The Australian scary clown began to act. The 16-year-old Perth girl was chased and ran 2.5 kilometers to escape for help

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


据悉,Rastana Baker是一位住在珀斯的16岁女孩。上週六晚,当她在Baldivis车站下车时,一件让她魂飞魄散的事情,她遇到了小丑!


The frightened Baker turned around and ran, but one of the clowns followed and grabbed her by the shoulder.

As Baker tried to escape, the Joker left a scratch on her neck.

"They ran in and out of the grass, walking around me, laughing like a clown."

In the end, the frightened Baker ran 2.5 kilometers before finding someone for help.

"We started crying on the road."


"They thought it was fun."




In addition, they may be charged by the police.

go with.一位19岁的男孩,就因为装扮成小丑使路人受人惊吓而被指控。


Unexpectedly, they moved so fast.


This time小丑的归来引来了不少网友的担忧和恐慌,网友们纷纷表示这种行为相当危险!

Some netizens left a message saying:


Here, the editor reminds everyone, please try not to travel alone at night, and choose a route with a larger flow of people when traveling. If you encounter a similar incident, leave the scene as soon as possible, find someone for help and call the police.

News compiled from "9 News"


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