Yesterday was another extraordinary day in Australian history! Because the Tan Bao government announced,From December 12 this year, a new magic drug Ibrutinib (also known as Imbruvica) for the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma will be included in the Australian Drug Benefits Plan (PBS)!

This means that in the past, a course of treatment would cost$ 187,000The sky-high price of drugs, from now on only need to spend$ 38.80Can buy it, and patients with discount cards

Only $6.30!

It's slightly more expensive than a cup of coffee...

Slightly cheaper than a burger...

This is the welfare of Australians,The real welfare of the people!

This is not another breakthrough achievement of the Australian medical community, but it is more meaningful than any previous achievement! becauseIt has given thousands of cancer patients who have no money to treat them with hope of cure!

The Australian government will subsidize the magic drug IbrutinibA$4.6 million,allPatients with refractory or relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) are eligible for subsidies for this drug.

Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao said in an interview: "This drug is more effective than many existing treatment drugs, and after it is included in PBS, it can provide countless Australian patients with an important treatment option and save countless people. life!"

Serious illness is no longer a terminal illness, and there is no need to go bankrupt

I don't know if it was influenced by Japanese and Korean dramas, leukemia has become the most familiar terminal illness, and it is almost frightening!

In film and television dramas, this kind of illness is all related to the plot of life and death and bankruptcy.

But in reality, its mortality rate is indeed the highest among malignant tumor diseases, and even children account for half.

But I believe that is just the past. Now scientists continue to develop miraculous anti-cancer drugs, which have become the gospel of all mankind. Ibrutinib, also known as Imbruvica, is aBlockbuster new drug for leukemia. It has successively obtained four breakthrough therapy designations granted by the FDA, and was successfully approved for marketing in 2013.

Patients with leukemia are prone toAnemia, recurrent infections, bruises and bleedingSymptoms. Treatment is usually painful chemotherapy, which is a long and repeated journey, and many people's dreams are buried in this process.

Until the advent of the drug Ibrutinib...this drugIt is safer and more effective, and patients suffer less pain.

Jim Coomes, a retired real estate developer who lives in Melbourne, is one of the beneficiaries of the drug.

He was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) 4 years ago and the doctor told him,His life span is only 18 months.

Like many patients with CLL, conventional chemotherapy has no effect on Jim. Not only that, but in the second round of chemotherapy, he had serious side effects, evenCaused him to have a heart attack!

At that time, Jim's hope of being cured was very slim. He was almost sentenced to "death sentence" until he participated in the clinical trial of Ibrutinib.

Four years later, Jim, who is now 4 years old, looks very healthy.

In an interview with reporters, he said:"This medicine is amazing! It gave me a second life. Before that, I didn't even buy new clothes because I didn't think I could wear them anymore, but now, I can do what I want. anything."

Although the doctor has not officially announced that Jim has recovered, he feels very good now, and even started to write a historical novel set in the Victorian gold mine.

According to statistics, about 1000 people in Australia suffer from diseases such as leukemia or lymphoma every year. Although the medical community around the world has repeatedly developed various breakthrough therapeutic drugs, creating miracles one after another, the high prices of new drugs have discouraged many ordinary people.

At this time, the time has come to reflect the superiority of a system and the conscience of a government. This is also the welfare you will truly feel after having an Australian PR.!

Australian welfare

Everyone expects to be healthy, but cancer is still the number one enemy of mankind. Because it is enough to destroy the happiness of a person or even a whole family!

In the face of these major diseases, everyone is very scared and insecure, but Australia’s development is precisely reflected in the protection and fairness of the disadvantaged groups. Everyone can feel at ease, and everyone is sick. You have no worries.

Since the Coalition Party came to power in 2013, the Australian government hasA$75 millionOf drugs are included in PBS, including:


Last year, PBS willKeytrudaIncluded in the PBS plan. This drug is called"Cancer Terminator"In the treatment of lung cancer, the effect is far better than traditional chemotherapy. After taking this drug, nearly 50% of patients have greatly reduced or even disappeared the tumor in the body, and the chance of chemotherapy to promote tumor shrinkage is only 10%.

However, its price is also very high. The total cost of using Keytruda, about a yearAt least AUD 156,000!With government subsidies, ordinary patients onlyNeed to spend $37.7, Patients with discount cards only needSpend $6.1You can buy it!


