Every November, all Melburnians will pass through overnight!Everything is back to 1861, full of retro style, everyone has a sudden change in style, no longer the standard of sportswear and jackets, but has become elegant and dignified. The ladies swept away their jeans and sportswear, returning to the Victorian feminine style, wearing mysterious and charming top hats.

The gentlemen also began to show off their chivalry style. The three-piece suits of round top hats and retro suits showed gentlemanly demeanor.

And all this is for a grand event that does not lose its status in the hearts of Australians:

Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup Race!

If you haven’t watched the Melbourne Cup,You never know how crazy Australians are!

It coincides with November that the entire Flemington Racecourse is full of roses. Thousands of roses in full bloom will give you an overwhelming visual impact. More than 11 people have flocked here from all over the country.

There is a saying in Melbourne to describe the Melbourne Cup:This eventLet the whole country stand still!

Four gamesClassic event


Saturday, November 2017, 11

This day is the opening day of the Melbourne Cup and the prelude to the week-long carnival. People from all over Australia will come to Flemington Racecourse, maybe you won’t know until that dayIt turns out there can be so many people in Melbourne!

Official theme flowers:

The official theme flower of the day is cornflower, which representsTradition and elegance

As the opening day of Melbourne, the entire event retains the meaning of tribute to tradition. If you are interested in history and tradition, you should not miss this elegant and charming event.

Highlights of the event:

The beginning of this carnival has also been hailed as one of the most famous horse racing feasts in Australia., A total of nine team races were held, with a total prize money of more than 150 million Australian dollars. It is Australia's top classic horse racing event. even moreThe perfect combination of nobility and passion!

Dress code:

It is particularly worth mentioning that participating in the Victoria Darby Day,Following the tradition, ladies must wear black and white formal attire., But also with a gorgeous and exaggerated top hat, andMen also need to wear party dresses, suit vests and striped pants.

Dreaming back to the British style,How to be elegant!


Tuesday, December 2017, 11

The first Tuesday in November each year is the grandest day of the Melbourne Cup, and even the entire state of Victoria has given way to it as a public holiday!On this day, you don’t have to work or go to school, just do one thingThat's High up to watch the horse racing!

Official theme flowers:

The official theme flower of the event on this day is the yellow rose, which symbolizes the golden trophy and also representsPassion and glory.

Highlights of the event:

The UAE Melbourne Cup Race Day is hailed as a supreme battle of honour and is also the core focus of the carnival.

The most classic and exciting 3200m Classic will be launched on this day. This is one of the top horse races in the world., Equestrian elites from all over the world will gather here to pursue the highest honor.

A pure gold trophy worth AU$175,000!

The people and horses who receive this honor will be regarded as heroes by Australians.

The speed of the dashing switch,The tacit understanding of the unity of man and horse,Elegant movement.

Whether you know horsemanship or not, you will be fascinated by this elegant, charming and bloody sport.By then, there will be more than 11 people cheering for the riders at the same time!

This is also three minutes for the whole country to stand still,Don't miss it!

Dress code:

If the previous Victoria Darby Day can only be regarded as an appetizer, and the Melbourneans still retain some elegant British style, then from this day on, everyone has completely let go.There are no other requirements besides not wearing sportswear.How to exaggerate!

The entire Flemington Racecourse will become a sea of ​​colors! All the ladies will perform herehat trick!

Crown Oak Race Day CROWN OAKS DAY.

Thursday, August 2017, 11

Crown Oak Race Day seems to emit pink bubbles in the air, because this day is also called "Ladies' Day"In the eyes of many women, this day is more like a fashion battle than a horse race.

Official theme flowers:

The official theme flower on this day naturally becomes a pink rose, which representsBeautiful and elegant

It fits the theme of the event very well. On this day, all the ladies on the field are little princesses.

Highlights of the event:

Since Crown Oak Day is Ladies' Day, even the horses participating in the competition must be ladies. Yes,The highlight of the horse race is the Tier 2500 Crown Oak Race, where a three-year-old female must take 100 meters to win a prize of $XNUMX million.

Dress code:

At the romantic Flemington Racecourse,Ladies who are praised as little princesses must show their best outfits, but they must be elegant and decent, and they must not wear sports and casual clothes.. And the whole field will be floodedFlowers, lace, pink.


Saturday, November 2017, 11

It was the last day of the Melbourne Carnival, and it was also "Family Day"! especially,There are free activities and entertainment shows carefully prepared for children of all ages, as well as children’s fashion shows.

