Draw like a child

With confetti in her hands

Like a goddess scattered flowers

Landing in the air

"What a nice view"

See you for the first time

Someone draws like this

Watching her painting is like

Played house when I was young

Either the hands are all paint

Or just in

Put toys on drawing paper

Finally use color

Blend them together

Relying on the works created in this way

The little girl held an exhibition in her hometown when she was 2 years old

The work was still recognized by a collector in Hong Kong

$24000 price collection

Foreign media called her

"Master of Abstraction"

Some people praise her as

"Jackson Pollock Reborn"


And she just

One fromMelbourne, AustraliaOf

10 year old girl

Aelita Аndre

Aelita was born in 2007

Both her grandfather and father are painters

My mother is also a photographer and musician

Maybe the environment is good

Whether it’s artistic genes or atmosphere

Aelita has it all

So after 9 months of birth, Aelita can start drawing before she learns to walk. Her first painting was when she saw drawing paper and paintbrushes in the living room, she was able to pick it up and do it at will.

The family was very pleasantly surprised when they saw it and gave Aelita more paint and paper to encourage her to continue creating. Unexpectedly, this little baby seems to treat drawing as a game, and spends most of the day on drawing paper.

But there are also times when she is uncontrollable, she often gets paint on the wall or on the sofa, and Aelita messes up the house.

But Aelita's mother was not angry.She said: “Every child has his own talents. Some behaviors of children will show their talents. Parents should give them opportunities to show them.”

So, when other people's children were still watching Peppa Pig and Teletubbies in the living room, Aelita's mother had already set aside a room for her to paint.

Then, something surprising happened. Aelita's paintings made his father's eyes wide open and he couldn't believe it.

No one has guided her to paint before, and Aelita can already create amazingly colorful works. The seemingly swaying lines resemble the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock.

The father believed that his daughter must be a wizard, so when Aelita was 22 months old, he took his daughter's paintings to the Melbourne Art Fair to apply for exhibition.

Unexpectedly, the curator was surprised when he saw it, and he readily agreed to set up a group for Aelita to exhibit. And also posted a poster for Aelita.

A few months later, Aelita's parents sold a painting in the exhibition for her daughter in Hong Kong for US$24,000.

Everything seems to be going well

Aelita seems to be like a

Continue to explore creation like real artists

She sometimes squeezed paint

Apply by hand sometimes

Abstract lines and graphics

Freely constitute

Pure imagination for Aelita

Brings endless creative space

Sometimes her paintings are like exploring a mysterious universe

Sometimes enthusiastic

Warm like fire

She said: My inspiration comes from endless imagination

Then in June 2011

Four-year-old Aelita in New York

Started her first solo exhibition

Her eclectic color combination

Concise and rich texture

Casual and sophisticated composition

Received praise from many painters all over the world

According to the statistics of the BBC

Aelita may well become

"The youngest professional artist in the world"

After that, even famous newspapers and magazines such as "The New York Times" and "The Atlantic Monthly", as well as BBC and ABC radio stations, came to interview Aelita.

"Time" even introduced the wizard with the title "Is This Four-Year-Old Artist the Next Picasso?" (Will this 4-year-old girl be the next Picasso?).

Now, the works of the young painter Aelita have reached a high price of thousands of US dollars each, with buyers all over the world, and limited print editions of the works have to sell for US$680.

But this time also appeared

Some media critics

They suspect Aelita’s parents

Are you making money by hyping children

But anyway

Aelita is just a child

Watching her beautiful paintings

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of painting

This is something that many adults can't do

Just want her

Draw as you like

Create as you wish

Straight to the heart

Simple and pure

This is the charm of painting

Because I can't go back when I grow up


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