The blue-purple romance is about to take over Australia! With a comprehensive flower viewing guide

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


This beautiful flower has a nice name:Jacaranda.

This flower native to South America,被称之为“澳洲的花”。

Australians who love it even made a song for it: "Christmas Where The Gum Trees Grow", which means "Christmas where trees grow."

Because the flowering period of Jacaranda in Australia lasts for about 2 months, around November when the flowering period ends, it happens to be the beginning of summer in Australia;

因此,”when the bloom of the Jacaranda tree is here, Christmas time is near…(当蓝花楹盛开的时候,圣诞节就要到了)”,指的就是人们在澳洲的来临时,看到蓝花楹盛开时的喜悦心情。

Jacaranda is more than just a beautiful name.

Per year来临时,它们就会悄悄开放,如云如雾,如梦似幻。

Behind this kind of flower, which has not been artificially carved, is so beautiful and thrilling, there is an unknown sad love story.

In Argentina, one of the origins of jacaranda, there is such a legend:

A long time ago, a province called Corrientes in Argentina just became a Spanish colony.

Pilar, a 16-year-old Spanish girl, followed her father on this strange land.

And fell in love at first sight with a guy named Ballet.

Soon, Pilar’s ​​father was holding a shotgun and wanted to kill the young man who took his daughter.

When he aimed his gun at Ballet and fired, Pilar rushed to his lover without hesitation and was shot and killed.

The father who killed his daughter by mistake fired another shot in grief and shot Ballet's young chest...



A sturdy and sturdy tree emerged from the ground at some point,

The melancholic and beautiful blue flowers bloom on the branches...

Powerful branches, warm and strong arms like Ballet

Blue flowers in full bloom, like Pilar’s ​​beautiful and sad blue eyes

 Telling a short but immortal love...

Once a year, telling the love she was waiting for,


Jacaranda is in full bloom, the most melancholic wonderland in the world...

In the bustling downtown, you can find her

To the quiet house, there is her gentle greeting

If you are careful, you can still feel the gentle world she has created at the feet of the road in the morning.

If you want to appreciate jacaranda, you might as well go here :

 Sydney CIty

View point XNUMX: Royal Botanic Gardens

The prosperity of the city and the quietness of the blue flowers collide with a unique beauty.

If you love this difference, you might as well go to these best downtown viewing spots to find her.

Viewpoint XNUMX: From Circular Quay to The Rocks


  Inner Sydney

View point XNUMX: the University of Sydney

On大学的Quadrangle Building一角,可以近距离欣赏到蓝花楹的震撼之美。

The jacarandas here echo the long history and characteristic architectural style of famous schools, bringing a full of sentimental viewing experience.

Viewpoint XNUMX: Glebe, Erskineville

If you want to experience the tranquility of the downtown area, you might as well go to Glebe and Erskineville in the inner city. You may find other surprises.


Located in the historic town of Grafton on the north coast of NSW, it has recently become the best scenic spot for jacaranda viewing.

If you want to experience the beauty of Jacaranda thoroughly, you might as well drive to the small town of Grafton to participate in the annual Jacaranda Festival;

今年的蓝花楹节从10月28持续到11月5All kinds of celebrations will be held in the town for a whole week. Welcome all the tourists who come to the town to enjoy the flowers.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, when the jacaranda is in full bloom, it is like a real paradise.

 NSWNorth Shore

Lavender Bay, Greenwich, Waverton, Hunter Hills, Woolwich, Longueville, Wollstonecraft, these are the best jacaranda viewing spots in the area.

 NSWEastern Surburb

东区的Paddington,Woollahra,Double Bay也是郊区赏花的最佳选择,其中Paddington的Oxofrd street和Five ways最为.




University of Melbourne


Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne


Dream Purple City,One year is only a short period of 1-2 months,Everyone in Australia should live up to this situation.


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