teachThe Minister of Education announced yesterday that2018/1/1Start, all enrolled"ELICOS" (English Intensive Course for Overseas Students)International students, after finishing reading, still need to take another English test compulsorily before they can enter college or TAFE and other vocational education courses!

This is mainly because the admission requirements of Australian colleges and universities have become more and more watery in recent years, which has caused many students who do not have enough English proficiency to pass the test. This makes the academic atmosphere of colleges and universities very bad.

There are already many university teachers complaining about the English problems of overseas students——

"They have no basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at all, so they are allowed to attend classes at the university."

"This is unfair to other overseas students, local students and their teachers."

Education Minister Simon Birmingham

last year,15 Australian international students participated in ELICOS language courses before enrollment, Among them, 6 people continue to study in Australia after they finish studying. Many people regard this course as aspringboardIf you have not reached the IELTS level specified by the university, you will first pass ELICOS to study. After completing a certain class period, without further assessment, you will directly enter the Australian universities or educational institutions such as Tafe.

Among them, Victoria alone has 42,500 international students enrolled in language classes, of which 15,000 are from China, 4 are from Colombia, 3 are from Thailand, and XNUMX are from India.

Some of these students were unable to fully participate in group work after enrollment, and even lowered the scores of local students. It also affected Australia's reputation as a high-quality international education destination.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education finally issued heavy regulations that the futureStudents in the language class have to pass an exam after they finish reading-an English test set outside of IELTS!After confirming that their English proficiency reaches the standard, they can enter the university to study.

And, these language courses must have at least20 hourTeaching time, and the number of students in each classroom must not exceed18 peopleTo ensure the quality of English teaching.

This additional test will cover everything from basic English knowledge to academic writing, and will be tested according to the course chosen by the student.

Not only universities, but Australian primary and secondary school students are also facing similar problems. For example, there are 520 students in Wiley Park Public, a public school in NSW.Come from 31 different countries and speak 39 different languages.

And educators are very worried about this,Fear that the school will be divided into two separate classes——English speaking and non-English speaking.

In fact, for international students, everyone generally feels that to some extent, these two classes have actually formed.

The English level of Chinese students has also been complained by Australian media many times!

Some students are also called"Functional illiteracy", English is poor but the paper is amazing! So that the professors were helpless when giving grades.

There are also some foreign students whose English is too poor, and they have to bring an interpreter when they see their tutors... There was also the case of the University of Sydney dropping out of subjects, a business course, nearly 400 Chinese students, and final exams37% are dead, Students look for school theory, the resultOne of the reasons is that the students' English ability is too poor

For this reason, the University of Business School also intends to force 400 foreign students with poor English skills (most Chinese) to take language courses, and they will not be given a degree if they fail the exam.

So it can only be said that those who were lucky in the past are probably unable to escape now.

This education reform in Australia will come sooner or later. After all, Australia, as a country of immigrants, is not only to strengthen Australia's academic reputation in the world, but also to make efforts to coexist harmoniously among multiple ethnic groups.

Although there will be more and more exams in the future, everyone's English and the academic atmosphere of colleges and universities will definitely get better and better. The students who are about to study abroad have worked hard~

News compiled from "Telegraph"


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