FollowAs time approaches the end of the year, the world’s major academic rankings have begun to be announced.

The Center for World University Rankings recently announced the 2017 CWUR World University Rankings.

It is worth mentioning that CWUR said that its ranking is more authoritative. Because it does not rely on a series of data provided by the school. Rather, the evaluation is conducted through real data surveys. The survey objectives are the following 8 aspects:

Educational quality: The number and proportion of major international honors, awards, medals, etc. obtained by alumni, accounting for 25%.

Employment situation of graduate alumni: The number and proportion of graduate alumni residing in the positions of CEOs of important companies in the world, accounting for 25%.

Teacher quality: The number and proportion of faculty members who have won important international honors, awards, medals, etc., accounting for 25%.

出版物: Evaluated by the number of research papers published in well-known journals, accounting for 5%.

Influence: Based on the number of research papers published in highly-influential journals, accounting for 5%.

引用: Based on the number of highly cited research papers, accounting for 5%.

Overall influence: According to the university academic statistics index h-index evaluation, accounting for 5%.

patent: It is evaluated based on the number of international patents obtained by the school, accounting for 5%.

In this year’s ranking,27 Australian universities enter the top 1000.

The University of Sydney surpassed the University of Melbourne and became the number one in Australia!

Ranked 74 in the world. Compared with last year's 95, the ranking has risen 21 places.

To this end, Business Insider Australia also made a special report.

The University of Melbourne remains second. Ranked 82 in the world, compared with 89 last year, it has risen by 7 places.

Take a look at the complete Australian leaderboard:

In terms of world rankings,Harvard University in the United States has ranked first in the world for six consecutive years, followed by Stanford, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford.

The following is a ranking of the top 200 schools in the world:

Is your favorite university on the list?


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