In Australia, a quiet and peaceful townDarwin,But there is a murderous intent, and brave people from all over the world come here admiringly, looking for a blood.

They came to this city with brave hearts one after another, against the most brutal reptiles——crocodile.


In the Crocosaurus Cove Zoo, there is a crocodile game that can be played uniquely in Australia.

First of all, as a challenger, you have to enter the water first.

Then, he released the crocodile out of the hole.

Then, these beasts will stare at you, motionless.

Finally, the head leaps towards you.

But fortunately there iscageYou will be fine with the asylum, but it's scary enough!

This is--Cage of Death (Cage of Death)

A game for the brave, in an incompletely sealed cage.

Feel the breath of a crocodile and the waves of swimming.

Crocosaurus Cove is a crocodile theme park, and "Cage of Death" is one of the most popular challenges in the park. The transparent cage has an ultra-hard shell that is 4 cm thick and 2.7 meters high.

Human beings ride on the "cage of death" and slowly sink to the bottom of the pool about 0.6 meters above the water surface. The saltwater crocodile with a body length of nearly 4 meters surrounds you with full of murderous intent. "Same pool with the crocodile", I can't imagine.

The saltwater crocodile can swallow the creatures on the shore. Once the crocodile breaks through the "cage of death", what a terrifying and bloody incident will be.

Before going into the water, you need to receive adequate training and emergency handling methods, you must listen carefully, no one knows what will happen.

Such a prohibitive crocodile watching experience is indeed not available to everyone.

But if you are brave enough to experience the fear of the underwater world, the park’sThe photographer will capture your wonderful moments with the saltwater crocodile in 360 degrees, Will definitely praise your Fb.

Although the "cage of death" is expensive, this surreal sense of fear still attracts many thrill seekers.

Crocosaurus Cove Zoo only has12 chances to experience the "Cage of Death"Come and prove your courage!

◉Address of Crocodile Park:58 Mitchell St Darwin NT 0800

◉Traffic route to Crocodile Park

Public transit:Mitchell 178号站4、5、6、8、10、14路巴士

Self-driving/walking:Southwest of Darwin International Airport, at the intersection of Mitchell Street and Peel Street

◉Cage of Death Price:

1 person: 170AUD 2 person: 260AUD

◉Cage of death experience time:

30 minutes

◉Cage of death opening hours:

◉Official website for online appointment :


1) The Cage of Death project will change the time due to factors such as weather or visitor safety, please pay attention to the notice of the zoo on that day;

2) Crocosaurus Cove动物园开放时间为9:00-18:00,请您妥善安排好您的行程。

Except for Crocosaurus Cove, there is no place to seecrocodileYet?

Of course there is!

Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Just a 40-minute drive from the capital, Cairns, and a 25-minute drive from Port Douglas, Hartley’s crocodile adventure is the best place for you to visit tropical North Queensland crocodiles and local wildlife.

With more than 2100 meters of wooden paths and passages, you can explore the journey through woodland and tropical rainforest, where you can see a series of wild animals, including beautiful tropical birds, reptiles, insects and other native animals.

In the adventure park, you can take a Hartley Lagoon cruise to see crocodiles and other wild animals on our melaleuca wetlands. Learn about the sustainable use and protection of crocodiles.

◉ Hartley Crocodile Adventure Park Address:Wangetti Beach, Queensland 4879◉ Hartley Crocodile Adventure Park Route:

Self-driving:Hartley Crocodile Park is located 100 metres off the Captain Cook Highway between Cairns city centre and Port Douglas.

Park shuttle bus:The specific pick-up location and time depends on the location of different hotels, some hotels cannot park, you need to go to a place near the hotel to wait for the bus. Please refer to the pick-up location and time on the electronic voucher.

◉Hartley Crocodile Adventure Park ticket price:

◉Hartley Crocodile Adventure Park opening hours:

8 am to 5 pm (not open on Christmas)

◉Contact information: 07 4055 3576

◉Official website :


1. Hartley Adventure Park is an open park and must strictly follow the arrangements and routes of the staff. To ensure their personal safety.

2. Children must be controlled and actively supervised by responsible adults at all times.

3. Unless under the supervision of staff, do not climb fences or raise animals.

4. Do not throw objects, stab or harass animals.

Australian Reptile Park Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney. The Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1948. It is an animal park opened by the famous Australian first natural scientist-ERIC WORRELL. It is now a famous tourist attraction in Australia.

The zoo has mainly animal species in Australia, such as lizards, spiders, platypus, wombats, koalas, kangaroos, and crocodiles. There are many kinds of them. The zoo will also bring you wonderful animal performances every day, suitable for children to watch. Parent-child travel is also a good choice.


◉Reply Park Address:Pacific Highway, Somersby, NSW 2250◉Reply Park Address:

Self-driving:From Sydney, walk to the Newcastle Freeway (M1/F3), see Gosford exit immediately, and then follow the directions to find it. It only takes less than XNUMX minutes to drive from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Reptile Park north, and from the Gosford exit It only takes less than two minutes after going out.

train:There are buses departing from Central every day, passing through Wynyard or Hornsby stations, and taking a taxi to the Gosford railway station. You can also call a taxi to the zoo, because as long as you have a ticket to the park, you can get a 75% discount on taxi rides on the Central Coast Taxis. Taxi call: 131008.

◉ Reptile Park opening hours:

9:00am-5:00pm every morning (closed on Christmas)

◉Contact information: +612 4340 1022

◉Official website :


After the purchase is completed, the customer will receive an order confirmation letter, which can be printed out to the designated place for consumption.

Telanga Zoo Taronga Zoo

On the small hills on the north shore of Sydney, it has a large area and is one of the earliest wild zoos in the world. In addition to American crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles, there are koalas, kangaroos, wombats, platypuses and other animals. The zoo also has different animal shows every day.

Mainly because of the excellent location, the giraffe park of the zoo can overlook the entire Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge.

The zoo is in a mountain style. There are two ways to visit. One is to take a ropeway up the mountain first, and then go up and down; the other is to go up and down, and finally take a ropeway down the mountain.

◉Address of Telanga Zoo:Pacific Highway, Somersby, NSW 2250◉Teranga Zoo Route:

Ferry:Take the ferry from Circular Quay Port to Telanga Zoo
(1) Zoo Express at Captain Cook, every 45 minutes
(2) Sydney Harbour Ecohopper at Manly Fast Ferry, every 60 minutes
(3) Zoo Pass of Sydney Ferry, which runs every 15 minutes and 45 minutes

train:Take the Inner West Line train, get off at Wynyard Station, transfer to No. 247 and get off at Zoo Station, and walk 150 meters after getting off.

Transit:From Wynyard Station, take bus No. 247 and get off at Zoo Station. After getting off the bus, walk 150 meters. Take bus 228 at Clifton Garden and get off at Whiting Beach road. After getting off the bus, take a short walk.

◉Teranga Zoo opening hours :


Taronga Zoo is open every day, including Christmas.

◉Telanga Zoo ticket price:

◉Contact information: (61-2)99692777

◉Official website: Http://


Save 20% of the ticket price when shopping online.


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