Must try! A bottle of Australian wine for only $30 has become the world's most awarded wine this year! Crush 70 opponents

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Joy欢红Everyone, don’t spend a few hundred dollars on a bottle of French Bordeaux or Italian Red,Australian redNot onlyRanked number one, and only $30!

There are facts as proof!

World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ) just releasedThe best red in the world in 2017And the bestZhuang's list.The list is redBoundary"Ultimate List", Because its ranking is based on each redZhuang's awards globally.

The jury passed the wholeMore than 50,000Zhuanghe 700,930 RedIn the last yearMore than 80 international redNumber of awards in the competitionBased on statistics, the 2017 Top 100 list is listed.

Surprisingly,At the top of the list is an Australian UniversityProduced red——2014 Jaraman Shir from Taylors Wines,It beats other more than 70 kinds of red, In all kinds of redWon the most awards in the competition!

What’s more exciting is its price,Only $30! On Dan Murphy's website, the current discount is only $2015 for the 20.9 vintage, and the reviews are all well received.

In addition, in this "World Ranking of Wines and Spirits" list, several Australian companiesvillageWolf Blass, Jacob's Creek, McGuigan and Taylors Wines are all ranked among the top 20 in the world!

Leonardo Castellani, chairman of WAWWJ, said that Australia’sZhuang performed very well on this year's list!The most awarded in the world's top 100Zhuangzhong, Australia occupies a total of 21!On the listThe number of villagers ranks fifth in the world!

Of course, this is no longer Australia RedFor the first time on the international stage, he won the top spot.

In July of this year, Coles’s unique redSt Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 2016International RedIn the Melbourne International Wine Competition, over 1100 red wines from around the world.Won the highest award "Double Gold Award"!

And its price is incredibly low,Only $6!

Same inIn the competition, the price of AldiOnly $6.99 redOne Road South n Heathcote Shir 2015Also performed well, putting the "Best Value Shir"In the category"Red of the Year"(Wine Of The Year) award is in the bag.

In addition, inAt the Winestate Wine of the Year Awards, Coles anotherAlso defeated nearly 10000 other participating reds.Won the "Best Red Under $20"The honor.

redThe frequent awards not only hit those famous brandsFace whileClear,Australian RedFully worthy of the praise of "good quality and low price"!

So I like to drink redYou don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy well-known red from other countriesThe red of our Datuao.First class!It is definitely worth a try!

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