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The editor reported for you earlierAmazon will officially land in Australia in 2 monthsNews. Hearing that the international retail giants are coming, all major retailers in Australia can't sit still and have taken countermeasures. And Costco's measures are:Launch online shopping in Australia!

According to 9 news reports, Costco is currently building a project near Horsley Park in Sydney.One of Australia's largest warehouses. After completion, it will be used for the storage and distribution of goods in the existing warehouse and the Costco.com.au website.

Patrick Noone, a person in charge of Costco Austalia, said: "By then, refrigerators with 3 or 4 doors can be purchased online and delivered to your home by logistics."

After the warehouse is built,Costco's online shopping service is expected to be launched within 18 months. You should know that Costco currently has only 9 stores in Australia, including 3 in Victoria, located in Docklands, Ringwood and Moorabbin. If you don't live nearby, it's not easy to go there. Being able to go online and deliver goods will undoubtedly make it easier for more people!

It seems that Amazon's power is really not small. When it comes, it has stirred up the entire Australian retail industry.

No, Myer's latest financial report shows that its underlying profit plummeted by 80%, partly due to the closure of Topshop, and then it plans to close each of its stores in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Sydney. While closing the store, Mye also announced that it would launch a 365-day discount store with special offers.

Then David Jones announced the launch of an independent branded gourmet shop.

Then Big W announced crazy price discounts on 2000 products.

Now it's Costco's turn to launch online shopping services.

Amazon hasn't come yet, but the rivers and lakes are all its legends, and there has been a bloody storm...

News compiled from "9 News"


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