Serial murderers, armed robbers, these wanted criminals who committed terrorist crimes, after avoiding hunting, live by your side. The Australian police recently launched the Roam project and issued the wanted warrants for more than 10 fugitives to the public. Perhaps you have seen them on a street corner, a bus, or even an elevator...

The police appealed that anyone who can provide clues to help the police locate the wanted criminals, please call the crime prevention hotline 1800 333 000 anonymously or log Once the clue is verified, the police will provide a reward of up to 20 Australian dollars. (Remind readers that if you see the wanted criminals listed below, you must report to the police while ensuring your own safety. Don’t be dazzled by the high rewards.)

The wanted:James Dalamangas, male, was born on October 1970, 10.

Due to multiple murders, the police offered a reward of 20 Australian dollars for this person.

The police warned that after seeing this person, please do not approach by yourself. Please call the crime prevention hotline 1800 333 000 or 000 immediately.

通缉犯:Basheerruddin Mohammed,生于1979年1月8日、身高1米65-1米7、身材偏瘦、深褐色眼球、黑发、印度人模样、皮肤黝黑。

Wanted by the police for the murder of a man in Redfern in 2003.

通缉犯:Jonathan DICK,生于1978年2月2日、身高1米83、中等身材、褐色眼球、褐色头发、白色肤色。

DICK was wanted by the police for allegedly murdering his brother David DICK in Doncaster on February 2017, 2. He disappeared after the death of his brother and was finally seen in Ivanhoe East, Victoria, where he abandoned his 3 blue Ford.

The police speculated that he had absconded across the state. Jonathan DICK is likely to still be hiding the knives, citizens who find his whereabouts should not approach without authorization.

通缉犯:John Victor BOBAK,生于1950年1月22日、身高1米83、身材魁梧、蓝色眼球、褐色头发、白色肤色。因事隔已有15年,图中照片右边为电脑模拟的疑犯现今可能面貌。

On December 1991, 12, Maureen AMBROSE (born March 23, 1938) and Peter George WADE (born August 3, 8) were found dead in a unit located on Whelan Street, Queensland, Surfers Paradise.

Both deceased died from gunshot wounds. The accomplice Ronald Henry THOMAS was arrested by the police in 1992 and pleaded guilty to committing the two murders in 1997.

On April 1992, 4, BOBAK was formally wanted by the police for his involvement in these two murders. Fifteen years have passed and the case has almost become a pending case, but the Queensland Police Homicide Investigation Team is still investigating.

通缉犯:Clint Brilley,生于1982年10月26日、身高1米73、中等身材、褐色眼球、黑发、橄榄肤色。

Brilley was guilty of armed robbery in Alexandria, NSW in 2002, stealing a large number of mobile phones worth about 120 million Australian dollars. He was sentenced to jail in 2006 and released on parole in 2011. He was wanted by the police for violating the parole regulations.

通缉犯:Kayne EDWARDS,生于1981年2月19日、身高1米80、偏瘦身材、褐色眼球、灰色头发、白色肤色。

EDWARDS carries several wanted items. It is reported that he broke into a family in Melton South, Victoria in 2015 and 2016, assaulted one person and caused property damage.

EDWARDS was charged by the court but failed to appear in court and was wanted by the police.

通缉犯:Nelio SERRA,生于1976年3月13日、身高1米65、偏瘦身材、褐色眼球、褐色头发、深褐色肤色。

SERRA is suspected of breaking into several houses in Central NSW in 2015 and 2016.

The police have reason to believe that he has absconded across the state and will continue to steal.

通缉犯:Alex EGAN,生于1996年7月16日、身高1米8、中等身材、褐色眼球、黑发、中度肤色。

In 2015, he was arrested by the police for armed robbery in Swan Hill, Victoria, and absconded on the eve of the court sentence.

通缉犯:Henry Jonathon EVANS,生于1994年5月23日、身高1米83、中等身材、淡褐色眼球、红/姜黄发色、白色肤色。

In 2014, Evans committed serious personal injury in NSW and was expected to go to jail for 3 years. After the incident, he was wanted by the police for breaching parole conditions.


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