious dishes can you make?

1. [Cinnamon – Cinnamon]

There are so many spices in Australia, the editor will first talk about the familiar ones, Cinnamon and cinnamon. It is the dried bark of Lauraceae cinnamon. The bark is fragrant and can be used as a spice. The taste is similar to that of cinnamon from Sri Lanka, but it is more spicy, less delicious than cinnamon and thicker than cinnamon.

Generally speaking, Australian supermarkets will sell cinnamon powder like the picture below. It's convenient and quick to use, and it's easier to taste~

In China, many people like to put some cinnamon when stewing meat. In fact, cinnamon has similar uses.

Adding the right amount of cinnamon when stewing the meat can not only season, but also play a role in warming the stomach, warming the waist and knees, treating cold abdomen, and bloating.

At the same time, cinnamon has a certain health effect. Adding cinnamon bark powder to the dishes during cooking can help control blood sugar and cholesterol.

Sometimes, a little cinnamon powder is added to coffee. There is a saying that in addition to enhancing the aroma and decorating the appearance of the coffee, after being sprinkled with powder, it can keep the milk dense for longer.

2. [Chinese Five Spice – Five Spice Powder]

Look at the English name, and everyone will understand it at the surface. Yes, this is Chinese five-spice powder. Five-spice powder can be exquisite, it must be more than 5 kinds of spices ground into powder and mixed together.

Five-spice powder is often used to spread on chicken and duck meat before frying or frying, and it can also be mixed with fine salt for dipping.

Generally speaking, the basic ingredients of five-spice powder are ground pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and cumin seeds. Some recipes include dried ginger, cardamom, licorice, pepper, tangerine peel, etc.

The five-spice powder is mainly used for stewing meat or added to the marinade to improve the flavor. Those who like to eat dumplings or steamed buns can also add an appropriate amount of five-spice powder to the filling.

3. [Cumin Seeds – Cumin]

In fact, Cumin is very useful, especially for friends in the north. This is the "cumin" that needs to be sprinkled when grilling! Grilled oily lamb skewers, sprinkled with a handful of cumin, the aroma is overflowing~

Using cumin to process beef and mutton can eliminate fishy and greasy, and make the meat more delicious and fragrant, increasing people's appetite.

In addition to improving flavor, cumin can also refresh the brain, clear the pulse, reduce fire and calm the liver. Cumin is also effective for dispelling cold and dampness, regulating qi and appetizing, dispelling wind and relieving pain. It has curative effect on indigestion, stomach cold pain, kidney deficiency and frequent stool.

No wonder I have eaten so many barbecues, my body is great, and it is delicious~

4. [Coriander-Coriander]

This kind of spice may not be very familiar to everyone in English, but when it comes to the Chinese name, no one knows it. It is-coriander! Also known as "Coriander".

Coriander is a thing that makes people love and hate. People who like coriander really like it; people who hate coriander can't wait to kill this species completely.

Common seasonings include coriander leaves and coriander seeds. The coriander seeds are the fruit of coriander. Generally, when coriander grows to produce small white flowers, it will bear fruit soon.

The coriander seeds are double-spherical, the surface is light yellow-brown, the mature fruit is hard, fragrant, and has a mild fragrance and a mixed taste of sage and lemon. It is often used for pickling food, and the ground powder can be used in many food seasonings.

5. [Basil – Basil]

Speaking of basil, friends who like to eat western food are no strangers. When eating western food, have you noticed some dark green crushed condiments? That is basil.

Basil is also known as the nine-story pagoda. It has a strong, pungent and fragrant smell and tastes like fennel. Basil is very sensitive to cold and grows best in hot and dry environments.

Basil is often used not only in Western food, but also in three-cup dishes in Thai and Chinese dishes. It has a wide range of uses.

In addition, the most powerful part of basil is that it can treat bruises and snake and insect bites.I didn't expect it~

6. [Cardamom-White Cardamom]

White cardamom, the fruit is lighter in color, has a distinct triangular shape, and is easy to crack, revealing the dark brown seeds inside.

