I still remember in January this year,Is Melbourne vigorously expelling illegal campers from the streets?

At that time, the homeless people even clashed with the police because of their dissatisfaction with being expelled, occupying the headlines of major news for several days.

After vigorous rectification, the situation of street camping has indeed improved a lot, and there are no more street sleepers in front of the Flinders train station.

But now, the previous bill prohibiting homeless camping in the CBD has been killed! The reason is that the bill violates human rights, and a new draft will continue to be implemented.These street sleepers may return to the CBD again.

New Act and New Changes

The mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, said that earlier this year, after the homeless clashed with the police due to their dissatisfaction, the new draft had been tried.

City council officials and police find “hot spots” where homeless people camp every week.

Mayor Robert Doyle

"This draft provides a series of solutions... If two or three people sleep together and share household items, they move to the city without any trouble. In this case, the homeless did not commit a crime."

"However, if there are more than four homeless people together, they must sort everyone's belongings. If these things are not yours, law enforcement officials will remove them and ask the four people to separate them."

Victorian police officer Graham Ashton said they would assess the nature of the homeless.

Victorian Police Officer Graham Ashton

The police and the court will work together. If it is confirmed that the homeless people live on the streets out of poverty, the police and the court will hand them over to the Salvation Army charity.

"But if they are not really poor, but use begging as a tool to make money, then we will go through judicial and criminal procedures. We will take severe measures against this behavior."

"Our current approach is more straightforward. We will arrest them and take them to court."

"Especially when summer comes, a large number of tourists come to Melbourne to watch tennis and cricket activities. The police should pay special attention to the homeless."

"Last summer, beggars flocked to Melbourne city, trying to make money from the growing number of tourists."

simply sayFor profitBegging isnot allowed.

Good expectations

Mayor Doyle said-"The signing of the new draft means that the governance of homeless people has taken a step forward. After all, homeless people have lived in public areas for a long time, which prevents people from enjoying the rights of public areas."

"We are very convinced that this plan will work"

"Through the continuous efforts and close cooperation of parliament, government, police and service agencies, we have seen that this draft is quite effective. By providing houses and some support, there are many fewer people sleeping on the street."

The following man named TJ Carpenter has lived a wandering life for 12 years, but now he has a house to live in, he has a goal for the future, and his life is on the right track.

To help the homeless, the government has made a lot of efforts. For example, spending hundreds of millions of yuan to arrange accommodation for the homeless; set up a mobile home, the annual rent is only 1 Australian dollars...

"(The new draft) This method is borrowed from overseas. Not only did the punitive law not have a positive impact on the homeless, it directly hurt them."

"If homeless people affect public safety or obstruct public spaces, city council officials and the police will still'please' them together."

Parliamentary power has not been weakened

In February of this year, the city council voted to support the law to give the council and the police more rights to intervene in the camps of the homeless in the city.

At that time, relevant agencies stated that this requires consultation with the public before they can make a final decision.

However, the appeal made by the City Council was criticized by human rights organizations, believing that it harmed homeless people and violated the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Duties.

Mayor Doyle stated that the city council has not been weakened due to changes in the law.

"I don't think this is a step backward, but an improvement"

"We may not have fully used our rights in the past. In fact, we have enough rights to govern public facilities and living environments, and we will now use these rights more effectively."

This draft will continue to be implemented in the next 6 months. What do you think about this?

News compiled from "The Age"


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