Must try! A bottle of Australian wine for only $30 has become the world's most awarded wine this year! Crush 70 opponents

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


There are facts as proof!

World Aociation of Wine Writer and Journalit(WAWWJ)刚刚发布了List of the best wines and best wineries in the world in 2017.This list can be described as the wine industry"Ultimate List", Because its ranking is based on the global awards of various wines and wineries.

The jury passedMore than 50,000 wineries and 700,930 winesIn the last yearNumber of awards in more than 80 international wine competitionsBased on statistics, the 2017 Top 100 list is listed.

Surprisingly,Ranked的是一款澳大利亚生产的红酒——2014 Jarn hiraz from Taylor Wine.它力压其他70多万种红酒,在各类红酒比赛中获得了数量的奖项!

更令人激动的是,它的.只有$30!而在Dan Murphy’的网站上,目前的折扣是2015年份的只要$20.9,评论也是清一色的好评。

除此之外,在这份“World Ranking of Wine and pyrite”的榜单上,澳Several wineriesWolf bla、Jacob’ Creek、McGun以及Taylor Wine全都被排在了全球前20名的行列!

WAWWJ的主席Leonardo Catellani说,澳'S wineries performed very well on this year's list!在全球前100家获奖的酒庄中,澳Occupied a total of 21!The number of wineries on the list ranks fifth in the world!


今年7月,Cole旗下独有的一款红酒t Andrew Cabernet auvignon 2016In the Melbourne International Wine Competition (Melbourne International Wine Competition), over 1100 wines from around the world,Won the highest award "Double Gold Award"!

而它的,低到不可思议,Only $6!

同样是在这个比赛上,Aldi一款只有$6.99的红酒One Road outh Autralian Heathcote hiraz 2015也表现出色,将“Bet Value hiraz”类别中的"The Best Wine of the Year"(Wine Of The Year) award is in the bag.

另外,在去年的Winetate Wine of the Year Award上,ColeAnotherIt also defeated nearly 10000 other participating wines,Won the honor of "Best Red Wine Under $20".

The frequent awards of low-priced red wines not only slapped those famous-brand red wines in the face, but also showed that,AustraliaThe red wine is worthy of the praise of "good quality and low price"!

所以,喜欢喝红酒的各位不必再花大錢买其The famous red wine of our family, our red wine from Datuao is of first-rate quality!It's definitely worth a try!



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