Usually, white cardamom often appears together with pepper, cinnamon, etc. These spices are ground into fragrant powder, and the cooking is first-class fragrant.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, white cardamom is pungent and warm in nature, has the functions of promoting qi and regulating qi, warming the stomach and eliminating food, reducing dampness, relieving vomiting, and detoxifying alcohol.

Those who like Sichuan food must have eaten white cardamom. In the cold stewed dishes of Sichuan cuisine, white cardamom plays a role in removing foreign substances, enhancing aroma, preserving and promoting appetite.

7. [Cayenne Pepper-Cayenne Pepper]

Yes, you read that right, this kind of pepper is called Cayenne pepper, which is the Cayenne of Porsche Cayenne. It sounds like this pepper must be very tall and upscale.

Cayenne pepper is a pungent, ground orange-red spice made by mixing a variety of small hot peppers.

Speaking of this kind of pepper, it has to go back to the pioneering period of the United States. When Niula's mobile cooking wagon was driving on the plains in Texas, the chefs used cayenne pepper to add flavor to some less delicious meats (such as rattlesnake meat).

Because of the unique warming effect of cayenne pepper,Doctors often add it to ointments to treat neuralgia, frostbite and low back pain.

Delicious and easy-to-use chili, rare~

8. [Paprika-Red Pepper Powder]

Paprika is not actually a kind of pepper, but a different kind of pepper. After that, it is divided into sweet and spicy according to different spiciness. Sometimes it has a smoky taste. It is generally used for barbecue or fried rice noodles.

In addition, because Paprika has a very bright red color, it can also be used as a pigment to some extent. It is the most important spice in Hungarian cooking.

9. [Cloves-Clove]

Many people say that the lilac flower represents the feeling of first love~ If you want to taste the taste of lilac, it must be right to buy this thing and cook at home.

This spice is native to Indonesia and refers to the flower buds on the syringa tree. People use the dried flower buds extensively in cooking.

It is said that cloves represent the taste of first love, so it must have a different fragrance. Therefore, cloves are used medicinally to relieve toothache and reduce bad breath.

10. [Dill-Dill]

The word dill looks hard to recognize and read. But it appears frequently in Western food, especially in soups and sauces. It is usually accompanied by cream and cheese to add a touch of flavor that does not overpower the original flavor and enhances the aroma.

There are many ways to eat dill, I have a favorite way to eat dill,Just cook it with fish. Not only can it remove the fishy smell from the fish, but it can also complement the smell of the fish.

After a bite, the fragrance of dill and fish complement each other, unforgettable~

11. [Fennel Seeds-Fennel Seeds]

Fennel seeds are often used in the cooking of pasta such as meat, seafood and sesame seeds. Used as medicine in Chinese medicine, it is warm in nature and pungent in taste, and it belongs to the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach meridians.

Function to warm liver and kidney, warm stomach qi, dispel blockage, dispel cold and relieve pain, regulate qi and stomach

The main components of fennel are protein, fat, dietary fiber, anethole, fennel and anisaldehyde, etc. The aroma of fennel is mainly derived from aroma substances such as anisin and anisaldehyde.

12. [Garam Masala-Curry Spice Mix]

If you like curry, don’t miss Garam Masala. This is a spice specially designed for curry, which is made by mixing several kinds of spices.

The recipe of Garam Masala varies by region or chef. The more common ingredients are white pepper, black pepper, cloves, chai cinnamon, nutmeg, black cumin, cumin, cinnamon, grass fruit, cardamom, Chinese pepper, coriander Seeds and so on.

13. [Turmeric-Turmeric]

Turmeric is an essential spice on the Indian dinner table. Its taste is a bit orange and bitter, and it has yellow food coloring. Similarly, if you want to eat the most delicious curry, you must not miss it.

Turmeric has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India as a tonic for the stomach and to purify the blood, as well as to treat skin diseases and heal wounds.

Turmeric can not only be used for curry, but also for medical use. research shows,Turmeric prevents the development of malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer) and inhibits the spread of breast cancer cells to the lungs.

14. [Oregano-Oregano]

Speaking of oregano, I believe everyone is familiar with it. After all, the special scent of oregano has always attracted many people. Not only does it make a sachet to carry around, it also has a place in the field of cooking and scented tea.

