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Australia's top high-definition aerial data providerNearmapA set of high-definition aerial photos were released, sorting out the 5 regions with the fastest growth and the biggest changes in Australia in the past 10 years, of which Melbourne accounted for 4.

The population of these areas has risen by more than 50%.

1. Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Western Australia:

It used to be barren, but now it is full of vitality towards a well-off society, which has increased by 5% over the population in the past five years.

2. Gangahlin, 16 kilometers from downtown Canberra:

The population has skyrocketed by 5% in the past 50.4 years. At present, the median price of some small town houses has reached 60 Australian dollars.

3. Melbourne City:

The so-called Docklands, Richmond, Carlton, etc. beside the CBD. The population has risen by 5% in the past five years.

4. Queensland North lakes:

26 km from Brisbane

5. Melbourne Wyndham area:

Including Point Cook, Truganina, and Wyndham Vale, the population has increased by 5% in the past five years to approximately 33.7.

6. Kwinana, Western Australia:

38 kilometers away from Perth CBD, it used to be just a patch of woods. The population has increased by 5% in 33.2 years, and residential areas have been created in the forest.

7. Casey South, Victoria:

40 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, it refers to the area including Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne West, East and North.

In the past, cattle and sheep, now...

8. Ormeau-Oxenford, Queensland:

The current important town center in the southern Gold Coast region is expanding rapidly.

9. Whittlesea Wallan, Victoria:

26 kilometers northeast of Melbourne city center, including Doreen and Wollert.

10. Bringelly – Green valley, NSW:

The area southwest of Sydney near Camden and Campbelltown has changed dramatically in the past 6 years.

Oran Park

The house is built and the price keeps rising! Australian developers continue to laugh at the rhythm...

In fact, many of the aerial photos of Australia we usually see are from Nearmap. Let’s enjoy more beautiful aerial photos:

Hope Valley, Western Australia


One closer to the opera house:

Widgiemooltha, Western Australia

Boat Harbour, NSW

Carnival somewhere in Sydney

Sydney Water Park

Somewhere in Adelaide

Melbourne Park

Leonora, Western Australia

Pilbara, Western Australia

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Gosford, NSW

Mundaring, Western Australia

Onslow, Western Australia

Geraldton, Western Australia

Stuart, Queensland

Widgiemooltha, Western Australia

Sydney 2014 Sterosonic Music Festival

Dream World, Australia's largest theme park

East Point, Northern Territory

Mid North Coast, NSW

Sydney Harbour

Queensland Amity

Western Australia North Plantations

Churchlands, Western Australia

Widgiemooltha, Western Australia

Gladstone, Queensland

Macmasters Beach, NSW

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