Most people who come to Australia must be because of its pleasant climate and suitable for living. But which district in Australia is the most suitable for living and has the most style of life?

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)according toAustralian Statistical Geography StandardAccording to the data, the most livable area in Australia is selected-the first placeSt Kilda West in Melbourne!

This area has been chosen as the area with the richest style of life because it is close to the country’s excellent schools and parks, and not far from the CBD and the sea.

Indeed, when I have time, I take a walk to the beach, sunbathe and run. There are many delicious restaurants in the surrounding area, and there are direct buses to go to work in the CBD. It is perfect for work and leisure.

Except for St Kilda West,The top ten areas include :

Sam Inan, head of real estate agency Hocking Stuart, said, “During the auction season, houses in St Kilda West will have 15-20% more customers than houses in other parts of St Kilda.”

It can be seen that in addition to St Kilda West, Victoria's Albert Park and Port Melbourne also successfully broke into the top 10.

However, the state with the largest number of entries in the top ten is Queensland.From South Brisbane at No. 2 to Fortitude Valley at No. 10, a total of 7 districts were selected into the top 10. There are more than NSW and Victoria, but experts believe that although these areas are livable, employment opportunities are not sufficiently diverse.

Among the top 10, St Kilda West also has the highest median house price at $2,615,000, while Brisbane’s Corinda has the lowest median house price at only $731,000.

This list was selected with reference to the distance between each area and basic living facilities, institutions and entertainment facilities, and finally reached this result.

In addition to selecting the most livable area in Australia, ABS also announcedThe most livable areas in the states of AustraliaWhat are they?




South Australia

Western Australia

Capital Territory


Northern Territory

If you want to see the ranking of your own area, you can search through the following links:

In fact, most of the houses in these livable areas are close to the park, suitable for residents to walk or walk their dogs.

Nerida Conisbee, chief economist of REA Group, said: “People like places with better greenery and suitable for walking. Generally speaking, areas close to parks can meet this requirement. In addition, if you can be around without driving, Convenient for activities, this is also an attractive place for the area. It would be better if you can get close to schools or even famous schools."

However, when advising others to buy a house, Conisbee pointed out that we should not only consider the livability, but also whether the local employment is convenient, whether there is development prospects, and properly consider all factors before deciding whether to invest.

how about it? Is your district on the list?

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