Oregano is a very Italian herb with a relatively light fragrance. The famous "Italian mixed spice" is composed of equal parts of oregano, chopped basil, and sage, and is frequently used in soups and sauces.

Especially it is the most common in pizza, so it is also known as pizza grass.

15. [Parsley-Parsley]

Parsley, which is native to Italy, Algeria and Tunisia on both sides of the land, is similar to Chinese celery in appearance and slightly heavier, but it still has a clear taste in herbs.

Because the taste is not strong, some are eaten directly as vegetables.

Parsley adds color and flavor to dishes, and is suitable for various ingredients such as pasta, salad, soup, cream, fish, meat, potatoes and roast chicken.

16. [Rosemary-Rosemary]

Seeing this name, I feel a romantic feeling~ Yes, this spice is rosemary...

Rosemary has a high "photograph rate" in western food, and its smell is very strong, so the amount used in cooking should not be too large.If it is a long stew, it is best to put it later, as over-cooking will produce a bitter taste.

In fact, the English name "Rosemary" has nothing to do with Rose and Mary. It is derived from the Latin name "Rosmarinus" of rosemary, and is derived from "Ros" and "Sea". "(Marinus) consists of two roots, meaning "dew from the ocean."

Because it is particularly drought-tolerant, rosemary in many places only needs water vapor from the sea to survive.

17. [Tarragon-tarragon]

Tarragon is a perennial, native to Asia, and later introduced to Europe.The taste is similar to the star anise commonly used in Chinese food, Full-bodied but not aggressive, belongs to the gentle and elegant category.

There are French tarragon, German tarragon, Russian tarragon and so on. French tarragon has a strong flavor, with a distinct star anise smell.Chewing in the mouth will leave a slight numbness on the tip of the tongue.

Tarragon has a spicy taste similar to fennel,Semi-sweet and half-bitter, rich in iodine, minerals, vitamins A and C, fresh breath, sleep well, and can help digestion.

18. [Thyme-Thyme]

Thyme, also called thyme, is a kind of herb with culinary and medicinal value.It is rich in iron, and its aroma and antiseptic function are derived from its own thymol.

The ancient Romans are considered to be the people who spread thyme to other regions, because they used to put thyme in the room to taste secluded and add aroma to cheese and wine.

Thyme is used very frequently in Western cuisine, and is widely used in cuisines in France, Italy, Greece, the Middle East and other places.There is a hint of sweetness in its mild scent, which is easier to accept.

19. [Saffron-Saffron]

Speaking of saffron, many people’s first reaction is to soak their feet~Saffron is a very rare Chinese medicinal material, and its stigma is used for medicinal purposes in Asia and Europe.

It can not only promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain, but also calm down, expectorant and relieve spasm. It is commonly used in the treatment of stomach diseases, menstruation, measles, fever, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, etc.

The saffron we see is not the flower itself, but the slender stigma of the flower core, dark red in color, strong smell, slightly bitter taste, similar to the taste of hay. The flowers themselves are purple.

There are only 3 stigmas on a flower, ranging in length from a few millimeters to one or two centimeters, and there are 7 to 20 stigmas per kilogram of dry goods.

Saffron is widely used in Western cooking, from Spanish paella, to Moroccan-style mutton tagine, to many pastas, etc. It is used for its unique foreign flavor and golden color. .

Questions about saffron in the chef’s professional exam are mandatory.And because of its high price, all dishes that use saffron must be displayed on the menu.

20. [Poppy Seeds-Poppy Seeds]

Finally, I don't want to mention but I have to mention a condiment that sounds "terrible"-poppy seeds.

Don’t think that the word poppy is associated with drugs.In fact, this is poppy seed, non-toxic, a seasoning widely used all over the world, and many regions also use it as an herbal medicine.

The "U.S. Federal Government Regulations Manual" and "Encyclopedia Britannica" all record poppy seeds as safe and edible substances.

Foreigners like to use poppy seeds in large quantities, spreading poppy seeds on the outer layer of bread, biscuits and cakes as decoration. The taste of poppy seeds is very good, with a crispy texture, like sesame seeds.

Have seen these 20 common spices in Australian supermarkets, do you have the urge to buy them home and show your skills?

Don’t hesitate, call friends and family, and cook an Australian-style meal at home~


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