The Australian political arena can be said to be turbulent recently, and dramas continue. First, the new naturalization bill was coaxed down,There was another big news a few days ago!The earlier dispute over whether the Deputy Prime Minister was a New Zealander finally came to an end. The Deputy Prime Minister was tragically expelled from Parliament!

A few months ago, a dual citizenship turmoil disrupted the Australian political arena, and many parliamentarians faced losing their membership.

According to Article 44 of the Australian Constitution, persons with dual or multiple nationality are not allowed to serve as members of Parliament in principle.

In mid-August, Green Party Co-Vice Chairman and Senator Scott Ludlum announced his resignation as a member of Parliament because of his dual citizenship in Australia and New Zealand.

A few days later, Senator Larissa Waters, another Green Party Co-Vice Chairman, also resigned because of dual citizenship in Australia and Canada.

The most embarrassing thing is that even Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was involved in this "dual nationality" storm!

It is reported that once Barnaby Joyce loses his membership, the ruling Liberal Party and the National Coalition will also lose their majority status in the parliament and thus lose their qualifications to govern.

After several months of rulings by the Australian High Court,

Just now, this matter has the latest development:

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was ruled by the High Court of Australia as a New Zealander and was not eligible to participate in Parliament and was sentenced to step down.

Barnaby Joyce said after the judgment: I respect the court's decision.

At the same time, the High Court also ruled that Fiona Nash, deputy leader of the National Party, Green Party Senators Scott Ludlam and Clarissa Waters, and One Nation Party Senator Malcolm Roberts were unqualified.

However, Nick Xenophon and National Party Senator Matt Canavan were deemed eligible to participate in Congress.

According to previous reports:

Australian Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Barnaby Joyce confessed to Parliament that he has dual citizenship because his father was born in New Zealand.

Immediately, the incident escalated into a "political blockbuster", which not only caused the two parties in Australia to attack each other, but the relationship between Australia and New Zealand also faced severe tests.

People in the industry believe that once Joyce resigns as a member of Parliament, the government of Australian Prime Minister Turnbull will lose the majority of seats in Parliament.

The ruling party, which only has more than half of the seats in the parliament, will face great uncertainty.

Moreover, the loss of a general will make Prime Minister Turnbull's road to governance even more difficult, and the possibility of being forced by the Labor Party is not ruled out; therefore, Joyce's departure and stay will affect the whole body.

According to New Zealand law, the descendants of New Zealand citizens will automatically become New Zealand citizens wherever they are born.

BarnabyJoyce's father is a New Zealand citizen and immigrated to Australia from New Zealand in 1974.

Although Barnaby Joyce was born in Australia, he automatically has New Zealand citizenship.

In this regard, former New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English "helplessly" said that regardless of whether Joyce knew it or not, he was a New Zealand citizen.

As for how the Australian government intends to handle this matter, it is their business.

Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao took a tough stand on this, saying that the Australian government has great confidence in its lawyers, and at the same time expects the Supreme Court’s decision to benefit Joyce and allow Joyce to continue to serve as a member of Parliament.

And today's judgment is undoubtedly unexpected~

George Williams, dean of the Law Department of the University of South Wales in Australia, said that due to the diverse identity backgrounds of Australian parliamentarians, the scope of nationality issues is very wide, and even 40% of the people in the parliament may not comply with the regulations.

He believes that Australia should adopt more up-to-date regulations instead of the laws 100 years ago.Statistics show that about a quarter of Australian citizens were born overseas.

The Australian Constitution was written in 1901, and if it is to be amended, a referendum is required. The last constitutional revision dates back to 1977.

Williams said that it is a consensus to amend the constitution, and the parliament has also studied it, but has not taken practical action, and now, "they have paid the price."

News compiled from "ABC, news, Australian, smh"


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