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Everyone knows that IT is one of the relatively high-income industries, but an Irish boy Allan Dixon resolutely quit his IT job because:

He found "the best job in the world" in Australia!

What kind of job is it?

In 2013, Tourism Australia publicly recruited such a position:Outback Adventurer.

This position requires applicants to play in the wild in Australia, take photos and videos, and post them online to write about how good the scenery is and how happy they are.

Working hours are six months, and the salary is as high as 10 Australian dollars!

This... is simply asking you to play, and I beg you for money! Such a great job immediately attracted people from196 applicants in 60 countries.

Among them, Dixon is included.

At that time, he was still an IT practitioner who rushed to the ocean of programs all day long. After working for many years, although the salary is high, his heart is also very tired...

So, when he saw this job offer, he submitted an application without hesitation-giving himself a chance to relax and still have money!

He also showed his photographs through Facebook, Twitter, and personal web design, including photos he took while traveling in Australia. In the end, he defeated other opponents and got the job! He was chosen becausePhotos of him and his "girlfriend" :

Yes, his girlfriend is this camel.

When he was notified that he was selected, he said that "the joy is beyond description."

So he packed his bags and went to Australia to start his "expedition".

He went to Rottnest Island.

Also went to Pinnacle Desert

And Sugarloaf Rock

Recorded the sunset at the seaside

Experience the canyon scenery

I also found some mountain lakes that few people have visited

Bring some noise to the lonely desert

Feel the beauty of Australia in your own way

Show the beauty of Australia in your own way

In the past six months, in addition to enjoying different scenery, his biggest gain is,With the skill of getting closer to animals, he found that he particularly liked animals!In his Instagram, more pictures with animals:

Come, feel the shocking style of this face

Close one eye slightly, the cute effect is better

And such a well-behaved friend

Only the kangaroo didn’t buy it

But in the next second, everyone fell to the ground together...

And our big brother alpaca

But Dixon’s most famous photo with animals is this:Picture with short-tailed kangaroo

With a smile, it became Dixon's INS resident model

The camera angle is too good, the expression is just right

When you see him, you will automatically give your arms!

Ask for a photo with him anytime, anywhere!

Today, this adventurer's job is over. But he did not return to IT work, but continued to be an "adventurer."

During that time in Australia, he knew better to enjoy life, embrace nature, and all kinds of life in nature.

You can still have close contact with animals

These little cuties don’t know why, they don’t fear him at all

Just cooperate with him to complete a group photo

Laugh together

Scream together

and also……

Now, his ins fans have reached45 millionThe.

Dixon smiled brilliantly in almost every photo.

"At that time, I didn't need to think too much, just to concentrate on enjoying the existing happiness. Now, I also learned not to make life too hasty. There are many small things that can make life better."

This joy from the heart is probably the greatest gift to him during his time in Australia!

News compiled from "The Courier Mail"


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