I believe there is always someone by your side who makes you feelHave been on holiday!

In fact, with a little planning, you can become such a person.

especially,Victorians counted on weekends, national holidays, and state holidays. There were 2018 days off in 115.Equivalent to1/3 timeNo need to work, life is full of hope!

If you are a person who can make preparations in advance, as long as you can make up for the vacation, the monthly vacation is not a dream! I will teach you now howTake the least leave and get the longest holiday!

Let's take a look first. How many public holidays will we have in Victoria this year and next year?


Because Christmas and New Year’s Day are both holiday, if you are12 Month 27 Day - 12 Month 29 DayIf you take three days off, you can even have one for Christmas10 days holidayNow!

Or you choose12/29And the coming year1/2If you ask for leave these two days, you can connect to New Year's Day5 days off.

Late in January, if you areJanuary 1 and January 25If you take two days off, you can also join Australia day to have a small 5-day holiday.

  • January 1 (New Year's Day)
  • January 1 (Australia National Day)


Although the domestic Spring Festival and Lantern Festival are lively and lively, in poor February, Victorians do not have a public holiday, and the only hope is to make it to March.


There is Labor Day and Easter in March,The latter is a good opportunity to take a long vacation.


If you are in Tasmania, because Easter Tuesday is also a public holiday, you only need to take 2 days off to get 7 days off.

  • Labor Day on March 3th, only Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania are in March, the time is different; the rest of Queensland and the Northern Territory celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday in May
  • 3月30-4月2日复活节,是仅次于圣诞节的重要日子,一共放4天


If you make good use of Easter,If you ask for leave from April 4 to April 3, You can get one for two weekends10 days holiday!

After that, Anzac Day (Wednesday) will be held on April 4, so you canTwo days on April 4, 26False, last weekend, it’s another5 天s vacation!

Or simply evenApril 4 and 23Please also together, this is one9 days holiday.

  • On April 4, Anzac Day (Anzac Day), spiritually speaking, this is also one of the most important festivals for Australians.


It's also a bitter month.


Thank you queen! The second Monday in June every year is the Queen’s birthday, and people are actually not born on this day, but they have contributed a day of holiday for everyone. Except for Queensland and Western Australia, all other Australian states have holidays. If you ask for a small 6-day holiday in advance, the last Friday, June 3th, will be 6 days.


The students are off for a long vacation, and the office workers continue to struggle!


Still simmering... After all, the weather in Melbourne has been cold and wet in the past two months, so it's not appropriate to go anywhere, or just go to the warm northern hemisphere during the annual vacation.


At the end of September every year, the Australian Football Final Day is a holiday unique to Victorians. It is too arrogant.


Retreat without incident...


Victorians are really going to have fun. There is a holiday to watch a game, and a holiday to watch a horse race. The first Tuesday in November is the public holiday of the Melbourne Cup Race Festival.

You also need to dress up and wear a weird hat to go to the beauty pageant... So hurry up and ask for leave on November 11 next year, so that the four-day holiday can be a waste of time.


This is a month of unintentional work. Students have been happy all over the world. Office workers are pretending to work and are actually preparing for the holiday. The bosses know that there are only two themes of eating and playing on Christmas.

Then Boxing day is buying, buying and buying. In recent years, due to the various downturns in the Australian retail industry, the discounts on Boxing day have become more spectacular than ever.

Because there are two sports holidays in September, the Australian Football Final and the Melbourne Cup Horse Festival,Victoria leads Australia, Tied with ACT to becomeHave the most holidaysOne of the states. In 2018, will also have13 public holidays!

How is it, do you feel lucky to live in Victoria?

And the 2018 edition of Victoria’s primary and secondary school students’ holidays have also come out:

First semester:2018年1月29日至3月29日,共9周;


Second semester:2018年4月16日至6月29日,共11周


The third semester:2018年7月16日至9月21日,共10周


Fourth semester:2018年10月8日至12月21日,共11周


Then, in 2018, your holiday is beckoning to you, so if you want to plan a trip, it's as early as possible!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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