The entire event will be more relaxed and happy, and more youthful and fashionable. Let the whole family celebrate the last moment of this carnival!

Official theme flowers:

The official theme flower of the event on this day is the red rose, which representsHappy and young.

Highlights of the event:

The UAE Grand Prix Day will host Victoria’s top 1600-meter race, the first-level UAE prize race. The rich 200 million prize money also attracts countless world-class masters.

Dress code:

On this day, adults will dress up their children like a prince and princess to the racecourse. But, like their parents,Informal clothing is not allowed.

If you have not been to the Melbourne Cup, you will never really understand why they are so fanatical, so hurry up and experience it.Flemington RacecourseAddress: 448 Epsom Rd, Flemington VIC 3031

When it comes to the Melbourne Cup, there are three things you must not miss!

three itemMust do

The Melbourne Cup is a carnival for all Australians, and everyone is happy to participate in all activities. But in general, there are three things that must be done, and,We must do these three things to the extreme,This is the attitude of Australians to participate in the Melbourne Cup!

  • Compete in fashion!
If the arena is the most important arena for every rider,Then off the court,There is also a fight for women without gunsmoke!

During the Melbourne Cup, not only horse racing, but also a very interesting fashion competition:Myer Fashion Competition Myer Fashions on the Field.

Everyone will do their best to sculpt harder. You know, last year, during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the horse racing spectators were in Victoria.

A total of $2600 million was spent,Just to show off at the carnival!

The most distinctive feature is a novel and unique hat that has become a tradition of the Melbourne Cup Jockey Club.When the time comes, the hats and fashions that are contending for beauty and style will be dizzying.

The annual champion will be announced on Ladies’ Day, whenThe goddess in the audience is her!Can't lose Miss World.

Of course, fashion is by no means a privilege of women. The competition in the men's group is not weaker than that of the women's group. The look of British gentlemen has also fascinated thousands of girls.

If you participate in the Melbourne Cup and don’t engage in fashion, you’re really embarrassed to appear on the racetrack, soFriends, the shape is concave!

  • Drinking binge
On the racetrack,Most elegantly dressed gentlemen and ladies will break their skills in one second, they willSitting on the ground on the lawn,Eat delicate and elegant snacks.

While watching the exciting horse racing,Drink heroically!

If there is no wine, it will not be called the Australian Carnival! Whether it’s elegant cocktails or beer, everyone is a case by case solution, and a toast together releases their happiness!

Soon the trash cans were full, and the people in Melbourne were crazy. For this reason, the uninhibited Melburnians made a lot of jokes during the Melbourne Cup!This is also a very interesting part of the Melbourne Cup. No one knows what amazing moves someone will make in the next second.

Someone drank and lay on the ground and couldn't get up and was dragged away.

A little brother jumped naked and jumped into the trash can

There are also aunts who danced ballet in the rain

Drunk Melbourne CupIt is the most authentic Melbourne Cup!

  • Bet on horses
In the Melbourne Cup, there is another new and curious thing, that is horse betting. Many Chinese friends have not tried it at all. This time, you must try it!Not only feel more involved,Maybe you can get rich overnight!

You know, there was a Melbourne guy last year, because he guessed the place of the horse race, he took only $10 and took away a bonus of $25!

Here, the editor also sorted out the tips for betting on the Melbourne Cup. You can take a gamble and try your luck.

Horse Racing Tips:

➤ Horses can be viewed in the Parade Ring and Mounting Yard.Of course, it is recommended to buy a horse racing guide, because the horse racing guide contains detailed information about each race time, horses, trainers, and riders. You can also know the results of previous races for easy reference.

➤ The minimum bet is 0.5 Australian dollars (50 Australian cents). The bet is placed 10 minutes before the start of the betting game, and the bonus time is 10 minutes after the end of the game.

➤ There are many ways to bet, it is recommended to log on to the website for betting information before arriving at the racecourse.The most popular among them are Win bet and Place bet.

Win bet:Put your money on the horses that you think will get the first place. If you win, you can get a lot of money!

Place bet:Place bet is a slightly lower risk betting method, especially suitable for friends who just want to experience it.You only need to bet on the top three horse races to get a bonus. Of course, the bonus is not as high as Win bet.

Well, let’s not talk about it, I’m going to put on a carefully prepared hat and set off!

Feel this game that the whole country will stand still,It's not in vain to come to Melbourne.


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