It is said that the weather in Melbourne is too capricious, and one day can't wait to experience four seasons.

But this weekend, Melbourne is more than capricious, it isWild!

Forest fires, strong winds, thunderstorms, cooling are all coming, and there will be snow!

Yes, you are not mistaken,Snowfall!This weekend the people of Mocun will experience the two-sky weather!

This kind of roller coaster-like weather will make you experience the extreme today!

In Melbourne on Sunday, under the action of a wind from the west, a hot north wind will blow throughout the afternoon. The maximum temperature will also rise to28 degrees!

In the Mallee region, the temperature may be approachingAround 35 degrees!

The rhythm of a night into summer!

As the airflow continues to approach, the highest wind will likely reach 80km/h!

However, this little wind can only be regarded as a small breeze to the people of Mocun, after all, we have seen a 100km/h demon wind.

But for the Mallee area, this wind is very dangerous! Because the weather is already very dry, coupled with the hot gale,It is very likely to cause a forest fire here.

The weather forecaster said that the forest fire risk level here on Sunday"very high", The ensuing stronger air current will even upgrade the fire risk level here to"serious"!

This also reminds us that summer is here and we should prepare for fire prevention. This is definitely Australia's number one natural disaster, and every Victorian should be more vigilant.

If the fire alarm level is higher than Severe... it means that a place is already on fire or is about to catch fire. Every time the index reaches Severe, you will be able to hear the news of a fire somewhere. So when you see which brand on the road has an index that exceeds Very High, immediately stop by the side of the road, turn on the emergency radio channel (recommend ABC Radio in Victoria’s AM 774) or go to Vic Emergency’s website to avoid accidentally catching up with the fire on.

If Code Red!

Don't think about anything, please turn around and go home immediately. That means there is already a forest fire near you, and the fire is not small.

And by weekIn the evening, the weather in Melbourne will start to change again.Rain up to 15mm is waiting for everyone

Not only that, the temperature will also drop sharply,The maximum cooling rate is 15 degrees!

This weather will give tomorrowThe high mountains of Victoria above 1000 meters bring snow!

It will snow when it is about to enter November, yes, this is very Melbourne!

So tomorrow, which is Monday, will experience winter-like weather again, MondayThe highest temperature is only 17 degrees!It may also be accompanied by 6mm of rain. There is also a thunderstorm warning, oh, and a hail warning!

And weekTwo, Wednesday, and Thursday are rainy and rainy, and the highest temperature is around 20 degrees.

Alas, let’s not talk about anything else. Bring your umbrella and don’t put away your winter clothes.

News compiled from "The Age"


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