In August of this year, the government announced another magical anti-cancer drugOpdivoIncluded in PBS. This magic drug can effectively treat a variety of cancers including kidney cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, and lymphoma.The healing effect is 3 times that of traditional chemotherapy!

However, when Opdivo was launched in Japan, the price of a 100mg dose was as high as 73 yen, which is equivalent to8300 Australian dollars!A patient may need dozens or even hundreds of 100mg for the entire treatment, and the cost required can also be imagined.

After Opdivo was included in PBS, patients with discount cardsOnly $6.3You can buy this magic drug that has sold tens of thousands of dollars in other countries!

Diabetes mellitus

Since September last year, a new type of medicine for the treatment of type II diabetesExanatideBe included in the PBS reimbursement list.

For 2 patients with type XNUMX diabetes in Australia, this new treatment can save the trouble of two injections a day, and can be changed to once a week, and it can reduce long-term complications. More importantly, there are With the government’s drug subsidies, treatment costs are cheaper,It can save about AUD 1600 per year.

Cervical cancer

In addition to diabetes drugs, the government also invested in PBS6000 million Australian dollars, Avastin, a treatment drug for cervical cancer, has also been added to the drug reimbursement list.

The Minister of Health stated that for patients who cannot be treated with surgery or radiotherapy for cervical cancer, the cost of using Avastin for each course of treatment is as high as$ 55,000, And after it is listed in PBS, patients only need to pay each time$ 6.20(Concessional patient) or$ 38.10(General patient) medicine expenses, which will greatly reduce the medical burden of cervical cancer patients.


In Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (PBS), an oral antiviral treatment was added to the list of benefits in March this year. This treatment has helped more than 26000 patients resist hepatitis C, with a cure rate of 90%.

And all of this, as long as you have an Australian PR, you can enjoy it!

PBS is for all Australian residents, as long as you have a Medicare card, you can enjoy it, as well as tourists from countries that have signed a "Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement" (RHCA) with Australia, includingNew Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and ItalyYou can also enjoy the same, when Australian residents travel in these countries accidents or get sick, they can use their Medicare card to get free emergency treatment at the local public hospital.

And it’s not only cancer and other major diseases that can enjoy subsidy benefits.Starting this month, the prices of 1400 drugs in Australia will be reduced!

This will benefit every ordinary person in Australia!

Australian drug price cut

February this yearTo start, follow AustraliamedicineThe provisions of the PBS, there will also bePrices of 1400 medicines have dropped. And thesemedicineThe disease targeted by the object coversSymptoms of high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, breast cancer, and psychosis.

Among them, patients with schizophrenia (Schizophrenia) who benefit the most can be said to have benefited the$ 1700OfmedicineThings now only need$ 38!

In addition, PBS has added a treatment for mental illness since OctobermedicineThings-REXULTI. It is reported that thismedicineIt rebalances dopamine and serotonin to make people’s thinking, mood and behavior clearer. Patients who have a discount card after joining PBS buy thismedicineThings only need$ 6.3!

In addition, statins for the treatment of heart diseasemedicine物(Statins)700% discount, Which controls stomach acidmedicineThings will be cheaper1 Australian dollars.

BesidesmedicineFor the following diseasesmedicineThe price of goods has also been reduced:

  • Anti-cholesterol drug Artovastatin dropped from $70 to $10.30
  • Zovirax for herpes and chickenpox reduced by $1.00
  • Contraceptive Levlen is reduced by $1.59 per box
  • Tamoxifen for breast cancer drops $3.50
  • Leflunomide for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis reduced by $4.24
  • Telmisartan for high blood pressure drops $1.75
  • Quetiapine for the treatment of psychosis reduced by $5.94
  • Capecitabine, which treats multiple types of cancer, is reduced by $6.26

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said that in the next four years, millions of Australian patients will benefit, spending A$7500 million less and saving taxpayers a full A$4.3 million.

For many cancer patients, some newmedicineThe advent of ”brings them not hope, but greater despair, because they simply cannot afford these sky-high pricesmedicineBut with the Australian government's subsidy for PBS, ordinary people have real hope of getting rid of cancer!

Yes, although Australia can't build aircraft carriers, airplanes, and even an aerospace agency has just been established, but the equation of $183000=$6.3 can be established. The real welfare of the people has always been for the people!

News compiled from "The Age"


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